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Symptoms of bladder cancer in women

11 Dec 2016 17:36

i have been to the doctors 4 times in as many weeks with blood in my urine. The doctor prescribed a course of antibiotics which didn't work so prescribed another which also didn't work. Results from the urine samples stated no infection in any of the samples so took the antibiotics unnecessarily. So the doc sent me to radiology to see whether I had kidney stones. The result were I didn't have kidney stones either. Week 4 all samples of urine have blood in them no infection and no kidney stones. Now bladder cancer has been mentioned and I'm back at hospital next week for further tests. Has anyone out there had similar or knows someone with similar results. Any feed back would be much appreciated. Thank you.

Symptoms of bladder cancer in women

11 Dec 2016 20:54 in response to Edith1

Hi there Edith, welcome to the forum, but sorry for why you're here. I can relate to your frustration around your bladder issue. I had a similar experience when I first started to have blood in my urine. I got the run-around too and it wasn't until I said, enough is enough, listen to what I'm telling you. I need to see a urologist for this issue. Still, my request fell on deaf ears until finally, I told a doctor who was filling in for my family doctor, I insist on an urgent referral to a urologist, which she did. I was told at that apt. after having a cystoscopy,  that I indeed did have bladder cancer that is aggressive. Had I not insisted, I likely would have lost my bladder, or worse, lost my life at that point. That was almost 4 years ago. I still have my bladder, but of course, I have had several surgeries, treatments, etc. since then. I'm not saying that you have bladder cancer at this point, but you should be screened for it just the same. A lot of doctors are of the opinion that only men get bladder cancer and that is not the case. I'm glad you will be screened and whatever the outcome, the sooner its' defined the sooner you can be treated. Certainly, it could be any one of a number of things, but if it is cancer, they need to get right on to it.

If you want to ask me anything about it, feel free. I was blown out of the water when I was first diagnosed as I had never heard tell of bladder cancer. I also didn't know of anyone who had been diagnosed with it, so it was a lonely journey for me at that point. I've since discovered that here in Canada, we have a forum for bladder cancer that has lots of information on it, as well as a chat forum where we can learn from other people with bladder cancer, what their experience has been. If your issue is not bladder cancer, (and I hope for you that it isn't ) then I certainly hope they will figure out what the issue is and get on to treating you.

After you go through your tests next week, come back on here and let me know how things turn out for you. If you would rather private message me, that would be fine also. Good luck with your tests.


Symptoms of bladder cancer in women

11 Dec 2016 22:16 in response to LorraineD
Hello Lorraine Thank you for your very kind message. It's much appreciated right now. I am so sorry that you have been dealing with B C for the last four years and I wish you good health in 2017! Yes I am having further tests next week. I just wanted to know if anyone else on this forum had my symptoms or similar symptoms that wasn't B C! What actually were your symptoms?

Symptoms of bladder cancer in women

12 Dec 2016 19:54 in response to Edith1

Hi Edith, my symptoms prior to diagnosis, were bleeding of course, and a frequency to urinate, as well as a really different odour to my urine. Other than that, I had no pain, fever, etc. but the doctor said it was likely that the bleeding was coming from my uterus, so I had to go for an ultrasound. Well then when that came back as nothing wrong there, they still argued that we should just keep an eye on things for awhile. Meanwhile, I'm still bleeding a week later. Then, I went back (of course we never see the same doctor when going to the on-call) and this time I insisted that I be referred to a urologist, which she did. I think it took like 3 weeks to get in. I had a cystoscopy and I was told on the spot it was cancer. About a month after that, I had a TURBT and a biopsy after which I was told it was an aggressive cancer, but had not penetrated the lining of my bladder as yet. Of course, at this point, I'm well entrenched into the treatment plan and I've been doing it ever since.

I'll be interested in hearing about your journey with this issue. Be sure to let me know how it goes. After you find out what your outcome is, you'll know where you go from there. Take care and good luck.


Symptoms of bladder cancer in women

6 Aug 2017 10:52 in response to LorraineD

Hi Lorraine, sorry to but in on the post, but ive just had a cystoscopy/TURBT and my consultant found a tumour the size of a satsuma, he said it goes from my bladder to my cervix, he said he removed some of it but not all, when i woke from the aneasthetic and he told me i asked him if he thinks its benign and he shook his head and said no, i also asked him if he thinks its treatable which he said lets just wait for results and scans and stuff but in the long term probably looking at total bladder removal. i know obviously i have to wait for pathology results to come back to say if it is definateyl bladder cancer. im having ct scan with contrast on friday and mri in few weeks after my bladder has healed from the TURBT. so i am wondering do doctors know its cancer before getting the results back from pathology do they have an idea by what they see in the bladder. as he has already said its cancer. and also im thinking it doesnt sound good if he says it goes from my bladder to my cervix, I am in a lot of pain, pelvic and lower back pain also going into my groin and top of my leg. obviously im hoping and praying hes wrong when pathology comes back. any info you have would be greatly appreciated. x

Symptoms of bladder cancer in women

6 Aug 2017 17:13 in response to Edith1

Since my ovarian diagnosis I have had repeated UTI and when they sent it to the lab it came back clear the majority of the time, but it mentioned blood was present.  I was referred to a urologist who looked inside my bladder it was cancer free, but the blood was from inflammation, so was put on a low dose of antibiotics for 6 months.  I am looking at the possibility of joining a trial to have a pill for 3 months which contains sterile pooh to put bacteria into my urine to trigger my own immune system to clear the inflammation.

Therefore try not to worry as it can be other things too that causes blood in urine.



Symptoms of bladder cancer in women

14 Sep 2017 13:42 in response to Everything_teal
Which antibiotics were you on, as I have had three different ones and nothing has worked!

Symptoms of bladder cancer in women

2 Jul 2018 22:22 in response to Edith1

Im going through the same cystoscopy clear and cat scan still waiting results on cancer or pre cancer cells in urine analyisis but confused as to why the susspect cancer if no tumor any answers would be appreciated

Symptoms of bladder cancer in women

5 Jul 2018 09:31 in response to Doodles

Hi Doodles and welcome to the forum.

Unfortunately Edith1 hasn't been on the forum for a little while now so there may be a chance you won't hear back from her or possibly others on this discussion. If you do want to get other people's thoughts on what you're going through it may be worth starting your own discussion. By doing this, it will allow our more regular members to see your post and reply.  

You can always give our cancer nurses a call about your situation on 0808 800 4040, Monday - Friday between 9a.m - 5p.m as well.

I hope you don't have too long to wait for your results and they bring good news when you get them.

Kind regards, 

Steph, Cancer Chat Moderator

Symptoms of bladder cancer in women

22 Feb 2019 05:32 in response to Moderator Steph

Hi everyone I'm aware that this post hasn't been posted on for a while but back in October I came here and read these posts after a frequent need to urinate lead me to the doctors and similar to the poster, I didn't show signs of infection but had blood in my urine. I was hoping to find some comfort in the messages as my anxiety levels were through the roof! I wanted to post here in case there is anyone else searching for what I was. I had an on / off urge to urinate with no urgency. One day I would need to go 20 times and the next day maybe 5, as I said the Drs could not find any sign of infection but did find blood in my urine. The first step was a ultrasound which came back that all was fine my urinal tract was clear.... I was then referred onto a urologist who actually hasn't said much but referred me for a cystoscopy. I had this yesterday and this also shows no sign of cancer. I'm no closer to the reason for blood in my urine and randomly my need to urinate has disappeared! apparently some women just have blood in the urine for no reason but as I have slight kidney discomfort I'm guessing it's related. The urologist said something about a kidney specialist at some point so I have to wait for next appointment with him in a couple of months time but I wanted to share because it might not be cancer if you have blood in your urine n your Dr mentions that dreaded word, try not to worry.... stay positive. Hope this makes someone feel better n I hope all you that posted get better soon. 

Symptoms of bladder cancer in women

26 Mar 2019 21:46 in response to Glowbug

Hi Glowbug,

Just had my Cystoscopy today which was clear and Ultra sound was clear but I’ve had blood in my urine for a year now! I don’t understand where it is coming from and my Kidney discomfort is awful. I also take a low dose antibiotic as I get regular infections but currently my urine is clear of infection but still has microscopic blood. 

happy to hear I’m not alone. 

Symptoms of bladder cancer in women

7 Apr 2019 19:39 in response to Edith1


I was just reading your post and I know it was a while ago now but I'm going through the same thing and tomorrow will insist on a referral being made  It's been going on for months and I practically have all the symptoms of bladder cancer with visible blood strands in my urine starting last week.

I was just wondering how you are now and if you got to the bottom of it. I hope you found another reason for your symptons other the bladder cancer. 

Symptoms of bladder cancer in women

14 May 2019 13:20 in response to Edith1

I have been getting lower abnormal  pain since sun also bleeding from front done bloods give me phorphin for my pain told me to go doctors I did she set urine sample of and I am still in pain and know discharged coming know what do you think it can be 

Symptoms of bladder cancer in women

24 Aug 2019 16:10 in response to Nickster79

Hi buttery,are you sure it's not kidney stones you have?

Symptoms of bladder cancer in women

25 Aug 2019 10:14 in response to Flowers65

Hi folks,

Just stumbled on this website while doing a search for information.  I'm also a female who had microscopic blood turning up in urine samples despite no infection.  I have symptoms of UTI...discomfort when passing water, lower back pain etc. I had Cystoscopy last week and consultant said I have red patches on bladder wall and will need TURBT to gain biopsy. I'm really scared now even though a ct scan showed  no masses etc. I'm 45 yrs old, had hysterectomy last year , and can't believe I'm facing this now.