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Thanks all, from boat girls brother

26 Dec 2015 21:59


I wanted to thank you all for the support you were able to give to my sister, Gill(boatgirl). I know she would have wanted to do so herself if she had had time. Gill passed away a week ago today after two years fighting. She left us with a smile on her face and joking with us throughout. Would you please forgive me if this fails to follow forum etiquette, I just wanted to thank you all.  Best wishes to you all for 2016.    Neil




Thanks all, from boat girls brother

26 Dec 2015 23:23 in response to Boatgirl

Hi Neil .... I am so very sorry to hear that Gill has passed away.  We last talked in September and she was doing well. We had the same consultant and radiologist.  

I really wish I had been in touch recently and hope she was not unwell and suffered. You can private message me if you like or she normally emailed me and had my address. I cannot give it to you on the forum as it contravenes the rules of the site.

She had told me about you and said how lovely you were to help her with her garden!

Once again, I am so sad to hear of Gill' s passing.  It was lovely to get to know her and talk to her on the phone. She was a lovely person and we hoped to meet at some point when our appointments clashed. Sadly that was not to be but thank you for letting us know and my thoughts are with you and your family. Much love. Max x

Thanks all, from boat girls brother

27 Dec 2015 10:29 in response to Boatgirl

Hello Neil,

Thank you for taking the time to let us know the sad news. How difficult it must be for you and your family during this festive period. Gill (Boatgirl) was a much valued member of our community and she will be much missed on the forum.

All of us at Cancer Chat would like to send you and your family our sincere condolences.

We are thinking of you in this difficult time,

Lucie, Cancer Chat Moderator

Thanks all, from boat girls brother

27 Dec 2015 13:27 in response to max56

Hi max , gill had told me about you, and others, in particular that had been such a great help to her.     We were SO lucky when she passed, as it was far easier than it might have been. She was in good form and was more concerned with how we were managing than with herself.  I am so grateful that she had opportunity to take advantage of such a constructive forum .       Many thanks . Please feel free to PM me if anyone wants to. Regards, Neil 



Thanks all, from boat girls brother

27 Dec 2015 13:31 in response to Moderator Lucie

Lucie and cc members . Thanks for your kind words and thoughts. This will pass, as all things do. Best wishes one and all for 2016. Neil

Thanks all, from boat girls brother

27 Dec 2015 22:44 in response to Boatgirl


Hi Neil - it is so good of you to answer and yes I would really like to take you up on your offer to private message you to if you really dont mind.  Dont worry, I am not a stalker butI am a little taken aback by your news and would like to just check a couple of things with you to hopefully put my mind at peace.

The private messaging facility has only been available again over the past few months so Gill and I had got into the habit of occassionally emailing or talking on the phone - therefore we are not linked here on the new PM facility.  I have sent you a 'friend request' - so if you would accept it I will be in touch mid-week as am away for a couple of days. 

You have lost a very special sister,  but I guess you know that.   Thinking of you and speak in a few days.

Thanks all, from boat girls brother

28 Dec 2015 20:18 in response to Boatgirl


Thanks for letting us know.
Gill's contributions on this forum were always positive, she will be missed by many of us.

Best wishes