Together we will beat cancer


The good and the bad

3 Apr 2018 09:29 in response to rileyroo

Mines a must change - when 1st noticed it - had come away on edge about 2 inches. By the time I pulled on the drive back home it was about 10 inchs. So best get. 

You have a back wiper....had this car 6 yrs now nd I still miss not having a rear wiper. I have wiper envy lol x

The good and the bad

4 Apr 2018 10:06 in response to Sandra123

Morning peeps 

bad:- weighed myself nd put 5 pound on so needing to cut back .. sad times

good:- walked t daughters instead of driving ( burn up some of those extra calories). lil ones fed nd watered. Got em dressed for walk. Hissing down so wellies nd puddle jumping it is. 

Hows everyone doing? X


The good and the bad

4 Apr 2018 14:42 in response to Sandra123

Hi Sandra

Bad:- my back has gone (have osteoarthritis in it)

Good:- at home sick watching Spiderman with my little one 

The good and the bad

4 Apr 2018 17:03 in response to Cornishpastie

Oh no enough on yr plate without bad back bless. Love the good though...Spider-Man is awesome but... not as awesome as cuddles from yr lil one Happy

My walk with lil ones went down a treat ( going by how much water they jumped into their wellies) lol. Pealed off their clothes nd straight into a hot bath. X

The good and the bad

4 Apr 2018 17:14 in response to Sandra123

Looks like it was fun. Great taste in wellies!

The good and the bad

4 Apr 2018 17:26 in response to Sandra123

Hi Sandra ear infection clearing up went on the sick today had to go the job centre still don't know were I stand on help while I'm going through this cancer 

The good and the bad

4 Apr 2018 17:38 in response to Cornishpastie

Mine are cheap Asda ones cos the are softer nd able to bunch up around my fat calf’s Happy ( which I only have because of all the walking I do;-). X


The good and the bad

4 Apr 2018 17:42 in response to Nikki72

Bless. Have u contacted McMillan.... give them a ring they are really clued up about finances during cancer treatment. They will help u fill in any forms you need to too ( to make sure u use the right wording etc). 

Are u feeling any better in yourself x

The good and the bad

4 Apr 2018 17:48 in response to Sandra123

I will give them a ring tomorrow just feeling down today letting things get to me its nearing my op and just want to sleep the day away xx

The good and the bad

4 Apr 2018 18:04 in response to Nikki72

All you say is to b expected. Do whatever you need to to get you though. Waiting is always the pits but when cancer involved it feels 10x worse. Try to do things you want to do not need to. Yes I’m going to say it again ( sorry) live in the here and now- don’t think ahead. Try and look on this as downtime from treatment nd everything hospital. You will get there x

The good and the bad

4 Apr 2018 18:13 in response to Nikki72

Just popped by to say will be thinking of you  .. you can do this ... wer all right there by your side ... when I have my lumps out you'll all be sorted ... and I'll be going aaarrrhhhhh!! 

When you look back you'll realise just how far you've come and how brave you were ... Chrissie ❤ x

The good and the bad

4 Apr 2018 18:44 in response to Sandra123

I'm going to go to ring my nurse tomorrow this sick benefit doesn't make sense at all stressing out all the time not doing me any good x

The good and the bad

5 Apr 2018 09:22 in response to Sandra123

Morning peeps 

bad:- still cutting down on food ..sigh. Iil ones have a cupboard full of chocolate eggs winking at me.. double sigh.

good:- sun shining so just about to head out for a lovely spring walk with lil ones:-) 

have as good a day as you can peeps x

The good and the bad

5 Apr 2018 13:52 in response to Sandra123 day not half got better... lil ones daddy finished early - daughter got home same time(just for lunch with family then back to work).

So I’m home... yeahhh. Wash load in. Now in conservatory with vanilla latte nd my book. So toasty warm with the sun shining... now this is how I envisioned retirement lol x

The good and the bad

5 Apr 2018 23:52 in response to Nikki72

Hi ... I applied for a benefit couple months ago ... One question was can you press buttons on mobile \ remote control ... Another was can you put item in top pocket ...

My mother in law was 92 and the only thing she could do in the last month was change station on remote as it was by the one hand she could use and she could fold that arm an reach pocket .... So she would have failed those questions ... She died shortly after ... 

I thought cancer and treatment was enough evedence seems even that doesn't count now ... What a sad situation ... But don't give up , that's what they want you to do ...

Sandra think you deserved a little you time ... What a super Nan you are .. xx

The good and the bad

6 Apr 2018 07:33 in response to Chriss

 Morning chriss its shocking we have to go through enough without ppl judging us asking stupid questions when I took sick note in was like 50 questions I'm ringing my nurse today x

The good and the bad

6 Apr 2018 09:28 in response to Chriss

Good morning Chis

All us nana/grans rock:-). T b honest I just do the same with the grandkids as I did with my own...apparently that’s stuff u don’t forget:-)

Finances- heck I’m still seething that  4 yrs before expected retirement (60) they wrote t say I wouldn’t get pension till 62. Blow me if 2 yrs later another letter to say actually it’ll b 66 ( seething is gross understatement), they are cutting back on everything. Benefits of any type have been hit too. Sad times. 

So.... on a brighter note...hope u nd yrs are doing well:-) x


The good and the bad

6 Apr 2018 09:30 in response to Nikki72

Morning Nikki 

Hope u get sorted today - u r right enough on your plate without them making it so difficult to sort out benefits. 

How u getting along in yourself? 

Sending hugs  x

The good and the bad

6 Apr 2018 09:33 in response to Sandra123

Morning sandra 


Just feeling down lately I'm on the sick from work because I can't cope with everyday things just crying all the time x

The good and the bad

6 Apr 2018 09:40 in response to Sandra123

Morning peeps:-)

bad:- That warm conservatory I was basking in yesterday was so snuggly... I fell asleep... 2 hrs:-0. Bedtime....sigh...1:30a.m I was still bright as a button lol. This cost me.... literally... relied on online shopping t fill in the time.

good:- did a bit of online shopping lol.

Its dry but cold. No babysitting tday so reckon I’ll tidy the garden:-)

Have as good a day as u can peeps x



The good and the bad

6 Apr 2018 09:57 in response to Nikki72

So sorry you are feeling so low Nikki:-(

What do u think about going back to your GP. Wonder as a temporary stop gap if a mild anti depressant may help you? 

How about starting a new thread of breast cancer anyone else not coping. There are so many( sadly) who are in exactly the same boat as you... they might need to connect too.

Not too long till your op. Just hang in there... thinking of you nd sending hugs. X

The good and the bad

6 Apr 2018 12:32 in response to Sandra123
The bad: back still bad The good: finally passed a super hard level on candy crush ; )

The good and the bad

6 Apr 2018 12:50 in response to Cornishpastie

Ha ha ( on the candy crush not the bad back;-) well done u:-)

I had a game where I built a zoo. Had t nurture animals, save money to buy more, add candy floss machines etc. Months I played it months... then one day went on nd it had crashed nd had t start again. Obviously scarred me cos it was a few yrs back nd I’m still apparently not over it lol. 

Not played candy crush or bejewelled ( was the one I played) in a while. Might need t dust off me candy nd jewels;-)

Another level awaits u:-) enjoy x

The good and the bad

6 Apr 2018 13:05 in response to Sandra123
Sounds like you are definately scarred by it Sandra lol

The good and the bad

6 Apr 2018 13:13 in response to Cornishpastie

Yeah.. did u notice I didn’t say I’d dust off the zoo game nd play again ha ha.

how u feeling in yourself? X


The good and the bad

6 Apr 2018 13:18 in response to Sandra123

Yes were clearly too traumatised lol. 

Backs still bad. Gp gave me tramadol as the codeine wasn't touching it. I'm just trying to rest it as much as possible. 

In regards to the other nasty little critter living in my booby....this time next week he should be sitting in a little lab dish with his blood supply cut off lol x

The good and the bad

6 Apr 2018 13:41 in response to Cornishpastie

Hope the back eases for next wk bless. Chuffed t bits how u are doing... well proud of u:-)

Perfect attitude to deal, bin nd dust your hands of it. 

Go u, go u, go u :-)))) x

The good and the bad

6 Apr 2018 13:43 in response to Sandra123
Woop woop!!!! (Dancing with hands raised in my mind as back won't let me do it) : )

The good and the bad

6 Apr 2018 16:51 in response to Cornishpastie

Go Cornishpastie!

The good and the bad

6 Apr 2018 17:51 in response to Sandra123

Hi Sandra ... We must be same age ... My mate was 10 months older then me , she's had her pention for years and I've got to wait like you till nearly 66 ... By the time wer there , it'll go up to 70 ...l don't even want to know any more ... Just hope there's someone enjoying getting our pention lol ...

Good ... Had my Emily for three days. ....  ; )) .

Bad  .... Just took her back .... ; ((

We'll Sandra I deffenatly don't treat my grandkids like my own were brought up ... I can spoil them rotten now ... Lots of chocolate ... Lots of laughter ... When I see my son he goes MOTHER , HOW MUCH CHOCOLATE SHE HAD .... Wiping her chops , we both just look up saying ... Hardly any really ... Xx