Together we will beat cancer



25 Aug 2019 17:41

I was diagnosed withGlioblastoma GBM IDH1 wild type 1/P19q MGMT Hypomethylated tumour so nine months to live if I don’t have the treatments they say months or possibly two to three years maybe some more if I am lucky it’s going to kill me eventually I am looking at it as a time bomb in my head oncology can slow the timer down but not cut the red wire to stop it I was diagnosed November 2017and still fighting I am a martial artist so the discipline of that is keeping me going so two to three years here I come I have to fight for my grandson  who’s eight and taking after grandad with his karate he’s fighting for England at the k2 crawley at the world championships the end of September so very proud of him so I hav to fight on sorry it’s a bit long winded

My quote of the dayYou can allwas die it’s living that makes the warrior 

    Miyamoto Musashi



So everyone remember  cancer is living with you not you  living with it so keep fighting



26 Aug 2019 09:09 in response to Samurai

Hi samurai thought others would have joined you by now, maybe because of holiday we've talked before, I'd have thought @Shellbell10 ‍ would have been to talk to you never mind hope you have a good holiday, whatever you do... Billy 


26 Aug 2019 11:40 in response to Billygoat

hi Billy have all the family around for dinner today so that will be nice BBQ I will be inside as I can’t handle the heat any moor we always had hot beach holidays the last one was to Aruba i am a diver so anywhere hot we loved Egypt the red sea is wonderful for diving i came home from Aruba with brain we think it was lucky as I had no symptoms until four days to come home so left early after getting a fit to fly no knowledge of flight woke up in hospital in UK anyway enough of me have a good day getting hot Samurai 


26 Aug 2019 12:03 in response to Samurai

Would you call that a proverb. Anyway it's very apt for being on here best wishes. Billy