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19 Feb 2022 12:27 in response to jules54

Hi Jules ,just come in been to marks with my daughter it's throwing it down now I'm sick of this weather all it's doing at the moment is raining and very windy haven't had George out this week because of the weather think everyone is fed up and miserable with it all .went to the community centre Monday for a bite to eat one of my friends still isn't well she hasn't got COVID now but she has got a virus now will ring her later in the week to see how she is, all the bulbs in my garden are coming up as well the do look nice it's a pity the weather is so bad to appreciate them .it has forecast more rain for the week which isn't good as my garden is really muddy I have to be careful not to slip when I go out to feed the birds.not sure what is happening Sunday about dinner we didn't go out last week I'm hoping to go out but it's up to the kids.went to my sister's yesterday 18th to drop a birthday card off as it's her birthday on the 19 th her and her partner are going for a meal Saturday so thought I would drop her card off a day earlier had a few hours with her before I came home. I'm not at my dementia group this week as it's 6 years since hubby died so will go the crem and put some flowers in a vase even though he isn't there I still like to go and put flowers in a vase and look at the book of remembrance has we put a verse in the book for him can't believe 6 years have passed time flies so quickly . hope you enjoy your party with your family to celebrate properly for your daughters 40 th have a lovely week regards Syl x


23 Feb 2022 16:35 in response to Syl

Hi Syl,

Finally able to reply. Storm Eunice took out my phone/wifi connection asthe tree outside the house lost a large branch and brought down the power cable with it.  Engineer came out yesterday afternoon and now all is well.  Sadly not so easy to replace the 6ft x 6ft wall at the end of my garden  which ended up flattened in the service alley!!  Awaiting fencing company to have panels back in stock as will replace with a fence this time round (wall built 7yrs ago to replace old fence lol.  Thankfully no injuries and my lovely next door neighbour lugged all the breeze blocks back to my side of the boundary so people could access their garages!

Managed to travel up to see my daughter though the usual 2+ hour journey was nearly 4hrs with road and rail problems.  Arrived in time on Saturday to go out to lunch with the family and my son in law's Dad and wife and very nice meal at a good restaurant.  On Sunday 15 of us met up at the Indian restaurant booked for my daughter's birthday meal and it was a lovely catch up with exceptional food.  We then went back to their place for dessert....her two tier birthday cake made by my daughter in law.  I stayed overnight again and was due to catch the train home later in the morning but my son in law was not having any of it and after lunch at an American Diner they drove me back home bless them (still quicker doing the round trip than me taking public transport so I was very appreciative)..

Just the usual routine for  me until Saturday when daighter and family come to me for the weekend. Have done all the necessary shopping and another chance to see them all.  When that is done I will get back to some sort of normal routine and catch up on my long walks and meet ups with friends.  Still doing three weekly gym visits and have now lost my first half stone in weight so really pleased. If I can keep motivated I will feel far more comfy in my summer clothes.

Hope all is well with you and the family and fingers crossed you did not suffer damage from the various storms that have hit in the past week.  Take care.  Jules xx


26 Feb 2022 20:46 in response to jules54

Hi Jules,all the trouble you had with the wind it was awful  all over the country we escaped with  my next door neighbours panel  coming out that was all  my friendship group was cancelled as it was a terribly morning wet and windy so we didn't want to chance it as some of the ladies walk it .glad you enjoyed the family birthday with your daughter must have been nice to get together  and have a nice meal and birthday cake ,the weather has calmed down a bit now managed to go into town this morning for a few bits also went spec savers has my hearing aids are playing up so I have a appointment on Monday afternoon to see what is up with them,ranr the doctor Friday I have sciatica it's really bad at the moment have got to go the chemist Monday to pick some cream up hope it helps with the pain  ,think I'm out Sunday for dinner with the kids only to a local pub put they do a nice Sunday dinner   it has forecast a nice sunny day at last lol so will take George out  I'm the morning  before we go  out.   I'm at my dementia group Wednesday I didn't go last week as I was at the crem  I'm at the crem again on the first of march as it's my mum's birthday so will have a couple of hours with my sister before heading back home have a lovely week regards Syl x


2 Mar 2022 20:37 in response to Syl

Hi Syl,

Well the wind dropped but today has been wet from start to finish and I have not been out walking which I really miss.  Did manage to withstand the weather to put a new feature in my garden which arrived yesterday.  It is a small  barrel pond which came as a kit and is now outside. I hope the aquatic plants will bring something a little different into my wildlife themed garden.  Time will tell.

Trying to sort out the new boundary fence has taken a little while but am hoping that the same person who is currently doing a neighbour's fence will give me a quote and a timescale.  

Met a friend yesterday and we went to the cinema; first time in ages.  We saw King Richard and it was very good.  Was good to be out and mask free too as the cinema was not crowded.  A touch of normality.

Also last weekend with my daughter and family was good and they enjoyed a party on Saturday night whilst I looked after the grandchildren and dog.   They went home after a late lunch and I will probably see them again during the Easter school holiday break.  My son in law also helped me finish the potting table that came flat packed.  I was half way through building it when they came and now it is in the garage and already being used.

Hope you have had a good week.  Would have been my Dad's 99th birthday today so many happy memories to recall  Hope you were able to spend time with your sister as planned.  I do not have siblings but it must be good to have someone to share memories of your parents with.

Take care and stay safe.  BEst regards Jules x


5 Mar 2022 21:02 in response to jules54

Hi Jules,the weather has improved here as well the awful winds have gone at least for the time being been quite nice here today with some sunshine a bit cold but at least it's dry it has forecast a few nice days  so will have to see if it's true lol .I have a little pond in my garden my son did it years ago when he was at school I have four fish one was born in the pond it must be 20 years old now and I have got 2 babies as well we used to have frogs as well but they have disappeared over the years it is nice to watch them swimming about .I didn't go the crem with my sister she changed her mind so went on my own took some bird food  and made myself a flask of coffee sat on a bench with my coffee it was lovely just sat there listening to the birds went in the office and looked at the verse we put in for my mum . it's my daughter's birthday Friday think there spending Monday in a spar hotel then there going abroad for three days not sure where there going will have to ask her this week ,I'm at the community centre Monday it's soup and a sandwich bingo and a raffle again that month has passed so quickly time flies can't believe it was a month ago when we had the first one I might win this time fingers crossed , not out Sunday were doing our own this week hope to take George out  has I haven't had him out much this week because of the weather , have a lovely week regards Syl x


8 Mar 2022 08:26 in response to Syl

Hi Syl,

Not a bad week here though a couple of rainy days, it is now sunny but chilly.  Had to once again thaw out the birds watering holes and my new barrel pond!  I do love having the little water areas though no fogs again so far.  I am sure you enjoy your pond which is truly established after all this time.

I have had a temporary fence erected to enclose the back of the garden again and this will do until my workman can get the new fencing supplies and come back when his work shifts allow (Fencing is his sideline and a recommendation from a near neighbour so very handy).  Two foxes have continued to visit throughout the changes during darkness with one looking as though she could be expecting so we will see what the future brings for them.

I have started my Spring garden project which is developing the bare flower bed next to the renovated garage.  Completely dug over (tiring!!) and now home to a miniature willow and a new shrub rose called Elizabeth which has been developed  to coincide with the Queen's Jubilee,  Wildflower seeding will follow.  The birds have begun collecting nesting material and flying off with it which is lovely to see from the comfort of the armchair. There is currently a robin, blue and great *** feeding in  my caged ground feeder whilst the sparrows, dunnock and starlings are making short work of the suet balls and feeders.  Off to the new garden centre to stock up of peanut kibble/nuts later once my gym session is over.  Only 3degs here so will need to put on an extra layer,

Hope your daughter enjoyed her birthday wherever she ended up spending it.  Did you win at Bingo or the raffle at your Community centre yesterday?

My daughter and to grandsons are popping down for a few hours on Saturday.  She was at her allotments at the weekend and the 'hut' where she helps out had their bulbs available at good prices so she has got some on my  behalf though I am a long distance member ha ha!  She is desperately waiting for better weather so more preparation can be got under way.  Nearly all their veggies came from her two allotments last year and she loves 'relaxing' there whilst my son in law and the boys take their remote control cars to racing events on most Sundays.

My son and family and busy working/at school and now have their house on the market so lots going on for them.  We hope to be able to catch up before Easter but spend time WhatsApp-ing in the meantime.

Walking with friends later in the week so life feels ok at the moment.

Take care of yourself. Regards Jules.xx



11 Mar 2022 22:34 in response to jules54

Hi Jules, sounds as if you have had a busy week visiting friends and  doing things in the garden hope you have your fencing sorted  when you're  workmen are free to do it the weather hasn't been to bad here at the moment but we're still getting quite a bit  of wind which makes it feel cold ,glad your still getting foxes in your garden ,I'm looking out for the hedgehog s that come into mine but haven't spotted them yet . sounds as if you have some lovely birds in you garden I only get pigeons doves sparrows and starlings I used to get blue **** but they don't come now I do get a squirrel now and again he does bury food in my garden  to eat when there is nothing in the bird feeder .I went the community centre with my friends none of us won this week but the soup and sandwiches were lovely for afters we had a jam and cream scone which one of the ladies that go to the centre made they were yummy .must be nice for your daughter to have a allotment it is supposed to be very relaxing and good for you mental health as well ,how come she is moving ? .my daughter went to Copenhagen for a few days for her birthday she comes home Saturday tea time , Saturday I'm dog sitting for my son as he is going Manchester for a meal as it's his friends birthday so will be at his from dinner time till about nine .I'm still having trouble with the pain in my leg might ring the doctor Monday as it doesn't seem to be getting any better . enjoy your week  regards Syl x


16 Mar 2022 10:43 in response to Syl

Hi Syl,

Hope your week is going well.  Glad you had a nice time with your friends at theCommunity Centre. Just meeting up and nice food makes you feel better even if there were no winnings to bring home this time. Did you see your doc re your continued leg pain? must be frustrating.

My daughter loves the allotments (she has two now) and sometimes the boys and her husband help when she needs it.  It is not my daughter who is moving but my son and family.  They want to move a little further out (more for your money too) and the schools are a major consideration.  My daughter in law is hybrid working now (some in the office, sometimes at home).  The area they are looking at will add 20mins onto the commute but will give them more space and a bigger garden if they find what they are after.

Hope your daughter enjoyed Copenhagen (not somewhere I have been but should think a nice city break for the birthday celebrations).  I have just paid the final balance for this year's holiday (4th time booking carried over since June 2020!!).  Still wondering if it will go ahead so just have to wait and see.  Hope your dog sitting went well for your son too.

Had a lovely day out to Kew Gardens yesterday and had a picnic lunch overlooking the Thames.  The weather was so good.  All change today as it is pouring with rain and looks set to stay a while so indoors catching up on e-mails and trying to make plans for the next few days when sunshine is supposed to return. I have a friend who has just taken her Dad back home to Wales after staying with them since just before Christmas so she will be free to come on a full day out rather than a snatched up of coffee here and there.

Take care of  yourself, best regards  Julesx



18 Mar 2022 15:09 in response to jules54

Hi Jules, just had a coffee with my friend lovely day here had George out this morning it has forecast sun here all week not that I'm going anywhere to enjoy it ,I managed to mow my front lawn this week it looks a lot better even though it's mostly Moss and not grass lol .my daughter enjoyed her city break even though it was quite expensive ,the weather was cold but they did have some sun which was nice the took scarfs and gloves which came in handy ,hope your son finds somewhere nice  and spacious to buy I live in a Cresent it's not often house's come up for sale but there soon snapped up when they do .hope your holiday goes to plan this year can't see why it shouldn't where are you going ? not sure what is happening this year with me my friend that I usually go with booked a holiday without telling me which I thought was a bit mean .my dog sitting went well she was fine no trouble at all he was home for 9 0 clock, I'm sure I will be asked again in the future now he knows it went well. glad you enjoyed your day out at Kew gardens it does look nice when you see it on the TV. don't think I'm doing anything at the weekend up to now I know my son his taking his dog  for a play morning tomorrow Saturday so I might go along and watch the dogs having fun , I rang the doctor about my pain in my leg I was diagnosed with sciatica a couple of years ago she just said carry on with the cream and she has give me tablets for my joints ,I'm not happy about itwill see if they do any good I don't know about you Jules but we can't even see our doctor s they do everything over the phone I don't know how that can be good when they don't see you in person ,I've had my moan now lol have a lovely week regards Syl x


23 Mar 2022 21:19 in response to Syl

Hi Syl

So far the weather has been wonderful this week so lots of nice walks and went into London to walk several of the parks yesterday.  Today has been lazier and spent time sitting in the garden with a book after I had planted some bulbs.  Back lawn has had it's first mow and having bought some live mealworms the robins are arriving each morning now for early breakfast ha ha.  My son, daughter in law and the two little ones all tested positive for Covid on Monday and have heavy cold and nasty coughs and of course now isolating so no nice Mother's Day for Jaye by the looks of things bless them.  They have accepted an offer on their house and had their offer for the one they wish to purchased accepted too so just hope all goes according to plan.  There is a little bit of a chain so they will all be depending on each other but very excited for them as if all goes well will definitely increase the space both within the house and a much bigger garden which is exactly what they were after.  My daughter has passed more courses and has now received her certificates up to Level 3 (towards her teaching assistant and special needs plans.  

My holiday is to Italy(based in Lake Como but with an excursion on the Benina Express to St Moritz and a couple of other tours (fourth re-booking lucky perhaps) . It will all depend on whether the holiday company run the tour (if enough people want to go!). Not until June so just wait and see.

Glad your daughter enjoyed her trip.  Sorry you are still being troubled by leg pain and hope the cream  soon helps.  I have luckily only  had to contact the GP surgery once since the first lockdown and was happy to speak with the doctor and get a prescription as did not fancy visiting the surgery  though appointments are being made if necessary for a proper examination.  There are four different docs within our surgery plus practice nurses and community welfare so they pretty much cover everything apart from Covid vaccinations.    I have had my flu jabs there in the past two years but these we done outside under gazebo's  so very well organised.  At some point I do need to make an eye test appointment but there has not been any problem with going to the optician - I just need to fit it in.  At the gym tomorrow, out in London on Friday with a friend and out to Lunch on Saturday with another friend.  A few plans for net week too so nice being busy.    Will soon be off up to Milton Keynes to visit my daughter again proviiding we are all well.  I need to shop for their little Easter gifts and they go on holiday during the school hols so wont see them over the Easter weekend.

Take are and hope the good weather means more walks with George.

Best regards.  Jules x


25 Mar 2022 17:57 in response to jules54

Hi Jules, glad your enjoying the lovely sunshine I am as well it feels more like summer than spring hope all this lovely sunshine now doesn't mean it's going to be a wet Easter glad you enjoyed your trips to London ,hope your family are ok now and got over COVID ,my neibours have all had it as well they have all had bad colds but are a lot better now it is creeping up again where I live so we still have to be careful I still where my mask when I'm on the bus or in the super market .glad your son has found a house that  suits them it is stressful  buying and selling  property but once there settled it will be nice for them,I went into town this morning Friday wanted to get some flowers for the crem for mother's Day and a few bits as well will go the crem in the morning as I'm going out for dinner with the kids in the afternoon  it's a local pub but it's very up market  and they do a lovely steak .on Monday I'm at spec savers I have a hearing test then I'm back on Thursday for a eye test should take my bed so I don't need to come home lol  I'm on tablets now for my joints they don't seem as bad and my sciatica doesn't seem as bad it's so good not to have that awful pain just hope it carries on ,I'm at a garden centre tomorrow with my daughter it's called dobbies near Liverpool  airport we have been a few times it's a nice garden centre with a nice cafe no doubt we will have a coffee and something to eat  have a lovely week regards Syl x


30 Mar 2022 11:47 in response to Syl

Hi Syl,

Well, all change with the weather and much more like how March should be!  Wet here overnight and dull and grey now with it being only 8degs and frost promised for tomorrow!  As my Mum always used to say  'Ner cast a clout till May is out'.  So pleased was able to make the most of the good weather whilst it was here though.  Was up in London again  with  a friend I used to work with last Friday.  We began in Paddington to watch the weekly opening of a 'landmark  footbridge' over the canal (has been there since 2017 but neither of us had ever seen it).  The rest of the day was spent walking the canals, finally ending up in Regents Park before catching the underground home (15miles walked in all).

Weekend and Mother's Day plans had to be scrapped as my son and daughter in law were still testing positive (only symptoms were heavy cold/cough).  My grandchildren were negative by the Monday but they are still waiting!  Still will catch up with them when we can fit it in.  As I said to my son I am a Mum every day not just on one day a year ha ha.  Instead on the Sunday I went walking at  the local woods and nature reserve and although cloudy really enjoyed the  fresh air. Also visited a garden centre and have now put the new plants into the garden, mowed the lawn(again!) and sown some more sunflower seeds.

I have three gym sessions booked for this week (including later today before I meet up for a coffee). Booked a walk with another friend for 9 am tomorrow and then at the crem on Friday as it would have been hubby's birthday on the 2nd.  I am visiting my daughter and familty on the actual day hence going a day early.

Hope you had a lovely Mother's Day with your children; Sounds as though you were looking forward to a good meal out.  Did you get anything nice at Dobbies?   I have been to several of their different  centres when out and about but more expensive than my local garden centre but their cafes are usually good.  All being well I have my builder coming back next week to replace the temporary fence with a nice new one and then can plan some pots or troughs at the end of the garden with a couple of climbers in to brighten the view for the summer. 

Take care of yourself and hope the hearing and eye tests went okay.  Best regards.  Jules xx




1 Apr 2022 14:53 in response to jules54

Hi Jules, the weather has changed here as well it's gone cold again which is about right for this time of year, sounds as if you have had some nice walks in and around London with your friend it is nice to get out and about especially in the country side Even a walk in the local park can lift your spirits.hope the rest of the family have got over COVID and you can see them soon ,the meal I had with the kids was lovely they don't do a Sunday lunch as it's a steak house , really enjoyed it we had coffee and desert as well. I didn't get anything from dobbies my daughter got a few plants and some compost ,but we had a coffee and a slice of cake in the cafe which was very nice.have been in my friends this afternoon for coffee Friday later on I'm going to Manchester arena with the kids to hear the music of war of the world's it's a film about alians invading the earth my hubby me and my son went a good few years ago it was really good my son bought the tickets 2 years ago but we couldn't go because of the pandemic it's all back on now so we're going tonight .my hearing test was ok when I had my eye test she noticed a small blood vessel had burst at the back of my left eye she is going to inform the doctor just to check my blood pressure isn't high not sure when I will hear off them hopefully next week.hope you get your fence sorted it has forecast rain for us next week my lawns won't mowing again so will see what the weather is like next week before I get my mower out .have a lovely week  regards Syl x


11 Apr 2022 17:01 in response to Syl

Hi Syl

Hope you are doing okay.  Had a busy week or so here as weather has been so good (though rain expected later today/tomorrow).  Spent a weekend with my daughter and family and enjoyed a lunch out as well as seeing the work they had done insulating their conservatory.  Also a shopping trip with my daughter and some time spent at her allotment on Sunday before coming  back home.  Had a review at the gym and a new programme sorted for a few weeks and still managing to go 3/4 time a week which is a great social outlet too. Finally got my back fence properly replaced last weekend and really pleased with it so can now plan a couple of climbing plants in containers in front of it.  Had a friend here for the day last Wednesday and we arrange a couple more outings to look forward to. Still walking when the weather allows and it is helping with the weight loss. Had my hair done last week and went to the cinema on Friday.  Had a charity event at the gym on Saturday which I participated in and a total of  nearly £300 raised to be split between two charities.  Today has been spent mainly in the garden, Lawn mowed again and a few edges tidied.  Have a lovely display of tulips at the moment  though all the daffs are now finished.  Tomorrow I am going on a visit to the British Wildlife Centre Nr Lingfield again and meeting half a dozen friends there with lunch afterwards and on Thursday going to local theatre with a friend. No plans over the Easter but could probably do with a bit of R&R ha ha.  Take care of yourself and hope you heard back from the docs regarding your blood pressure referral.  Best regards.  Jules x


12 Apr 2022 18:52 in response to jules54

Hi Jules, sounds as if you had a busy week I'm surprised you don't meet your self coming back lol with all the outings you have . glad your fence is finished now and you can put some plants in the weather not that bad here at the moment but we have had some rain today I have made a appointment to have my ear checked as it's cracking  rang the doctor he wants to see me on Thursday to have a look at it I'm a bit worried I'm a born worrier which doesn't help , went to my friendship group Monday we have decided to call it a day as all were doing is talking the to ladies that died did all the arrangements and booking speakers it's sad as I have been there from the beginning so we have decided to go for a meal on the 24 of April  for one last time ,I'm sure we will meet up now and again for a meal .I'm at my dementia group Wednesday were having a party we have all donated food and some one is coming in to sing were having a raffle as well so it should be a nice afternoon bill who runs it is retiring one of the helpers is going to buy him something  and were all going to chip in.hope you enjoy your trip to the theatre with your friend  not sure what I'm doing over Easter think I'm going the garden centre good Friday with my daughter and maybe for a meal on Easter Sunday,it has forecast a nice weekend so there  will be a lot of traffic on the roads listening to the news it might be best staying local  have a lovely Easter hope you get some nice Easter eggs  regards Syl x