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Thank you all

17 Dec 2012 15:47

Hey friends ,
this afternoon I was contacted by cancer chat because it seems that I was voted as one of the heroines of cancer chat ...
I want to thank you for the kindness and sympathy that have been with me and this nomination also reflects that and I appreciate that sense, but honestly I think many people here deserve this "award" more than me!

Seriously, I think this chat has given me much more than what I have given. In this chat I back to feel some inner peace and balance and honestly, today I feel much less alone in this disease.

But I'm glad that people think I help also, because it is good to feel that I can somehow minimizes the suffering of others just like you I have minimized mine.

Thank you all!


Re: Thank you all

17 Dec 2012 15:54 in response to sofia

Fully deserved sofia!  You're a star!

Congratulations to you and keep us informed on your treatment.

Best wishes, Garf.x

Re: Thank you all

17 Dec 2012 16:11 in response to sofia

Hey Sofia,

I am so glad and thrilled that you have been voted as a heroine of cancer chat. It's an award you fully deserve for you have helped so many people even when you have not been feeling well yourself. I am also glad to hear you have inner peace and ballance and that you fell less alone. I have said it before and I say it again, you are a remarkable young woman Sofia.

Please take care, Brian

Re: Thank you all

17 Dec 2012 17:01 in response to GARF

Hey Garf,

I saw your comment to me and Brian and I thank you very much your appreciation. You are a very sensitive man and your words (along you several posts) have touched me very much!

If you were not married ( and happily married!) I would marry you! ahaha I'm just kidding!

Kiss, Sofia

Re: Thank you all

17 Dec 2012 20:35 in response to sofia


To recieve an offer like that from a beautiful young woman is enough to make me feel like a million dollars.

May you find all the happiness in the world!

Garf. x

Re: Thank you all

17 Dec 2012 22:15 in response to sofia

So glad to hear that you have been voted as one of the heros on this site! You truly deserve it sofia! Your warmth and generosity of spirit has always shone through your posts and your willingness to help others. You have been minimizing the suffering of others and you have been doing it well!

Take care and much love!

Re: Thank you all

7 Mar 2013 15:51 in response to sofia

Congratulations Sofia , very well deserved , you are a true inspiration ,