Together we will beat cancer


The good and the bad

13 Aug 2018 05:42 in response to Dizzle82

Thank you Dizzle82. Oh boy ,  do I feel for you, I know about pains I also suffer from rheumatoid arthritis and I have those pains every day. It takes me two hours to get moving in the morning until my joints start warming up. Yeah I don’t think that jean was a good idea ha ha .  I also wanted to wish you the best on this round of chemo. I’m sending you a bear hug . 



The good and the bad

13 Aug 2018 07:59 in response to Dizzle82

It’s called trying to have a life that isn’t all about cancer, I think unfortunately, when you’re in chemo, the effects our bodies means that for the period of treatment, it is all very much  about cancer. 

Just remember the old mantra from here, you have cancer, it does not and never will have you!


Good luck for today Liliana. Head up and get through it. 

The good and the bad

13 Aug 2018 08:20 in response to rileyroo

Morning everyone.

Just wanted to add to the family and friends talk. I must be unique... I am so lucky that my daughter messages me most days, my son lives at home and cooks dinner for us after work every night and I speak to my sister through facetime most days. My friends have rallied round texting, ringing or asking to meet up on my good days. I think I’ve taken them all for granted in the past but definitely not now. And as for hubby although the strong silent type he has my back! I’m just sorry that some of you don’t have the same support. But don’t forget the sisterhood on here. We fight together. We stay strong together. We beat cancer together.



The good and the bad

13 Aug 2018 08:46 in response to Sundial

Hi all. Good luck today Liliana. 

Sorry I've not been on much recently. Going back to work has really taken up all my energy. Am still part time but it's harder than I thought to get back into it. 

Families.....well. mine were brilliant whilst I was going through active treatment. Since ending treatment it feels like everyone else has drawn a line under it and expect me to do the same. I would like to but its changed me. Im not so positive as i used to told I'm negative this week too! Bloody cheek. I also got told by someone else that I need to build my stamina....really? Like I don't know this. I think some of this comes from my prior positivity throughout treatment. But now I have these nagging thoughts that it will come back and that I might not make it beyond 5 to 10 years. See....very negative lol. I know that sounds really dramatic lol and I'm not wallowing. It's just a thought I can't shake. 

Anyway my rant you all wish I'd stayed away instead of being a downer on you all. Sorry.

The good and the bad

13 Aug 2018 09:05 in response to Cornishpastie

Hi Cornish.

Its lovely to see you. Happy Enough said!


The good and the bad

13 Aug 2018 09:11 in response to Lemondrizzle

Morning lemondrizzle 

thankyou for sharing Happy

in truth your day would have been the kinda day I would have wanted if like you I was getting over not one but two ops. 

I love kicking back in the garden with a glass of wine nd a book. I have a conservatory (which I love ) I can lie in there with the double doors open nd get fresh air even on a cold or wet day. 

Hope your wound is confirmed as healing well today. I was advised Seroma was a possibility but I think you are the 1st in on this thread to experience it Sad is your lovely friend going with u today? My daughters always came with me to appointments nd we always went to the pub for food after Happy

I’m so sorry you have the added burden of finances to deal with too. Have you tried ringing McMillan they are very good at supporting patients through the application process for any benefits you may b entitled too. 

Let us know how yr day goes today if u want to share ... in the meanwhile hugs me dear nd we are here if u want or need us x

The good and the bad

13 Aug 2018 09:16 in response to Sundial

Thanks hun. Got it out of my system. Now to focus my energy. X

Ps glad you got the all clear on your nodes. Xx

The good and the bad

13 Aug 2018 09:34 in response to lilianahomes

Good luck Liliana 

i was anxious the first time for radiotherapy then once I had my first session nd knew what was what.... it was just a drag that I had to go every day Happy

I personally don’t think it was a can of worms lol For me you tabled a conversation that enabled others to express how they too were feeling... helping others to realise it wasn’t just them. I am also delighted to say that others felt comfortable enough to say it wasn’t their experience. The good and the bad.... never be afraid or feel bad about saying what is real. 

So... hugs me dear nd again good luck x

The good and the bad

13 Aug 2018 10:04 in response to Cornishpastie

Well hello u... wor cornishpastie Happy

I always said that I thought some of the reason I faired well post op nd treatment was I didn’t have work hanging over my head. So.. back to your very first post on this thread Cornish....u need a lottery win Happy then stick em .. stick em all   Wink

it’s so common for u to b feeling this way that they warn u about it at your appointments during treatment. Going with feeling tired lends its weight to sucking out our joy of ... most things allowing room for the negative thoughts we have. You are not alone feeling like this u should also not deal with this alone. Wonder if sharing how u feel with your GP may help... one of our ladies on here got a referral to talk things over with a professional. They most important thing is to do what u need to get u back to being you ❤️

hugsas always me dear ❤️




The good and the bad

13 Aug 2018 10:20 in response to Sandra123

Good morning peeps Happy

the good :- soft play with lil ones cos absolutely lashing it down. Then back to mine where they will pull every cushion I have... 10...spread  them on the floor nd play hot larva, obstacle course, island hopping nd ooooh everything lol. Just time t make cupcakes before home time Happy

the bad :- none yay!

have as good a day as u can peeps x


The good and the bad

13 Aug 2018 10:31 in response to Dizzle82

Hi our trooper dizzel 

Bless it’s all a means to an end hun so hang in there. You went to the gym... eeee what u like lass... I ache just thinking of going lol. 

Sending the gentlest of hugs ❤️ X

The good and the bad

13 Aug 2018 11:24 in response to Sandra123

Woo hoo.... lil ones daddy is rained off so met me at soft play.  Kissed lil ones bye nd just got home Happy

love em but love a reprieve too lol.

new plan- blt sandwich nd a strawberry nd lime kopparberg ( must go t shops for cordial lol). Couple episodes of fringe then book.... mmm m... nd relax x

The good and the bad

13 Aug 2018 12:21 in response to Sandra123

Hi again


Met some friends At Costa for good chin wag. Enjoyed but tired. Still smiling. Can’t believe my luck. Sun shining but not too hot. Wow pond build actually started not just dirt shift. 


None of any great significance for me but sad that others are still going through trauma.

Try to find some good in the day.


The good and the bad

13 Aug 2018 17:19 in response to Sundial

Hi all,

The good....BCN happy with my wound. All healing nicely now and now I'm sat in my garden enjoying the fresh air although its a bit windy.



The bad....have to see the doctor on Wednesday about the Seroma as she's not to happy with that.


The good and the bad

13 Aug 2018 18:00 in response to Sandra123

Hi Sandra123, I think we all needed to let it out a little bit. I know I did and I’m also happy that other friends had a different experience. 

Today my everyday caller daughter text me from work to ask me how it went on my first RT. And then... another daughter call and the missing one from days a go also texted me . So that’s my good for today!! Yey. Had my first RT today , it was good , nothing bad to say. Getting blood work right now for tumor markers and onc appt on Thursday. 

Off to work after blood test and everyone please take care of your selfs . 

Oh a question: has any of your drs mention any thing about taking supplements or food that would help prevent cancer recurrence? 

Mine said stay slim and no alcohol. I would love to Hera from you guys. 


Thank you!!!