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10 Jun 2021 22:42 in response to jules54

Hi Jules,glad your enjoying the lovely weather at the moment it's nice everywhere  looking at the weather map when the news is on ,my son is going away for a few days on Sunday he's going to Northumberland on his own,as his mate didn't fancy going because of the pandemic even though he has had his second jab I'm sure it will do him good as he has been working  hard just lately as well as doing his sister's kitchen at night its nearly finished now thank god , trouble is he has hardly touched his garden so he has got all that to finish . hope you enjoy you time at the lido by the way what's that lol,the wetland centre sounds really nice hope you enjoy it ,hope the news is good about your sister in law it's worrying waiting for news ,I didn't go my dementia group Wednesday as a few of the  group dropped out so wasn't needed ,went my friend s for coffee instead. don't think I will nip into town this week as I don't need anything really but will take George out and go over my neighbor's as normal,we have got a few new cases of the Indian variant here at the moment so am being a bit more careful it's quite bad in the north west and my brother in law says it's quite bad in Wokingham as well hope we don't go into another lock down again at least it's a nice weekend  even though I'm not doing anything up to now have a lovely week regards Syl x


16 Jun 2021 14:46 in response to Syl

Hi Syl,

Your son chose a lovely time to take a break so hope he has enjoyed his holiday.

The local lido is, I suppose, a large lake.  If you look up Ruislip Lido online you can see one of my favourite places for walking, both by the water and through the surrounding woods.  I once had an outing here as a child (some 60 odd years ago!!) and now I live about 45mins walk away. No swimming allowed these days but I can remember it being used for water ski-ing etc back in the day.  It has a beach area and fishing decks and lots of birds.  There is a cafe on one side and a pub on the other so very handy for refreshment stop.

It seems most areas are get their fair share of the new varient and was surge testing close by here a month ago.  Hoping that by the next date in July most restrictions will be lifted and we will have to learn to 'live with it'.  The vaccination programme has been amazing and if we need boosters each year it will just be like getting the flu jab I expect.  Just feel so sorry for all those badly affected by it either through illness or their livelihood.

I had a lovely day out last week to the London Wetland Centre and then a few shorter walks. Caught up with two  ex- workmates over coffee on Monday and have managed to do plenty of gardening this week.  As they are  now forecasting thunderstorms and torrential rain  did another mowing and tied a few bits up.

I decided to do my essential food shop early this morning (at Sainsburys by 7.30 am) but unfortunately when I got home I could not get my key to work!! Had to call out a locksmith and thankfully all sorted by 8.30 (just as well I did not have any frozen food!!). The cylinder part of the lock had siezed so he fitted a new one and all I have to do now is get spare keys cut for my children.  Not the start of the day I had planned but at least the front of the house is in the shade.

27degs at the moment so staying inside in the cool and watching the tennis at Queens' Club.  Hope you are having a good week and enjoy the coming weekend whatever you manage to do.  Take good care.  Jules x