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25 Nov 2021 10:48

Hi all I've been reading a lot about peoples experiences with colon cancer as I have convinced myself I have it. Symptoms started a few months ago with faitigue and change in bowel habbits. I was told fatigue is long covid and I have had a stool sample and bloods and they all came back normal but only recently I've found small streaks of red blood on my stool but I'm not convinced on hemmaroids. My stools have been harder recently like rock hard so when the leave the anus they hurt as they are coming out so could be anal fissure. I get small abdominal pain occasionally but doesn't cause me for concern. After mithering the doctors I have been refered for a colonoscopy which will confirm any problem I have. I have convinced myself I have bowel cancer as I have most symptoms but as I suffer with pilonidul sinus over the last 8 years they have a tendency to cause chrons disease but all the symptoms are so similar you just think the worst. I am only 31 and it's causing me so much  anxiety waiting for my colonoscopy to be told something is wrong. If anybody has symptoms of anything make sure to get checked out as it could save your life. 


25 Nov 2021 12:15 in response to Rkh2021

The thing with colon cancer is that a lot of the symptoms are also symptoms of many other things as well and some can also be caused by stressed so if you have other symptoms and start worrying it could be colon cancer, it could bring on things like diarrhea, excessive gassiness, stomach pains, etc.

Fatigue, diarrhea, constipation, stomach pains, gas pains, etc are all really common and can be caused by many different things.

I had a colonoscopy this summer for rectal bleeding and some other symptoms (some loose stools, weight loss, gas pains) and the doctor said that as I was only 40, the chances it was colon cancer was very low indeed and when I asked how worried I should be, he said "zero, not at all." Like you, I had a negative stool sample and all the colonoscopy found was hemorrhoids.


25 Nov 2021 13:32 in response to MargaretMary

I'm having the same symptoms really except I've had a raised calprotectin test too. Im only 32 and worried it could be serious x