Together we will beat cancer


talking is good sometimes

14 May 2019 02:29


Well my uncle was diagnozed with cancer like about 4 years ago he had it in his neck then they operated on him, but years on its come back and spread. I think if he wouldve stopped smoking he may have had a chance possibly maybe its hard to say really. Its just really sad he has a wife and son and daughters, my dad was telling me like hes really weak and hes got like days to live. They tried this new treatment with like injections but it hasnt worked. Its horrible what cancer does to people and their families cancer doesnt care what age or about anybody.  With this happening, it brings it all back when my dad was diagnozed with pancreatic cancer about 4 years ago he was told he had 3 months to live, he was lucky tho cos it was a rare form of cancer and chemo and radio worked for him. That time my/our world and everything turned upside down, but we are so lucky to have him still here ive never known such a horrendous time were i just wanted to burst into tears every single min bloody awfull. I hope one day we will find a cure for cancer and punch its lights out for good :/ 

talking is good sometimes

15 May 2019 19:19 in response to Cezz22

Hi my mum was diagnosed on Easter Saturday with a brain tumour being 83 and not wanting any intervention in mums words not to be prodded and poked. So after a fortnights stay in hospital I had to make the decision with my brother to put her into a home that took fast track patients. I wanted to look after her at home but after a lot of soul searching knew I couldn’t. Mum would be waiting for medication I wouldn’t sleep at night. The guilt I feel is overwhelming. She has been in the care home now 1 week. She hardly speaks she has to be fed she can’t dress herself the list is endless and my mum up to just before Christmas went shopping by herself always at the local library loved to read a very independent lady. This is such a cruel horrid thing to get my mum has never harmed a fly in her life one of the best mums you could ever wish to have seeing her like this is heartbreaking. The doctor told me about 2 weeks a go probably a month. I feel so alone ar the moment I have a great family everyone popping in to see her most days but I spend all day with her watching this lovely lady disappear in front of my eyes . Then when the time actually comes it is going to be like my left arm has been cut off I say left as I am left handed. Who do I go and see everyday and talk to who will raise their eyebrows at me when she thinks I am being silly who will just be there I love her so much .

talking is good sometimes

16 May 2019 01:58 in response to beckyboo1961

Hi beckyboo1961 

I am so sorry to hear about your mum and what you are seeing her go through and what you are all going through yourselves also. I really do not know what to write or say sometimes there are no words. I feel so much for you its heartbreaking and id say when your closer to them its even worse ey? I think its important to remember that it isnt your fault you dont need to feel guilt like you are only trying to do whats best for your mum. Sometimes we have like no control over stuff and yes its a damn right cruel thing :/

Have you seen a qualified councillor or Samaritans Helpline?, they do phone and text and email now. I know we are all in different situations but we both have had family members going through it so can relate to how you are feeling to an extent. its overwhelmingly upsetting, but when i spoke to a councillor oh my it helped me so much i could just unload everything from my mind to a person that actually listens to me my mum has mental health issues etc and she doesnt listen to me properly its very frustrating! x