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12 Nov 2021 10:16 in response to jules54

Hi Jules,you would really busy at the moment I wouldn't be able to keep up with you lol  must be lovely to spend so much time  with your family especially your grandchildren I just wish I had some it makes me sad sometimes that I don't have any .my son isn't too bad at the moment he went into Manchester last week end with a few of his friends for a drink and something to eat he also had a meeting with work colleagues on Monday so that got him out of the house for a couple of hours.its funny how you haven't heard off your in law's it must worry you when you haven't heard off them .must be lovely to chat with your aunt  and know that she is doing well and neighbor's keep there eye on her .I was at a funeral Monday my cousin who I haven't seen for 9 years which was at his 40 wedding anniversary there was so many things I didn't know about him we were so close when we were kids but grew apart when our parents died something I regret now it was nice to see his sister again I don't suppose I will see her again any more now I do have my cousin's wife phone number so will ring her in a couple of weeks to see how she is doing . went to my dementia group Wednesday 12of us there this week so a bit more busy ,have started a new exercise class Tuesday a sit down one very good we had maracas drum sticks and a big ball I did enjoy it I can only go every other week as the other Tuesday I'm at the community centre  with my friends for something to eat.ive been to the doctor this morning Friday only for a blood pressure check it was ok,but I have been getting a lot of cramp in my leg just lately if it continues will make a appointment with my GP not sure what is happening at the weekend  nothing planned at the moment hopefully will take George out later weather not looking to good at the moment at my friends later for coffee have a lovely week regards Syl x


16 Nov 2021 07:44 in response to Syl


Hope you are keeping well.  I am trying to make the most of being retired which has given me so much more freedom to plan.  It helps that I love to walk and do not mind travelling to get to some of the easier places to reach by public transport.  On the whole I stay within an hour's travel especially now we lose the light so early. 

I cannot believe how mild/dry it has stayed with very little rain here for a while.  I am still able to spend time in the garden and yesterday popped to the garden centre so today after I get the washing on the line I will be able to put in another plan (end of season reductions helped) so hope for a little extra colour next Spring.  I have just a couple of weeks now until the company come to renovate the garage and getting excited to have a useable space after so many years. It will become (provided the walls prove sound once the car and everything else is cleared out) a lovely 'shed space'.  If the walls are not sound upon inside inspection then it could well become a decked area in the longer term but hoping for the first option (cheaper budget!!).

It is somewhat sad that as we get older we do go to more funerals but glad  you were able to go and maybe catch up with extended family.  We had a scare with my elderly aunt last week who was rushed to hospital by ambulance last week and spent two days on the local Stroke Unit. Thankfully it showed on the MRI (CT scan and ultrasound were clear) that it was extremely minor but definitely a warning sign for her to slow down!  At 91 her consultant told her she was not 21any more andought to act her age (she could not wait to get home and do her own thing!!).  Two days of tests etc and then was back home with medication. As her next of kin I got the call from the ambulance crew and then was able to keep in touch with the hospital helpline (no visiting allowed due to covid rules remaining in force).  She herself phoned me the day after getting home and we had a long chat - she is amazing but am so thankful that her gardener picked up on her slow speech when he arrived to do some work. Within 30mins she was at the hospital.  She is currently showing no signs of any problems at all  so is back under her GP with a follow up in 6 months if she is well in the meantime.  This was the first problem since her cancer operation 8years ago so she is not sure her GP will recognise her ha ha.

Glad your club attendance is rising as it makes things much nicer for everyone with more people present.

I had a lovely weekend when my daughter and family came down  and we got out for a meal on Saturday evening and then a long walk the following morning.  They left mid afternoon so they could get themselves ready for back to work and school the next day.  The next time I see them will be our get together the week before Christmas so definitely looking forward to that.

This week is a little quieter with just daily walks until Thursday.  Hair cut  early on Thursday , then coffee/chat with a friend I used to work with followed by a Theatre trip (thought this was last week but got the date wrong lol).  Afterwards I am meeting my son at his workplace just down the road and going to childmind for the evening whilst they pop out for a meal with friends.  I will stay the night and come home Friday.  Then a quiet weekend planned but you never know what might turn up.

Stay well and enjoy walking George when the weather allows.   Best regards Jules x




19 Nov 2021 11:44 in response to jules54

Hi Jules , sounds as if you have been busy again lol the weather here is quite mild at the moment which is unusual for this time of year just had George out going in my friends later for coffee have started a exercise class now on a Tuesday which I enjoyso that takes a day up I have got four Xmas parties next month have wrote them all on my calendar so I don't forget or get them mixed up lol .glad your aunt is on the mend it's a worry when someone isn't well there is strokes in my family on my mum's side so I do worry it will happen to me or my sister .not heard anything about the baths opening up again even though the big room is open now for activities they haven't even started doing it up yet so I have a feeling it will be a few years before it opens if ever which is sad really as I do miss my going to marks tomorrow Saturday with my daughter not sure what is happening Sunday as my daughter is out Saturday night seeing a comedian at one of the local halls and my son is in Liverpool celebrating one of his friends 50 birthday s so I have a feeling I might be doing my own this week .I might go to one of my local garden centre s Monday they have some lovely things in for Xmas so might buy a few thinks to wrap up for the kids and my sister who is mad on angel's and has them all over her house might have a coffee and something to eat while I'm there I'm having my hair done on Wednesday cut and blow and a colour on I always have a auburn colour in winter and a lighter one in summer that will do me now till probably February might not go my dementia group this week not sure if my hairdresser will be finished in time have a lovely week enjoy your quite weekend regards Syl x


19 Nov 2021 12:14 in response to Syl

I’m so sorry for your loss it’s 1 year since my husband died feels like yesterday it’s hard what we go through but stay strong lv annie x


23 Nov 2021 18:58 in response to Syl

Hi Syl,

The weather finally turned seasonal here this morning with Jack Frost putting in an appearance.  Thankfully it was accompanied by glorious sunshine so I wrapped up warm and did my 6 miles after the gym.  

Yesterday I yet again mowed the lawn and really hope this will now be the last time for the Winter!  No rain still and still hanging on to a bit of colour in the garden.  My nasturtiums and wallflowers are proving rather hardy but I have finally pruned the last of the roses.

A pretty quiet week this week and am spending the time writing Christmas cards and wrapping the gifts so everything will be ready when the visits start.

My Aunt  had a minor set back as reacted to her booster jab last week but all okay again now and she hopped on the bus to the nearest town to get her hair done at the weekend. She tells me that she is making the most of 'her second childhood' and really enjoying watching her gardening company transform her gardens. It is hard to believe that she is my late Mother's sister.....a case of chalk and cheese but hopefully I have some of her genes!

Had a lovely time at the theatre last week and also a sleepover at my son's so they could go out for a meal with friends.  My son and I dropped the kids to school the next morning and then he brought me home and I spent much of the day gardening and we were both delighted to find a couple of smooth newts amongst the new log pile area.

Hope you enjoyed your visit to M&S with your daughter.  We have their lovely little cafe in the town centre so when I go in on the tube I will often pop in for a coffee.  As I had no pre planned outings last weekend I dropped into two different Christmas markets and picked up a couple of bits but always enjoy browsing even if I dont find anything.

Well time for me to get some dinner and am also preparing a batch of homemade soup ready for the cooler days.  Take care and have a good week.  Best regards. Jules x


25 Nov 2021 18:44 in response to jules54

Hi Jules ,hope you enjoyed the first frost of the season we have had frost this week as well it didn't last long then we had some sunshine it has forecast rain and high winds for the weekend  I am hoping to go into town Friday I want to pick some Xmas cards up as I have run out of the ones I had hopefully the rain will stay away till I get back home .glad you enjoyed your trip to the theatre and your stay over at your son's must have been nice to walk round the Christmas markets they do have some lovely things at these markets like you I am still mowing my lawn think it will be the last cut now till spring the green bins stop at the beginning of December till march .I went to my local garden centre on Monday bought a few things for Xmas presents for the kids and my sister went in the café for a t cake and coffee which was very nice .glad you spotted newts in your log pile I have a little pond in my garden what my son did when he was at school I have 2 fish one must be at least twenty years old this year I have found 2 baby fish I couldn't believe it so pleased I'm sure they will outlive me lol my son will have to have them ,not sure what is happening at the weekend I didn't do a dinner for my self last week end couldn't be bothered so ended up just having egg on toast I have got chops in my freezer so will have one of those if I'm not seeing the kids have a lovely week regards Syl x


30 Nov 2021 18:44 in response to Syl

Hi Syl

A mixed weekend weatherwise but on the whole it stayed dry here (no snow but a couple of heavy frosts which were lovely when out taking photos).  The last frost was enough to finally see the last of my  nasturtiums succomb so when I next get some gardening done I can now cut them down!  My garage renovation work got under way today and with it my hubby's car departed for scrapyard heaven. The lad doing the work arrived at 7.30 and left at 3.30 as the light began to fade. Garage is now almost clear of rubbish with one more pick up booked for tomorrow. The old roof/window and side door disposed of and the new joists and frames completed today.  Weather permitting (not that it seems to bother them!) they are hopeful of being finished for the weekend.. Either way I am out all day Friday so will have to make their own cuppas lol.

I love that you have 'old fish' in your little pond and now babies too, Something of interest to keep an eye on as you wander round.

My daughter and the two boys are coming down on Sunday as have a couple of Christmas fairs they want to visit so I am going along for the ride!  All my gift shopping is finished and cards written so just my decorations to put up before they come - it will cheer them up to see I have made an effort.  I have a small table top tree as I am not entertaining this year so wont bother with the expense of a real one.

My eldest grandson became a teenager yesterday ! makes you feel even older ha ha. He has chosen the Wimpy for lunch on Sunday so I will not be cooking.  for them. I will do my roast on Saturday instead.  No plans as yet next week other than usual gym sessions but hopefully daily walks will continue. Temperatures appear to be all over the place at the moment and every day is a different number of layers.  Hope you are having a good week and take care.  Jules x


3 Dec 2021 18:43 in response to jules54

Hi Jules glad your garage work is underway and nearly finished I have a garage it is full of hubbies tools and other stuff it's a absolute mess it hasn't been cleaned for years ,I keep on about it to the kids all they say is don't worry about it mum so it's up to them to sort it when I'm not here anymore lol . hope you enjoyed your Friday day out I went in to town Friday only went for a few things I managed to go in Costa for my coffee as it wasn't full this week for a change took George out when I got back then had coffee with my friend ,the weather here has been very cold this week we have had a couple of frosty mornings nothing like some people up and down the country have had though those poor people with no electricity for days now .I am at my first Xmas party Tuesday it's my new exercise class so am looking forward to it I have wrote my Xmas cards out now hopefully I haven't missed anybody out I'm sure I have lol ,I'm not that bothered about Christmas I'm always glad when it's over there is only the three of us I'm hoping were going my son's  for Christmas I stayed over last year I'm hoping it's the same this year as well . not sure what is happening Sunday last Sunday I went out with my daughter and her partner we ordered a take away Sunday lunch for my son as he was full of a cold so we dropped it off for him I have a feeling we might be doing our own this week . have a lovely week regards Syl x


8 Dec 2021 07:55 in response to Syl

Hi Syl,

Hope your week has been a good one.The garage work completed apart from the new up and over door (hopefully can replace the old one in the new year.  Otherwise it is now completely renovated, watertight and, more importantly empty.  I now have a very usable large garden shed ha ha.  They jet washed it inside and out and in the Spring I will paint the outside. To be honest wish I had not taken so long to get this part of hubby's life sorted out as many of the tools etc would have been of some use instead of rusty and sent for scrap. Never mind it is now done. Family visited on Sunday for our last full get together before Christmas and were so happy to see it done too.  We had a lovely few hours together as well as lunching at the Wimpy (eldest grandchildren chose where to go) before they went home with all the necessary Christmas gifts.  I will see my daughter and family again on the 18th and then spend Christmas Day with my son and family at his in-laws.

I had a lovely day out at the British Wildlife Centre in Surrey last Friday followed by a pub lunch. 5 changes on public transport each way but well worth the effort and more memories made and photographs taken. Three of the group could not make it but we are all looking for more get togethers in 2022.

This week is pretty routine with three gym sessions, a walk with a friend tomorrow and then on Sunday I am seeing  my friend who I used to work with.  We are going to a talk by a couple of authors (who started the post box toppers craft work) at the local library and then will go for coffee or a light lunch depending how much time she has.  My friend has finally had enough at the workplace and is resigning with effect from end of January(her due retirement  wasJuly 2022 but like me cannot face the extra six months) and so we are already planning outings together as will have more days to choose from.

Hope the new exercise class Christmas party was fun and that you had a good time. Posted all my Christmas cards yesterday as some of them have to go overseas and easier to do them altogether.  I already have a few arriving and they can be added to my decorations to brighten the season up.

Not much getting done in the garden at this time of year and the foxes are visiting less too but the squirrel and birds still give me something to watch.  Hope you are keeping well and do take care. Best regards Jules xx



11 Dec 2021 19:38 in response to jules54

Hi Jules glad your garage is finished must be a weight off your mind and everything on track for Christmas ,I haven't had  a good week really ,the doctor has but me on antidepressants as I'm worrying about everything to make matters worse the tablets made things worse so rang the doctor she wants me to stay on them as it can take a couple of months for them to work . my son rung me Saturday morning to tell me he was in the moldeves on his own he didn't want to tell me because he new I would worry which I did I was crying on the phone asking him why he had gone all that way on his own will worry now till he gets back.have been to my community centre today for a Christmas meal it was really lovely we had bingo a raffle and there was 2 nice singers on as well, but one of my earing aids wasn't working so couldn't hear properly or what people were saying so I felt miserable to be honest Jules I'm fed up with everything at the moment I'm going to ring spec savers tomorrow Sunday to book a appointment  I have a feeling my ears might need syringing and it's not my earing aid that's at fault will have to see what the say I should be going for my Christmas meal on Monday with my friendship group but if I can get in at spec savers Monday I won't go for the meal as getting my hearing back is more important . my dementia group has finished now we should have had our Xmas party Wednesday but the manager didn't think we should  because people that were vulnerable were mixing together for. the party there was quite a lot going so maybe it wouldn't have been safe sorry all I've done this week is moan it's all I seem to do at the moment  hopefully I might feel a bit happier next week have a lovely week regards Syl  x


13 Dec 2021 15:57 in response to Syl

Hi Syl

You definitely did the right thing popping to see  your GP and I am glad you have some medication which hopefully, when it kicks in, will help with your anxieties.  So many people suffering with  mental health issues and the pandemic has not helped.  Hope you son enjoys his break away and possibly you would be worrying whether you had known beforehand or not(this is what Mums do).  Difficult decision for him and, bless him. he probably thought he was doing the best thing at the time. What a shame you could not have gone too but perhaps he also needed time to himself  and hope he has found some sunshine.

Hope you were able to get  your Specsavers appointment and find out the cause of the problem (ears or hearing aid) as it must be very frustrating.  Perhaps you were able to do both the appointment and your Christmas meal as would have been a shame to miss the latter.

I had a varied weekend after some upsetting news via the postman....a parking fine for my recently towed away husband's car.  Looks as though whoever picked it up dumped it in a car park and I have now had two fines(addressed to my late husband).  My workmen arranged the towing in good faith and were so devastated to hear my news.  I have now sent the notices back and explained the situation as unfortunately they cannot claim money from the deceased. Hopefully this will be an end to the matter.  On Saturday I took part in our gym's sponsered walk for a local MacMilan Centre and to date over £600 raised so despite the rain showers spoiling some of the fun of it it was a good outcome.

On Sunday I met a friend and we attended the local Books and Baubles event which included a small craft fair and talks from various local authors.  We went to the talk about the local Arts and Crafts Group who make post box toppers to brighten the streets.  So very interesting and as my friend is very practical (unlike me) she hopes to become and member  in the New Year when she too retires.  We are in the process of planning trips out as she will have more free time and her husband prefers to sit indoors whereas we like to be out and about whilst we are able..

Very grateful that I had my booster a while ago and now my children can get theres too. I think we are just going to continue to be sensible and protect ourselves and those around us.  I am visiting my daughter on Saturday for our Christmas get together and the only other  outings will be usual routine gym sessions and walking when the weather is dry.  Had to be at home today as two different delivery slots for my bird food supplies to come.  Hate not being able to get outside so pottered in the front garden despite the drizzle (I must be crazy but glad to get some weeds done ready for the green collection tomorrow).

Take care of yourself and hope your son finds his mini break helped him moving forward.  Best regards Jules xx


17 Dec 2021 21:02 in response to jules54

Hi Jules ,how awful you had to deal with your hubbies car hope it is sorted now and that will be the end of it .I went to spec savers  my earing aid is ok but unfortunately I'm still deaf I feel so depressed I can hardly hear what people are saying to me if people ring me I can't hear what there saying,I am having my left ear syringed on Monday so I am praying it will be ok when it's done.i went for my Xmas meal with my friendship group to a local pub to be honest Jules it was very bland not much taste to it most of us left something on the plate we want be going there again .glad you enjoyed your sponsored walk and made some money for such a good cause.ive never heard of books and baubles sound very nice sounds good that you're planning trips out with your friends it's something too look forward to when the weather gets a bit warmer , I should have been at my dementia group Christmas party Wednesday but it was cancelled as they thought it's was to risky having a lot of vunerably people all mixing together so it's finished now till January,not been in my garden for a couple of weeks it's been to wet to do much still feed the birds every morning and check the fish are ok.i haven't even been to town today I haven't got the heart with my earing being bad I am going to marks tomorrow with my daughter so I can pick some things up from there my son is home Sunday I've worried every day about him Im sure these antidepressants are making me feel worse I've been on them over 2 weeks now  and I don't feel any better.will have to see what happens in the coming week otherwise will have to ring the doctor again have a lovely week regards Syl x


21 Dec 2021 15:37 in response to Syl

Hi Syl

Car issues all seem to be sorted now we've made contact with the company who towed  it out of the garage who promised to sort the fines out and was apologetic!

Really sorry to read about your continuing deafness issues and must be really annoying and frustrating. I do hope at least having one syringed yesterday will have helped.

Books and Baubles was just the name of the 'day at the local Great Barn/Duckpond market'. They had arranged several talks by local authors (hence the Books) and the Christmas market from our regular twice monthly stallholders . As usual it was well attended and as a large part of it is outside plus the wearing of masks it was quite enjoyable.

Although my grass is a bit muddy we have not had too much rain recently and so I pop my boots on and have been out there for an hour or so most days.  Keeping the bird feeding stations cleaned and refilled too plus renewing the water baths/dishes every day. Not complaining as I do love watching them in the garden.  I still have wallflowers in bloom - daft for this time of year but then it has been mild.  I have planted up two new shrubs and been doing a bit of ground preparation ready for next Spring.    Thankfully the gym is still going strong so last session on the 24th and then back on the 30th providing the guidelines dont change.

Hope your visit to M&S with your daughter was enjoyable.  I met a friend in town yesterday and M&S cafe was a stop off after a little shop in the food department!  I hope your son is  now safely back and enjoyed his break and it will give you something less to worry about..  Also hope that the benefits of the medication soon kick on but there will be alternative to try if you feel you need something different. Let's hope that next year will bring a bit more freedom once Omicron settles down.

Doing my last pre-Christmas food shop tomorrow and will go to the Crem on Christmas Eve. Christmas Day I should be spending with my son and family at his in-laws provided all our LF tests are negative.  Hope you enjoy your Christmas however you plan to spend it and wish you a peaceful New Year too.  Look after yourself and take care.  Jules xx


24 Dec 2021 16:05 in response to jules54

Hi Jules ,my hearing is a lot better now I don't know what I would have done if it hadn't cleared I've booked to have my other one done in January .my son enjoyed his holiday I'm glad he's back though as I did worry I'm not sure these antidepressants are working I've been on them a month now will see how I feel in the new year.glad your all sorted now for Xmas I'm going to my son's Christmas day and staying over till boxing Day I will go the cream early on Christmas Day  then straight to my son's I'm hoping to pick my daughter and her partner up so we all get there hopeing my friendship group opens up some time in January he is going to let us know  the date nearer the time  anyway will e mail you next week have a lovely Christmas with your loved ones stay safe and have a peaceful new, year regards Syl x



24 Dec 2021 16:56 in response to Syl

Hi Syl

Delighted that your hearing is so much improved and that you will get the other ear sorted next year. Have a wonderful Christmas with your children. LF tests permitting in the morning I will spend the day with my son and family.  They also visited for a couple of hours yesterday which was great.  My son in law and grandson are now out of isolation so my daughter and family will at least be able to enjoy their at home festivities and all being well we will catch up with them soon too. I went to the Garden of Remembrance this morning followed by a peaceful 3hr walk before coming home and cooking a festive meal for myself this evening.  Sending you very best wishes for Christmas and 2022.  Jules xx