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Re: Sylvia

17 Feb 2018 08:31 in response to Syl

Hi Syl

It must be very frustrating still having to cope with your ear problem.  As my Mum had tinnitus for many years I have some understanding of it'slong term effects.  Unfortunately no cure for it but they only ever offered 'masking noise' as a solution.  Like you she just used to say 'will have to learn to live with it' and there was always background noise (usually the radio) whever she was  (she used ear phones a lot to listen to music too).  Nowadays she does not mention it but then she rarely talks and in old age became a little deaf too.

Yes, it was lovely catching up with my daughter and family and we enjoyed a nice pub meal out too.  I will see them again in mid March as they have invited me to visit for Mothers' Day.  My son and family are also going so will give me a lift so looking forward to having a date in the diary.  Today is full of the lovely memories ofmy son and daughter in law's wedding (their 1st anniversary today though they have  been together  9 years!!).

Lovely sunny weather this morning so am trying to decide where to go later. A nearby town centre is having Chinese New Year displays this afternoon so may go take a wander.  As I am having some work done in the house over the coming weeks I need to find things to keep me occupied  and then I can escape from the noise ha ha.  Will be relieved when it is finished (as no doubt will my neighbours!!).

Enjoy the celebratory Chinese Meal with your sister on Monday. Take care. Jules  x

Re: Sylvia

22 Feb 2018 11:58 in response to jules54

Hi Jules, glad you enjoyed time with the family ,and spending  mothers day with them as well, I am going out with my son his partner and children mothers day as my daughter is in Law Vegas will  have to give her her birthday card so she can open it on her 40th which happens to be mothers day as well.I am at spec savers Monday with my ear she wants to know how my ear is no better I'm afraid think she is going to let my doctor know so will see what happens next,also at the doctors Tuesday  to have a check up COPD.which isn't to bad at the moment touch wood , I enjoyed my meal with my sister niece and her daughter I can't believe she is 16  in May time flies dosnt it ?. The weather hasn't been to bad this week supposed to be going very cold again next week have took George out every day  up to now which is good  for we both get a bit of exercise lol. I am going to the cream tomorrow to put some flowers in a vase as hubby been dead 2 yrs  I also but a verse in the remembrance book  so will have a look at that as well,I'm sure it will be a sad day remembering what might have been,having got any plans for the weekend it's supposed to be dry hopefully might do something with my daughter have a nice  weekend regards Syl x

Re: Sylvia

25 Feb 2018 15:06 in response to Syl

Hi Syl

Hope  you  have had a pleasant weekend though no doubt some mixed emotions whilst visiting the crem. Sometimes the time passes in a blur and at others can seem just like yesterday.  Thankfully I feel we both have some wonderful memories to hang on to.

 Beautiful weather here so have been out walking this morning and even found a sheltered spot to enjoy the sunshine for a while.  Warmed up with the coffee overlooking this scenery so no complaints

Hope your appointments this week bring some positive news for you and that the proposed wintery weather does not hang about too long.  I am sure both you and George would miss your walks.  If the snow does reach here I will have to dig our the wellington boots to visit my Mum on Tuesday!!

Stay cosy and take care.  Jules

Re: Sylvia

1 Mar 2018 15:48 in response to jules54

Hi Jules,what a lovely place to sit and have a coffee I have been to the cream again today as it's my mum's birthday  should have gone with my sister ,but she wouldn't go as it was too cold,so called at hers on the way back for a coffee.haven't had George out this week as the weather is so cold the wind goes right  threw you,have been to my swimming aerobics this morning the water was nice and warm ,but it's freezing when you get out ,my son is in London for three days even the capitol has had  quite a lot of snow. I'm feeding the birds more often as well as it's so cold. at least we're not as bad as some places in the UK.don't know what I'm doing at the weekend nothing planned at the moment,hope it warms up a bit stay warm  regards Syl x

Re: Sylvia

4 Mar 2018 09:07 in response to Syl

Hi Syl,

Yes, last week was definitely chilly and the wind biting.  Had about two inches of snow here but it thawed late afternoon yesterday.  No water upstairs for 36hrs when the temperatures plummeted but still had running water in the kitchen so no  real hassle.  Tubes ran so got to work okay but no long walks undertaken...  really miss them as dislike being indoors all day.  In the end the only day I did not go out was Friday as very icy and did not want to take unnecessary risks.  My neighbour even popped in to see if I was okay bless her. She offered use of their bathroom facilities if needs be but it was manageable for the short time.

Was back up the gym yesterday and did a top up shop before getting back in the warm and preparing some meals for the coming week. It is definitely warmer today and will be off out shortly and wont need so many layers!! 

Like you have been upping the amount of bird feed (they had been emptying the feeders very quickly) and constantly de-icing the bird bath so they have fresh water....needed a hammer to break the slab of ice free ha ha (the piles of ice are now thawing. I do not usually ground feed but made an exception and  made a dish of rice,grated nuts, cheese topped with suet nibbles and dried mealworms.Not much left now and I will clear away leftovers this morning. The squirrel ran off with the fat ball that I included but missed the photo opportunity.  Blackbirds were very happy!!

Stay safe and cosy and hopefully Spring will be on it's way soon. Jules


Re: Sylvia

8 Mar 2018 11:14 in response to jules54

What a lovely photo  of the black bird I have a few that come into my garden,  there is one at the moment that is  going round all the cars sitting on the wing mirror and pecking at it  ,everyone has had to cover  there mirrors up,I have never none that before,  when I looked it up the black bird  sees its self as a rival.  Havnt been out much this week the weather has warmed up a bit managed to take george out this week but when I opened the sustainable morning it was snowing, we can't seem to win at the moment with the weather ,  at least we don't get  it as bad as some .my daughter down later dropping the bunny off ready for her holiday  tomorrow she is quite exited as she loves her holidays,don't know wether they will do anything special on Sunday for her 40th. hope she remembers my mothers day card as it's the same day,I am going out with my son and his partner and the kids he has booked a country pub for our meal so it should be nice,hope you have a nice mothers day  I will go to the. crem  with flowers for my mum and will put  flowers in a vase for my mother in law as well like me and hubby used to do before my son picks me up for lunch have a nice weekend regards syl x

Re: Sylvia

11 Mar 2018 21:43 in response to Syl

Hi Syl

Hope you have had a good Mother's Day and that your daughter got off on her holiday okay. 

Weather here has been showery the last couple of days but much warmer and I have not even needed the fire on so much Spring must by round the corner at last.  Managed an hours gardening yesterday morning and it is lovely to be able to get outside especially whilst work continues on the bathroom.  All being well the tiler will be able to begin on Tuesday.

Spent a nice few hours with chidren/grandchildren today and have some lovely plants to enjoy both indoors and out and lovely handmade cards too. We also made plans to get together on Easter Monday for a pub meal out (hubby's birthday too) and weather permitting can go for a country walk afterwards.

Hope this week goes well for you. Take care.  Jules x


Re: Sylvia

14 Mar 2018 10:48 in response to jules54

Hi Jules ,hope you enjoyed mothers day with your family,I just went out with my son , has  his partners son wasn't well so there was just the to of us which was nice ,then he came back to mine for a daughter got off ok ,have heard off her  a few times they had a helicopter ride over law Vegas which was fabulous , they have been going g round in shorts as the weather is nice and warm, hope your tiling is going well  and yours jobs are nearly finished , Easter is nearly here again things soon come round ,hope the weather improves  it's my niece's birthday  on the 26 March  it's her 40 th birthday as well  when you have your meal with the family on hubbies birthday it will be good to celebrate the good times you had together, I am going to take George out in a bit ,then going my friends for coffee ,the weather forecast for the weekend isn't good here  supposed to be going cold again with frost maybe even snow .have a nice weekend will hopefully see my daughter on Saturday no doubt she will be glad to see the bunny more than me lol regards Sylvia x

Re: Sylvia

18 Mar 2018 09:53 in response to Syl

Hi Syl

Yes. a lovely few hours spent with the family on Mother's Day and bought home a lovely azalea and a planter for the garden ready to set up to attract butterflies.  When the weather behaves itself will once more spend pleasurable hours in the garden.

Work on the bathroom continues and all the tiling is now done so this week the guys will be back to get new suite in.The tiler is due back this morning just to check flooring and clear away all his gear. Turns out both he and my plumber went to school with my daughter; what a small world!

A bit chilly here today and a light layer of snow so have been out and sorted the bird feeders and having bought a new ground feeder tray on Friday the robin and blackbird have been visiting the back doorstep regularly.  Once the tiler has called I will go for a walk and probably visit the Farmers'  and Artisan  Market which is just half hours walk away.

Hope your daughter enjoyed the rest of her holiday and that she is now happily reunited with her bunny and your pet sitting duties are done.

My daughter and the boys are popping down on 26 March for lunch (they break up earlier than round here) and then going to the eldest grandson's old school to say hi to his old mates/teachers.  He has just received a glowing report from his new school at parents' evening and so very proud of how he has adjusted in the last 10 months since they moved

My son and family are spending a long weekend in Wales with friends and the photos looked lovely yesterday (they were on the beach paddling in their wellingtons ha ha.  I have a feeling the scenery may be looking a little different today and may see photos on facebook later.

Stay safe and warm in you have the snow where you are.  Jules xx