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The good and the bad

8 Sep 2017 20:34

Hi peeps

I have recently been diagnosed with breast cancer. Taking the excellent advice on this website I pretty much started by taking it one day at a time. This does indeed help. 

I thought to share the good and the bad and would love to hear anyone else's should they wish to share.

Today I had both a good and a bad moment. I received 2 letters in the post.

The first was from the hosp confirming my op date (my bad moment) cos my stomach dropped and I had that now familiar feeling of anxiousness take hold for a moment but shook it off cos I know it is needed. 

The good - my 2nd letter - as if... a tax rebate - boom  . Not half put a much needed smile on my face . Reckon a my treat family meal is in order.

Eeee it's the little things ain't it. 

Take care peeps 

Sandra x❤️X


The good and the bad

9 Sep 2017 01:39 in response to Sandra123



Hi Sandra,

Welcome to Cancer Chat. I am sorry to hear about your recent diagnosis.You are doing well by trying to cope one day at a time.The first letter you received today wasn't so bad.. It is going to remove the cancer in your breast and give you the chance to live a normal life once all this treatment is over, so the sooner you start the sooner you'll be finished with it all. The second was a definite bonus.

What surgery are you going to have - a lumpectomy or a mastectomy?

I have had 2 bouts of primary breast cancer. The first was diagnosed 7 years ago and the second the following year. Have you got a treatment plan in place post-surgery?

Please stay in touch. Remember, there is always someone here whenever you feel like talking.

Kind regards,

Jolamine xx

The good and the bad

9 Sep 2017 07:52 in response to Jolamine

Hi Jolamine.

Thanks for the reply. 

I have 2 small lumps in my R breast (no one can feel them nor is there any outward change to be seen nor pain. Caught on routine screening).

They are grade 1 and grade  2 both invasive cancers. On MRI my lymph nodes look clear.

I am having a lumpectomy on the 21st as a day case. They are hoping to make 1 incision to get to both but will re assess on day. They are also taking 2 sentinel nodes for biopsy just in case. 

After the op all things being equal I am to have radiotherapy mon to fri for 3 wks.

Wow how matter of fact does it all sound in the written word when it is so not.

7yrs post diagnosis - I tip my hat to you Jolamine. When we are first diagnosed it's like our lives ended in that moment. This is so not true "living with Cancer" never a truer word.

take care Jolamine 

Sandra x


The good and the bad

9 Sep 2017 17:54 in response to Sandra123

Today has been a good day. 

1 it's a Saturday - no hospital-  so... file illness under in pending tray. 

2 Had visit off brother who I've not seen for a couple of months so great catch up with him. 

3 Been to theatre to see Mel Brooke's Young Frankenstein with my 2 daughters what a laugh a minute. Really cheered me up no end. Time for a meal and a glass of wine. 

A day of normality just what I needed 

take care everyone. 


The good and the bad

10 Sep 2017 00:47 in response to Sandra123


Hi Sandra,

It does sound very matter of fact doesn’t it? Unfortunately, when you are the individual involved, it doesn’t feel quite like that.

I had a lumpectomy and sentinel node biopsy the first time, followed by Tamoxifen. The second time I had a double mastectomy followed by Letrozole, which I have recently finished taking. I have had a few false alarms too, so I know only too well how scary it is waiting for tests and results.

I am glad to see that you do not have too long to wait for your lumpectomy. Isn’t it great to have no clinics or hospitals to visit? It sounds as if you had a lovely family day to-day I bet that it was good to catch up with your brother. What ages are your daughters? Young Frankenstein sounded like good fun. Getting back to normality even for a short while is just what you needed.

I shall be thinking of you on 21st and hope that all goes well for you.

Kind regards,

Jolamine xx

The good and the bad

10 Sep 2017 08:05 in response to Jolamine

Hi Jolamine  

I am 60 and my daughters are 38 and 34. 

I took early retirement Nov last year. I am so glad I did- means I can concentrate on what I now need to when I need to and not worry about work.

I too will commence Letrozole as my cancer is oestrogen receptive. Hoping no side effects. I am someone who has always been fit and healthy who has only ever taken the odd paracetamol so this whole thing has side swiped me. 

Is everything ok with you Jolamine - I noticed the time of you post - or are you just a bit of a night bird Happy 

Take care and thanks for sharing- knowing there are others who have stared into the abyss and stepped back is reassuring. 

Sandra x

The good and the bad

10 Sep 2017 11:52 in response to Sandra123


HI Sandra,

I was 61 and still working when I was diagnosed. Since then I have had to take a back seat at work, because I have had so many clinics to attend. Like you, I have always been fit and healthy, but so much has hit me since I was diagnosed that it feels as if I am a different person.

You ask about the crazy hours that I send my posts. I am a night owl (have always been) and I remember how I felt when first diagnosed. I couldn’t sleep and I really appreciated replies from some great people on this forum at all times. I found that the worst time for me was overnight when my imagination ran riot. I was particularly scared at the time, because I nursed my Mum with secondary breast cancer for 12 years. She was only told that she had metastases in liver, lungs, bones and brain in her final year. We lost her that year, but it was horrendous to watch her pain and suffering to the end. Having had so much help when I needed it, I hope that I am giving a little back by doing the same for others.

I have had 2 bouts of breast cancer and a few scares - the latest last week. I had a radioactive bone scan last Wednesday and got the results on Friday. Fortunately, it was good news for a change. These scares have become almost routine, but there is always the worry until I get the results.

I hope that your op goes well and that you have no side-effects from Letrozole.

Kind regards,

Jolaine xx

The good and the bad

10 Sep 2017 17:05 in response to Jolamine

Hi Jolamine 

Bless what a gem you are. So glad you had good news sounds like you are over due some. 

Glad it's you're a night owl and all is well - I like many others appreciate your time and support-thank you. 

You mention you feel you are a different person - I get that but at the same time, you have got to where you are today because of your innate strengths and the core of who your are. One of these strengths is your ability to adapt and change when needed -you are who you need to be. I hope like you I have the strength in me to change as and when I need to.

Take care Jolamine onwards and upwards 

Sandra x


The good and the bad

13 Sep 2017 15:01 in response to Sandra123

Today I attended the hosp to have the marker iodine seeds put in - was very similar to having a biopsy but easier. So next step is my op next Thursday. 

The good- while there met another lady having her seed put in ready for her op on same day - both of us said see you next Thurs. A friendly face to look for on day of op.  

The good and the bad

23 Nov 2017 09:09 in response to Sandra123

Not posted on here for a while so just t say

its early so delighted  to say no bad yeahhh.

The good:- recovered from op with no problems (was no where near as big a deal I had made it in my head). This wk just finished 3 wks of RT. Was fine throughout not particularly tired and skin not been a problem ( only 2 appts ran on time the norm seemed to be running 45-60 mins behind bless them). Started letrozole and although getting some hot flushes I can deal with them. 

I have met some lovely people on my journey I am honoured and grateful.

My heartfelt thoughts to those starting and continuing their journey. X


The good and the bad

23 Nov 2017 09:29 in response to Sandra123

Hi there ... just wanted to say well done brave lady ... not posted before as I could see you were being well looked after by jolomine... she's amazing .... but just wanted to send you a big hug ... I thought the same as you ... I've had a few ops along the way ... but mastectomy was the least stressful... but the run up to it is scary ... so now you've done the hardest part , let's hope it's on the up now .... 

So sending you a big brave hug ... chrisie xx 

The good and the bad

23 Nov 2017 11:08 in response to Chriss

Ah thanks Chrisie

Just done final add up its actually 13 wks and 2 days from date of diagnosis of breast cancer to last day of  RT - meet surgeon in April for review then onto an annual review.

what a ride it’s been. How quick does the treatment machine kick in. Carrying out its work while u feel like you  are being dragged along clueless ( despite their valiant attempts to explain everything). I went from someone who wouldn’t consider sunbathing top less to whooping them out at the drop of a hat:-) laying there chatting to male radiotherapists while they draw on me boob:-) who knew:-0

Then discharged.... cut adrift and suddenly your days are your own again. Me.... I love it but totally get why some struggle. 

Thank you for saying brave but felt more like lack of choice. The new lifestyle we didn’t choose is without a doubt made easier by the support of those on here. From the been there done thats to the I am going through this too. The nervous chatting in the hosp waiting rooms and the sharing of stories. Yup humbled and grateful to everyone who has touched my life through this. X




The good and the bad

24 Mar 2018 09:29 in response to Sandra123

Not posted on this thread for a while but here is today’s good nd bad...

The bad:- yesterday  bumped into a friend not seen in a while in the school yard while I dropped off my granddaughter. She told me her husband has prostrate cancer which has spread and she has been diagnosed with leukaemia. Sad catch up:-(

The good:- My daughter who is doing a career change has completed her 1 st yr exams ( to be an electrician) and got a distinction... well proud:-)

Life continues don’t it. 

Take care peeps x

The good and the bad

24 Mar 2018 11:30 in response to Sandra123

Hey Sandra. Im just starting my journey and enjoyed reading this thread. I've been diagnosed with stage 1 invasive breast cancer in left breast with an additional area that although currently benign is showing abnormal cell change and growth. So out they ate both coming. I'm scheduled for my OP on 13th April. Sentinel nodes to be removed for testing also. Then if margins and nodes clear I will also be for 3 weeks radiotherapy. As my cells are also ER+ I will need hormone therapy but that's a doozy. I'm staying positive and reassuring everyone around me (It's ok I'm not dying yet). I dont think people know how to react to me when i say things like that. My other half thinks I'm either coping amazingly well or in denial. Anyways i thought id say hi as your journey is so close to the one im about to I like the idea that for every negative there is a positive...karma and balance. Maybe I should buy a lottery ticket

The good and the bad

24 Mar 2018 11:46 in response to Sandra123

Hi there Sandra. . It's a shame about catch up, but maybe helped each other, knowing how many of us that are now on this journey...  

But high 5 to your daughter ... electrician a ... that should come in handy ... 

I'm just waiting to have little op on scar (again) as got 2 to my lumps behind it ... had a small hole that never healed ... told them to 're do months ago ... oh well here goes ... 

Just sitting with my granddaughter. . Ain't grandkids the best for taking mind off things ... any ways Sandra ... keep going hun ... take care ... Chrissie x

The good and the bad

24 Mar 2018 11:56 in response to Cornishpastie

Hi there ... just sending you a vertual hug ... from one breast lady to another ... we've all helped ourselfs and others that come along on this rollercoaster of breast cancer ... once l got my head around it in the early days , l felt ready to take this cancer by the balls and run with it ... coz cancer wants us to panic and give in ... but we were in the same place as you and it is so emotional , and different days you feel different things ... but it's a long ol journey so when you have a down day, remember wer all on this rollercoaster with you ..

So brave lady ... the op isn't half as bad as I'd imagined ... and some of us breast ladies were home in the evening with a nice cupper... but it is more tender where lymph nodes are taken ... that takes a while to get better ... take care Chrissie xx

The good and the bad

24 Mar 2018 17:25 in response to Sandra123


Hi Sandra,

I’ve not forgotten you. I had a few months when I found it very difficult to participate in anything on this site. I lost my sight in one eye and was losing it in the second in just 8 weeks. I’ve since had an operation to both eyes – and what a difference!  Where would we be without the wonderful doctors in this country? I feel very blessed to have regained my sight.

I am glad to hear that surgery and treatment are both behind you now and hope that your appointment with your surgeon in April goes well.

Kind regards,

Jolamine xx

Hi Sandra,

I’ve not forgotten you. I had a few months when I found it very difficult to participate in anything on this site. I lost my sight in one eye and was losing it in the second in just 8 weeks. I’ve since had an operation to both eyes – and what a difference!  Where would we be without the wonderful doctors in this country? I feel very blessed to have regained my sight.

I am glad to hear that surgery and treatment are both behind you now and hope that your appointment with your surgeon in April goes well.

Congratulations to your daughter - one very proud mum deservedly!

Kind regards,

Jolamine xx

The good and the bad

24 Mar 2018 18:53 in response to Cornishpastie

Hi cornishpastie

I get where u r coming from- my thinking was - all the angst in the world ain’t gonna change a thing get on then.

Bless your other half.. I sometimes think it is harder on our families in as much as although we are going through it - they helplessly have to take a step back and pretty much watch the one they love go through it from the side lines. 

The 13 th will b here before u know it so try nd look on the time till then as free time from everything hospital nd do whatever u fancy .. I know easier said than done.

On the day of my op there were 4 of us in the day case room all having the same op. We pulled up our chairs ( didn’t get a bed) nd chatted nd yes... even laughed together. I was home by 7:30 pm cup of tea 2 paracetamol then early nigt - I had made the op much bigger in my head than it actually was. Next day - uncomfortable nd tender ( u know didn’t want it knocked:-) but no pain ( so didn’t have any paracetamol) nd full movement in my arm. Nurse popped in at 11:00am checked my dressing nd left. By 12:30pm I was at shops with daughter for a bit of a browse then t pub for lunch:-)

This was my experience nd everyone is different but... can honestly say was much less of a deal than I had built it up to be in my mind.

If u have any questions or need to voice... anything ( good or bad) we are all here for u.

Yeah u go for that lottery ticket girl:-) a big win would be a cracking “good” wouldn’t it Happy x





The good and the bad

24 Mar 2018 19:15 in response to Chriss

Ah thanks for dropping by Chrisie 

tbh my friend was.... resolved. She is a strong lady nd said straight away she couldn’t b doing with everyone who means well. She was just getting on with it cos she has to. Its that kinda attitude that will get you through:-) I know this but was still sad as I walked away.

Daughter doing brill:-) her husband is a joiner, Tiler, Plasterer... yes all very handy;-). It’s her two lil ones I look after while they work. They r 5&2 now... love em to bits nd keep me busy:-)

Glad hosp looking after u... they are doing the right thing playing it safe and removing the lumps. Am I right in thinking u are in next week for your op... u know the drill better than me so will b thinking of u nd that small pressure u feel on your shoulder is just my squeeze of support. Take care me dear x

The good and the bad

24 Mar 2018 19:26 in response to Jolamine

Oh jolamine how lovely to hear from you.

Thank you for your well wishes much appreciated... only 4 mths since end of treatment- feels a lifetime ago. Don’t think I have any tests in April think it’s a how are things and how I’m doing with the meds. 

Our NHS is phenomenal isn’t it. So glad to hear about your sight you must be so relieved bless. You are such an inspiration Jolamine - straight back on here supporting us all....thank you so much x

The good and the bad

25 Mar 2018 12:50 in response to Cornishpastie

Hi I've have also been diagnosed with invasive ductal cancer stage 1and have my op on the 17th of April does anyone know when I will start my radiotherapy

The good and the bad

25 Mar 2018 16:12 in response to Nikki72

They won’t start treatment until you have healed. From personal experience, I started two months after surgery. 

The good and the bad

25 Mar 2018 16:21 in response to rileyroo
Hi I'm still in shock and its hard coming to terms with it did you have time off work

The good and the bad

25 Mar 2018 17:13 in response to Nikki72

I took time off afterwards. Took about a minth before I started feeling vaguely human again. Got thro most of the treatment altho I reduced my hours with agreement from my employer, this was due to fatigue. I went back after a month and gradually built my hours back up to full time. 

The good and the bad

25 Mar 2018 17:31 in response to Nikki72

Hi hun

deep breaths...u will get there.

in answer to yr Radiotherapy query... can only tell u my timeline. 


Op on 21st Sept  

2nd Oct meeting with surgeon for biopsy results of excision  ( clear margins nd lymph nodes - great news cos meant I could be referred to the oncologist to discuss my radiotherapy). Referral to oncology made.

19th Oct met oncologist nd marked up for radiotherapy 

30th Oct 1st radiotherapy session (Mon- Fri for 3 wks)

I had taken early retirement 9 mths prior to my diagnosis so can’t answer your 2nd query of time off work... anyone reading this who can answer Nicki72 can u please post:-)

The 17th April will come around quicker than u think. In the meanwhile take everything one day at a time. Try to stop yourself thinking ahead and the could, would and should be scenarios. Try and use the free from hospital time to not do things u need to but what u fancy doing:-)

Sending virtual hugs me dear. Take care x


The good and the bad

25 Mar 2018 17:31 in response to rileyroo

I'm only 12 hrs contract I've been looking into other benefits that will help me while I'm off work I haven't a clue were to start 

The good and the bad

25 Mar 2018 17:36 in response to Sandra123

Thank you its so scary not thinking I would ever get cancer but its been caught early thanks to lovely doctors and nurses at my hospital you would never think it could be you next and asking yourself why me what have I done to deserve this it's heartbreaking x

The good and the bad

25 Mar 2018 17:44 in response to Nikki72

Hey Nikki. I'm stage 1 invasive too and have my OP on 13th April. L

The good and the bad

25 Mar 2018 17:48 in response to Cornishpastie

Mines on the 17th mine was found early and its only small so I'm lucky but still coming to terms with it is hard x

The good and the bad

25 Mar 2018 17:50 in response to Nikki72

Macmillan are quite good with this kind of stuff. See if you can contact them.