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Swollen lymph nodes in neck

15 Dec 2021 18:41 in response to RoseDreams

Thank you Rose, I've just spoken to my family and had a bit of dinner so I feel a little bit more settled :-) 
Oh my gosh, well done for yesterday! It's done now, worst of it is over. Now you can get answers and a plan. Glad you are staying positive, there is every chance it is benign. Keep your chin up and enjoy Christmas, at least you and I have got Covid out of the way! Xxxx


Swollen lymph nodes in neck

16 Dec 2021 23:59 in response to Danzieeeee

That's fantastic Danielle! I'm so pleased for you. I'm sorry you still feel anxious, but hopefully that will ease in time. I felt exactly the same at first. I spent so long worrying and preparing myself for bad news, that when the doctor said they were reactive lymph nodes, I was so happy-but it also takes a while to take it in and switch your way of thinking. 

I find myself not thinking about it for days now, then my neck will hurt slightly/twinge, so naturally I have a feel and notice that there's still lots there, which restarts my worry all over again! My eldest daughter was very poorly when she was little and she had lots of swollen lymph nodes in her neck. She is now 11 and they're still there, so I know first hand that it can be normal. 

I hope your stomach issues are better now too.

Hopefully you can have a lovely, worry-free Christmas now. Xxx 

Swollen lymph nodes in neck

17 Dec 2021 00:20 in response to RoseDreams

Hi Rose, 

Aww I'm so sorry you had to go through that. Well done for getting through it-another hurdle crossed. I hope you're managing to have a very well deserved rest now to recover. 

I'm so glad you're remaining so positive. It really is the best way to be! Just look at me, absolutely worrying myself sick and convincing myself its the worst possible outcome...I think its a defence mechanism in a way! If I prepare for the worst, then nothing can catch me off guard. But really, I end up worrying myself and being miserable for days/weeks, when there is no need! You just end up hurting yourself with that attitude. Whereas your attitude is amazing Rose, and I think we all need to take a leaf out of your book! 

I am hoping, praying and keeping everything crossed that you get some amazing news any day now. Keep smiling and stay strong xxx 

Swollen lymph nodes in neck

22 Dec 2021 18:49 in response to Sallx

Good evening both - how are you doing?

I was due to get my results this morning via telephone consultation with my consultant. Long story short - the results are not ready and there's apparently no sign of them being available imminently Cry

I had my whole heart set on getting the all clear today, just in time for Christmas but, unfortunately, I still have some waiting to do. I'm absolutely gutted. I am sorry for moaning and I do understand there's bigger things going on in the world right now. I just wanted so badly to be able to have Christmas without this hanging over me.

Still, tomorrow will be better and I'm sure I'll be feeling less sorry for myself in the morning!!

Sending you both light and strength and again, sorry for moaning! Xxx

Swollen lymph nodes in neck

22 Dec 2021 19:22 in response to RoseDreams

Hi Rose, 

Aww I'm so sorry to hear that! It's ridiculous how long you've had to wait. It must be absolutely awful for you, especially after being told the results should be today and getting let down. 

Please don't apologise - thats what we're here for if you ever need a chat or someone to talk to. I hope they manage to get the results quicker than currently expected. But if not, then I really hope you manage to have a nice Christmas. Its easy to say try not to think about it, but I know that's pretty much impossible. So try to stay strong and positive as you have been throughout, and hopefully you'll have some amazing news to take into the new year with you. Xxx

Swollen lymph nodes in neck

22 Dec 2021 20:47 in response to RoseDreams

Oh Rose, how maddening.. I can not believe it is taking so long for you to get your results, this is where we are seeing the effects of COVID and the backlog of work that is stacking up. How frustrating that you won't know before Christmas, I'm so sorry. However, this changes nothing really- you still have a plan regardless of the outcome, and you can continue to feel just as sure everything is well. 

Sometimes I allow myself 30 mins to worry, wallow and generally feel ******, then I say to myself- I'm doing other stuff now. I'll come back to this tomorrow when I can have another 30 mins of being anxious. I think it's helpful to compartmentalise things if you can. 

It sounds like you won't know much more til New Year now. Make sure you keep yourself busy in the week inbetween so you don't find yourself ruminating. I'm sure you will have plenty to do. Hope you manage to enjoy your Christmas best as possible, and you Sallx.. have a great one. Will be thinking of you Rose. Here to chat anytime btw!! Xxx

Swollen lymph nodes in neck

23 Dec 2021 12:55 in response to Danzieeeee

Thanks Danielle, 

Hope you have a great Christmas too. 

I've had the letter about my chest xray today and it's a walk in clinic so I can go when it suits me. Honestly I'm feeling too scared to go at the minute. This morning I noticed the lumps in my collarbone again, which I thought had gone. So it's started my anxiety all over again. I'll try to go between Xmas and New year but I'm so worried. 

It's nothing compared to what you're going through Rose. And I really do admire how strong you're being. 

I hope you both have a wonderful Christmas xxx 

Swollen lymph nodes in neck

30 Dec 2021 16:39 in response to RoseDreams

Hi Rose, 

How are you doing? Have you had any news on your results yet? I really hope you have had some good news by now. Did you manage to have a nice Christmas? 

I hope you are doing well Danielle and hope you've had a lovely Christmas too.

I have unfortunately let worry get the better of me over Christmas. When this first started I had the lymph nodes in my neck and I did feel a little something near my collar bone just before the ultrasound, but barely noticeable and I had to search for it. But just before christmas I noticed quite a few lumps in my collar bone (supraclavicular lymph nodes) both sides. They are quite big, they do move around and feels the same both sides. You can't miss them. I know we shouldn't google, but I have and apparently having swollen lymph nodes there is always concerning and more often than not something serious. I am trying to stay positive though, but it really does have me worried. 

I have made myself go for the chest xray today, as it was a walk in appointment and they've been closed a lot over Xmas. I was too scared to go, as I'm convinced they'll find something, but I made myself get it out of the way. It was over very quickly, literally in there for about a minute. So now I have to wait for those results. 

Sorry for the moaning, just feel like I'm back to square one again. Xxx

Swollen lymph nodes in neck

30 Dec 2021 18:24 in response to Sallx

Merry Christmas Sally and Danielle - hope you've been enjoying Christmas?

Oh Sally, I'm sorry to hear that you're feeling anxious again Cry I'm really pleased that you went for your x-ray- that's excellent. From memory the results from an x-ray don't take very long to read? You may be able to contact your GP for the results in the very early new year - you could also mention at the same time about the lymph nodes you have near your collar bone?

How big would you say the nodes feel? Could you take a photo of them? Just thinking the more information you can give the GP the quicker they can triage you and refer you onwards if needed. Do you have e-consult where you live? That may speed the process up a little more too?

I'm afraid I still have no answers but last time it took this long it was because the results had gone to the lymphoma panel for review so we'll see. Fingers crossed I'll hear in the very early new year as its so stressful having to wait.

Sending you both strength and light xxx

Swollen lymph nodes in neck

30 Dec 2021 18:43 in response to RoseDreams

Ahh Rose, I am so sorry you still haven't had any news. It really is awful to have you waiting this long. I'm sure they're trying to hurry it up, but it's really not fair on you. I hope you have still managed to have a nice christmas and hopefully you'll hear very soon. You deserve a pamper or a nice treat of some sort, for being so strong and positive throughout all of this. 

I asked today and they said I should have the results within 10 days. And yes, I can do an online consultation and send it to my GP, so I thought about maybe doing that to let him know whilst I wait for the chest xray results.

I'm not really sure how big they are. It feels like there are about 3 each side, just above the collarbone in the hollow part. But it's hard to tell whether they're connected to each other or separate, if that makes sense. Plus there are at least 3/4 on the left side of my neck still. 

If the chest X-ray comes back clear, I will be very surprised but that would put my mind at rest a lot. I still think these nodes would need looking at, just to be on the safe side, but I'd feel a lot more relaxed about everything. I was very relieved after the ultrasound and I am still taking some positivity from that, thinking surely that doctor would have spotted something, but now it's getting worse so I just don't know what to think. 

Let's hope we have some good news to start 2022. 

Please let me know how you get on when you hear anything. I am thinking of you and keeping my fingers crossed for you. Xxx

Swollen lymph nodes in neck

31 Dec 2021 10:41 in response to Sallx

Hi Sal, oh no that's so terrible that your worries have amplified, so sorry to hear that Sad I have made a promise to myself to stay away from Google. It makes everything so much worse. One of my swollen nodes is on my collar bone and I did the exact same thing- I googled that and was told it was nearly always bad news and I freaked out (hence ending up on this forum!). At my ultrasound, they couldn't even see the node on the screen though I can definitely feel it! Remember that there are hundreds of people who have had nodes swell in their collarbone after having the vaccine, so that could be the cause too. For your own peace of mind, don't dally- speak to the GP asap and get the ball rolling. It will help you feel more in control. I know we're all terrible for doing this but don't diagnose yourself! Keep busy, plenty of distractions and plenty of self care. Well done you for going and getting the chest x-Ray and being so proactive. 

Rose- hope you had a lovely Christmas. Can't wait to hear from you with some good news in the new year!!! Xxx

Swollen lymph nodes in neck

31 Dec 2021 10:52 in response to Danzieeeee

Ahh thanks Danielle. 

I have read about a lot of people getting them after the vaccine so I'm really hoping it is that. But I did have my vaccine ages ago and they only seem to have popped up now. It feels like every time I feel positive and stop worrying, I find something else. 

I'm just hoping and praying that the chest xray is clear. 

How are you feeling Danielle? Are your stomach issues any better? Xxx

Swollen lymph nodes in neck

1 Jan 2022 10:45 in response to Sallx

Hi Sal,

My nodes didn't get enlarged until months and months after I'd had the vaccine, so I wouldn't link it to time. You'll get to the bottom of it I'm sure, and it's usually the simplest explanations in the end. Please keep talking to us if you feel worried, no need to suffer alone. fingers crossed for the chest x-Ray being clear. You are being a total trooper, not much longer to go til you get your results. 

My stomach issues seem to have eased a little. GP did more tests, all came back clear which is reassuring. So it's looking like IBS at the moment, which I can deal with. 

hope you had a lovely NYE, I went for a meal and a show with the family, it was lots of fun. We are going for a dip in the sea shortly (cold water therapy!) to see in the new year! 

Danielle xx

Swollen lymph nodes in neck

12 Jan 2022 15:02 in response to Danzieeeee

Hello both,

Just checking in to see how you're both doing?


Swollen lymph nodes in neck

12 Jan 2022 15:28 in response to RoseDreams

Hi Rose,

I've not been too bad thanks, my anxiety seems to be settling a little and I had a letter from the hospital to say they didn't think the results of my scan were concerning so I'm feeling a little more reassured. 

How are you?? Have you heard from the consultant yet or are you still waiting?? Xx