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Re: Sylvia

7 Nov 2017 17:05 in response to Syl

Hi Syl

Had a decent weekend thanks, helped by the fact that was spending time with daughter and family.  Went up Friday and came back Sunday pm.Usual gym visits Monday and Today and visit to Mum though she was sleeping for most of my time there.  At least this keeps her free from pain and distress.

Glad to read that your tablets appear to be helping and hope you get on okay at your next appointment.  Fingers crossed your appetite returns and hope you were still able to go out even if you ate less.  Sometimes the company helps I am sure.  I bet George enjoyed his walk too.  We have several professional dog walkers around here that take the pets out whilst their owners are at work but it is lovely if you can help friends out as you do.

Take good care of yourself.  Jules xx

Re: Sylvia

9 Nov 2017 14:54 in response to jules54

Hi Jules, feel a bit better this week the tablets must be working  have got to ring the doctors this week to see how I am doing on them,went out with my daughter Sunday we had a nice roast dinner which I enjoyed  I managed to eat it all so I think my appetite is coming daughter is in Amsterdam at the weekend do you remember when she went trekking in America she is meeting up with  some of the people she met  there she is looking forward to seeing them again ,they are going to  see some of the site's  while they are there ,she isn't back till Monday tea time.  I haven't got any plans for the weekend unless my son or sister invite me out  for Sunday lunch if not I will be on my own over the weekend which  I am not looking forward too at least I can take George out if the weather is ok  regards Syl x

Re: Sylvia

13 Nov 2017 16:33 in response to Syl

Hi Syl

Nice to hear that you feel the tablets are helping and also that you enjoyed the Sunday roast with your daughter.  Hope she enjoyed her weekend in Amsterdam with her 'trekking friends'.  It is about 15 years since me and hubby went there with a group of friends and had a lovely time.  I am back there next April for a long weekend trip having booked to go on a coach tour which will include spending a day at the bulbfields as well as visiting cheese-making factory.  Something to look forward to after the festive season is over.

I had a reasonably quiet weeked just gone as trying to fight off a 'nuisance' cold but still went for a walk in the fresh air as was a lovely day on Saturday. Sunday was spent pottering after I had been to the gym.

Today I met a friend for a quick coffee and catch up before browsing the town centre shops and finding a top the work's Christmas meal in early December.  We are hoping to go out again in a couple of weeks as her husband will be visiting his Mum in Wales and she has to work so cannot go with him.  We are planning a curry night all being well.

Take care of yourself and hope you and the doc are happy with your progress.  Jules xx

Re: Sylvia

16 Nov 2017 13:48 in response to jules54

Hi Jules,  my daughter had a. Lovely weekend catching up with some of her friends from her trekking holiday I'm afraid I had a bit of a melt down at the weekend , my son came to see me on theSunday I felt ill again with my stomach and I felt a bit panicky,but he managed to get me out for a nice walk to a place called spike island you can see the new Runcorn Widnes bridge from there,then he took me for a meal in one of our local pubs, I only had a beef burger but it was nice . Since then I have been back to the doctors she has doubled my tablets but I told  her I don't won't to be on them long term I haven't doubled them yet as I am out Saturday with my daughter to a engagement party and I won't to have a couple of wines to toast the happy couple.glad you have booked Amsterdam it's a lovely place to visit me and hubby went  a good few years ago my son lived there for a couple of years with his job, I have also got a few Xmas meals to go to over the christmas period so will be looking forward to those I think I will be seeing my daughter over the weekend .speak to you soon regards Syl x

Re: Sylvia

19 Nov 2017 16:30 in response to Syl

Hi Syl

So pleased that your son was able to get you out for a lovely walk and that you enjoyed your burger lunch though sorry that you had a meltdown.  This must be a difficult time for you and hopefully a temporary increase in the medication when you choose to take it will help with your anxiety.   It is okay when you can keep busy but perhaps when you are on your own you are upsetting yourself.  This time of year brings lots of emotion with it I think.

I saw my son and family for a couple of hours yesterday afternoon and had managed to do some gardening in the morning before the rain set it.  Such a shame about the weather as it was our local high street's lighting up for Christmas and Fun Day.  Hope they did okay as a lot of effort goes into it by all the local shops.

Today I went to the gym as usual and always time for a chat over a cuppa before leaving which is lovely.Did not feel like going straight home as it was so sunny so I set off on a walk through our local woods and felt all the better for it.  I stopped for hot soup at a cafe en route and then after 3miles decided to get the bus home.  Now a quiet evening to look forward to.

No particular plans for this week other than gym sessions and visiting vigil to my Mum but I expect I will be glad to relax as my work days are definitely getting busier with the festive season approaching.

Hope you enjoyed the engagement party and were able to toast the happy couple.

Look after yourself.  Jules xx 

Re: Sylvia

23 Nov 2017 14:47 in response to jules54

Hi Jules, glad you managed to see your son and family for a few hours and even do a bit of gardening the weather here has been awful  lots of rain ,haven't had George out much this week.the engagement party went well it was nice to toast the happy couple, my daughter stayed over at mine , on the Sunday my son joined us for lunch at a nice pub called the Swan.have been  out a few times this week it was my friendship group Monday we had a talk about our local area which was quite interesting,then on the Wednesday I went to Bury market it is a famous market in the north went on a coach with my friend who is off work on a week's holiday ,it's quite big we had a good walk round but the only think I bought was some black pudding for my son I have never had it ,I don't even like the look of it never mind trying it .been out today  on the local bus with my friend we went over the new Runcorn Widnes bridge you have probably seen it on the news it has only just. been built there has been a lot of  trouble over it being tolled but it's a lovely bridge if you can call a bridge  Lovely, have felt ok this week hope it continues think I am at my daughter's Sunday  for dinner ,have a nice weekend  regards Syl x

Re: Sylvia

27 Nov 2017 08:58 in response to Syl

Hi Syl

Sounds as though you had a lovely week and having good company is often all it takes to lift the spirits a bit. Keeping busy indoors is not always as easy and it's when you are  on your own that we can dwell on things. On the whole I have got a pretty steady by moveable routine and still doing a bit of part time work helps my week have a bit of structure (as much as it would be nice not to have to do it!!). My weekend was totally different to what I had in mind (was planning lots of walking as usual).  Something I ordered and needed to be at home for  was scheduled for Saturday so thought it best I stay in.  Annoying because it was a beautifully sunny and crisp day. I potteredin the garden and refilled all the bird feeders yet again and definitely knew it was chilly (had to break ice on bird bath!!) when the parakeets actually came to feed as they usually just fly overhead.  In the end the parcel did not come until late afternoon so the day was pretty much written off.

On the Friday evening I went to a local Christmas shopping event in aid of charity which had been organised by one of the instructors at the gym.  It was held in the local church hall and just a 15mins walk so got there about 7.30 and stayed an hour. Picked up a couple of bits to add to decorating the lounge next month.  Thankfully my actual gift buying is all done and ready for the festivities as wont feel like shopping once the shops are busy.

Went to the gym yesterday at 9am and came out to find a text from a gym friend wondering if I fancied a trip into Windsor so instead of walking on my own she picked me up and we spent a lovely three hours enjoying a catch up and lunch.  I love a spur of the moment change of plans.

Have got up this morning to heavy rain so am catching up on my mail and then will pop to domy supermarket shop.  Not exactly exciting but need some fresh food as did not shop over the weekend. Tomorrow I will pay my usual visit to see Mum.  So sad to see her fading and nothing to be done,  Always a difficult time as somewhat of a reminder of watching hubby though at 91 she has lived a long troubled life with her bi polar illness.She no longer talks but I usually bring her up to date with family news  if she is awake or just sit beside her with a book. Afterwards I am meeting a friend for lunch and will probably then go to the gym as find this a great de-stresser.

Hope you have another pleasant week and hopefully some better weather so you can take George for a walk or two.  Take care and here is a picture of that visiting parakeet. Jules xx


Re: Sylvia

29 Nov 2017 15:26 in response to jules54

Hi Jules, what a lovely picture of the parakeet it must be nice to see them flying free  I have only seen them in friend back in work now ,so havnt been out as much this week,it sounds as if you have been busy this week it must  be  good to be  out and about with friends even if things change at the last minute,I have been to Windsor a long time a go it's a lovely place my mum and dad in law used to live in Maidenhead ,also twyford  so we were  there quite a lot visiting them.I too have bought most of my Xmas gifts for my  family, I have just bought them a few things to open on the day , but I will put money in there cards so they can  buy what they won't  . Sorry your mum isn't to good at the moment it's hard to watch  someone we love suffer I know a few people who suffer with bipolar and they have a hard time if they don't get the medicine right.the weather cold here at the moment but dry ,so have been out with George a few times this week which is nice,I'm at swimming aerobics tomorrow then at dinner time a few of us are going to a local pub for a meal  so am looking  forward  to it. enjoy your weekend regards Syl x

Re: Sylvia

3 Dec 2017 14:00 in response to Syl

Hi Syl

Hope you are having a pleasant weekend.  For once I have been pretty quiet socially and it seems a little strange.  Did haveour work Christmas meal on Friday which was held at a Beefeater and was very good indeed both in the service (there were 15 of us) and food quality. Always nice to be able to chat socially and leave work out of it too.  One of my colleagues also gave a couple of us a lift there and back which was a bonus.

Stayed in all day yesterday as been having issues with leg/hip and decided to take it easy plus I did not really need to go out to the shops.  However by early evening I wished I had been out!! This morning I headed to the gym and then managed to walk the couple of miles to the garden centre to pick up some bird supplies to last through to the New Year.  Stopped for a cuppa and toasted tea cake before hopping on the bus for the return journey.  Damp and miserable start here today but hope it clears later as we are due a 'super moon' tonight and would love to try to capture a shot or two.

The parakeets have been 'wild' in London and suburbs for a good few years now  (many call them pests) and have seen many tourists feeding them in the royal parks.  Not that common in my garden but think the colder weather sent them in for easy pickings ha ha.  Milder again today but the sparrows and goldfinches seem to be eating well so maybe they know more chilly weather en route.

Have a good week and take care.  Jules xx

Re: Sylvia

7 Dec 2017 13:45 in response to jules54

Hi Jules I to haven't  done much this week just my normal exercise class and my swimming aerobics it was my last aerobics class now till  January, my friendship group are having a meal in our local pub on Monday it's called a pensioners  party we have a raffle and a game of bingo as well as a artist it's really good we have a 3 course meal all for 10 pound.  I went for a c t scan wednesday on my stomach it has been ok since I went on the tablets for anxiety so I think it was that, have got to ring my doctor in about 10 days for the results.haven't got anything planned for the weekend my son and his partner are  going to Paris  for the weekend he has arranged a romantic trip on the Rhine  with champagne and a meal the kids are staying with grandparents so it just them too.I think the weather is supposed to be bad at the weekend they have forecast snow  here I could do with some boots  for the snowy weather might treat my self to some at the weekend  stay warm regards Syl x

Re: Sylvia

11 Dec 2017 12:02 in response to Syl

Hi Syl

Hope  you managed to get some boots if, like me, you had snow fall. Were you still able to get out for your planned pensioners party? Hope your son's romantic weekend away was not badly affected as I know some airports had delays/cancellations but I am sure they enjoyed being childfree for some special time together.

I woke up to it yesterday morning and it kept going for a while. I also woke up to problems with the flush on the toilet so thought it was an omen of a difficult day!!  My daughter and family had to cancel their planned popping down to see friends and me pre-Christmas but was lovely to see the boys having such fun in their own garden (via WhatsApp and Facebook).  When my son phoned I told him about the toilet and that I would call the plumber in (today) but he said he would pop over and have a look for me.  An hour later he arrived with toolbox bless him.  He stayed around an hour for a coffee and chat and fixed the fault in all of ten minutes (and showed me how to do it next time).  It was good to have the company for a bit as I did not venture any further than the garden to keep the birds fed and watered.

Today most of our snow has been washed away with sleety rain in its place and a bit chilly. I got my wellingtons on and went to the gym and shops as did not want to be stuck indoors two days running.

Glad the tablets for your anxiety are helping and fingers crossed that the results from the scan will give no cause for concern especially as the symptoms seem to have cleared up. 

Stay safe and cosy.  Jules x

Re: Sylvia

13 Dec 2017 15:21 in response to jules54

Hi Jules , I did manage to get some boots they are full of fur not real fur I hasten to had they keep my feet nice and warm  ,also the pensioners party  was very nice didn't win on the bingo, glad your son fixed your toilet  and it wasn't a big job.the weather was quite bad in places,it wasn't to bad here but it was very cold ,I was watching the news  with  everybody enjoying  the snow especially the kids building snow men and sliding down the  slopes   it's all vanished now as the rain has started now.I haven't had my results back from the doctors yet will ring them towards the end of the week. all my activities have stopped now till early January so am at a bit of a loose end till then ,might be going out for dinner Sunday with the kids my son enjoyed Paris they were delayed going  because of the weather at Manchester but it wasn't a long delay it didn't put them off enjoying the weekend . Have a nice  weekend's regards syl x



Re: Sylvia

17 Dec 2017 17:33 in response to Syl

Hi Syl

Your boots sound just the job for the winter weather.  No snow left here now and has been raining much of today.  Had a good weekend with my friends and won 3rd prize in the raffle at the Golf Club meet and greet today (did not know I was going until this morning when they mentioned it). We bought tickets on arrival and the draw was made.  Lovely Christmas hamper so will be able to share this with family.  It was fun trying to get everything into my small suitcase and backback ready for the train trip home but managed just fine.

Fingers crossed it will be good news when you hear back from the GP about your results and you can enjoy the Christmas period without things playing on your mind too much.  I have to fit in a visit to Mum, my two work shifts and will spend a little time at hubby's resting place before going up to be with the family.  Such mixed emotions.

Take care.  Jules x 

Re: Sylvia

22 Dec 2017 10:05 in response to jules54

Hi Jules didn't won't to reply too you till I had been to see my GP  everything ok  just a bit of scaring on my kidneys which could have happened over the years  with bladder infections,it was a relief but now I can have a nice Xmas with my family,glad you won the hamper all them goodies to share with you family, I know how you feel about mixed emotions it's my hubbies  birthday 2 days after Xmas I will buy a nice bunch of flowers put them in a vase with his photo ,I also go to the crem Xmas day to put flowers on my parents plot as well as putting flowers in a vase for hubbies parents,I am staying at my daughters Xmas eve  Will come back  Xmas day early to let the cat in then  spend the day with her and  her partner ,then out boxing day with  all the family to a country pub for a meal . Have a lovely Xmas with your family  speak to you soon regards syl  x

Re: Sylvia

22 Dec 2017 11:07 in response to Syl

Hi Syl,

Delighted to read that your results were fine and that you can now enjoy Christmas with your daughter and other members of the family on Boxing Day, letting the country pub take the strain mealwise.  I am just waiting for my son in law to pick me up and will be back Boxing night as have work the next day.

Visited Mum and left her gift with the staff ready for Christmas Day 'Santa' rounds and also left flowers at hubby's place of rest. Will go again on anniversary of his passing on 3rd January.

Now looking forward to enjoying the festive break with family and friends.  The family has always loved this time of year and my hubby did too.  So grateful we have good times to remember and now plan on making new memories  to continue the journey just as he would have wished for us all.

Take care Syl and wish you and your family a happy and healthy Christmas and 2018.  Jules xx