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Swollen lymph nodes and thyroid nodules

2 Dec 2018 18:07

hi there 

i could be completely barking up the wrong tree but I’m worried even though I tell myself not to be. 

A year ago I noticed I could feel a swollen lymph node in my neck. I went to the GP and he referred me to ENT as I had had a couple of night sweats too. 

I went to see the consultant in January and he started making notes that the node was not palpable. I corrected him and placed his finger right on it. He explained to me it was nothing to worry about as young people like me (I’m 37 and flattered lol) might get enlarged nodes due to acne (I had one spot on my cheek). He referred me for an ultrasound anyway.

appointment came for end of June. I got the date wrong and turned up a day late. They rescheduled and my appointment was in mid October. 

3 weeks later I got a letter for another appointment to see the consultant on 6th Dec. I called my doctor and he was able to tell me that the report says several enlarged lymph nodes and several cysts on thyroid. You can now see one of the nodes clearly in my neck and it’s not one I could feel before. The doctor doing the scan told me the ones I could feel weren’t the big ones as there were bigger ones deeper in.

All bloods show normal thyroid function.

so as every human does I panicked. I’m trying work out if the timings and spacing of 3 weeks means it’s obviously not urgent.

so my questions are

what time scales do they work to?

any specific questions I should ask?

anybody been through anything similar?

thank you


Swollen lymph nodes and thyroid nodules

5 Dec 2018 09:34 in response to Amanda4

Hello Amanda,

Welcome to Cancer Chat and thank you for sharing your story. It is normal to feel anxious while trying to figure out what is going on and what may be causing these swollen lymph nodes and thyroid nodules but hopefully you won't have to wait too long now to get some answers.

I hope you will meet others here who have been through a similar experience and that they will be along soon to share it with you and advise you on specific questions you may need to ask.

Our nurses are also available on this free number 0808 800 4040 Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm if you wish to talk things through with them.

Keep us updated on how things progress for you,

Best wishes,

Lucie, Cancer Chat Moderator

Swollen lymph nodes and thyroid nodules

6 Dec 2018 12:44 in response to Amanda4


I'm going through this right now. I'm 35. I had a large painless nodule appear on my thyroid. My Dr noticed it and it's pretty big, not sure how I didn't notice. it moves up and down when I swallow. I was referred for an ultrasound and was told I have two nodules. A small one on the left, and a large one on the right with internal blood vessels. He also said one of the near by lymph nodes was inflamed but I can't feel any tbh.

The radiologist then said I would need a biopsy because of the internal blood vessels made it a bit risky. He said he didn't think it was sinister though and sent me on my way. It was all over in about 4 minutes. It's been a week and no letter. My GP asked me to come in for a non-urgent appointment to discuss the ultrasound results. I asked to speak to her over the phone but this didn't seem possible and the surgery just juggled things around so I didn't have to wait 3 weeks and can see her next week. It's been a week and I've had no biopsy appointment letter so far. My online medical file that I can access currently shows my ultrasound as 'No action needed' - so I've emailed the hospital. 

My TSH is normal. Thyroid antibodies are normal (sister has Hashimotos). My ferritin is normal but low. My white blood cell count is on the edge of normal, at the low end. I was tested for HIV and thay came back neg. I feel very run down and have low grade night sweats despite the window being wide open. I keep getting colds, stomach bugs, infected cuts etc.

Did they tell you that you would have a biopsy?

I think it's hard to tell with spacing and timings. My brother keeps telling me it's nothing because if it was 'they'd have me straight in'. I don't think it works like that. I do think urgent cases get fast tracked but generally things are slow.

Sorry, I'm not being much help. But it sounds like we have some similarities. I hope your appointment goes well today. Do let me know. 


Swollen lymph nodes and thyroid nodules

6 Dec 2018 14:04 in response to Amanda4

Hi Amanda,

I'm too going through something similar and am 38yrs.  I had a ultrasound done the beginning of Nov which came back saying I had a nodule on left lobe of Thyroid that needed looking into.  My blood test came back saying thyroid count was fine. My GP told me I would be referred to an Endocrinologist but I could wait up to 12 weeks.  I'm lucky as my husband has private health care cover so I managed to go private.    

I also get hot all the time, and am always coughing or trying to clear my throat.  I get earache too but only in my left ear which is the side of the lump.  

I had another blood test, CT scan and ultrasound with FNA biopsy done on the 27th Nov and I go back on Tuesday 11th Dec for the results.  So have had to wait 2 weeks for those.  

I have had this lump on my neck for a good couple of months and it has got bigger.  I am trying so hard to stay off Google (I've been on it a lot lately) and next Tuesday can not come quick enough.  But if I'm honest, I've got a bad feeling about this, but really hoping the pit in my stomach is wrong this time. 



Swollen lymph nodes and thyroid nodules

31 Dec 2018 23:43 in response to Jodc17

Jodc17, so sorry to hear about your symptoms and awful wait. How did you get on?  I hope all was well. xxx


Swollen lymph nodes and thyroid nodules

24 Jan 2019 11:47 in response to Christmas2018

Sorry haven't been on here for a while.  

I was diagnosed with having Thyroid cancer on the 11th Dec.  I then had a full Thyroidectomy and some lymph nodes taken out on 11th Jan.  I have my two week follow up appointment this Saturday.

I'm actually coping a lot better than I thought I would have. I'm just trying to stay positive. I do have some off days, and worry in case I get cancer somewhere else.  But I guess it's just something I will have to deal if that happens.  But fingers crossed I won't have too.



Swollen lymph nodes and thyroid nodules

21 Feb 2019 18:35 in response to Jodc17

Sorry to butt in on the post. Back in September I had enlarged glands and they just wouldn’t go away, I then had ultrasound that found a 4cm lump on my thyroid. Biopsy came back as thy3f so having half of my thyroid removed to test in a few weeks. My glands are still swollen which is making me worry that there is more chance the lump is cancerous. Not sure if anyone knows if it was thyroid cancer does this means this has spread to the lymph nodes as they have been swollen for over 6 months or can these just swell due to an issue with thyroid. I am feeling positive but the long waits etc make it hard! Thanks for any advise and experiencs.

Swollen lymph nodes and thyroid nodules

9 Apr 2019 22:25 in response to Gem07

Hey I know your post was a while back. I'm goi g through the same thing I'm only 24 and very scared. Did you ever find out what was wrong x