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Swollen lymph node under both armpits and lumps in breasts

18 Feb 2018 00:31

Hi not really wrote on any thing like this before but here it goes 

I'm a 30 year old female and I went to the doctors just over a week ago as I had I really irritating dull ache under my left armpit for months. I always check my breasts regularly as i have cystic fibro tissue in both breast, so I've had them checked a few times and always been raised fibro tissue but I never had the ache before. Anyways I checked myself in the shower and noticed my lymph nodes were up under my armpit going down into my left breast and into my chest wall. when I felt them the ache got worse after a touching them. I saw my gp and he felt the swollen lymph nodes and to my surprise he found a lump which I was shocked as I thought I had properly felt or maybe it came up that day so he has done me a 2 week wait appointment with the breast clinic and I have my appointment next week Thursday. I'm pretty worried this time round as when I got home from gp i had a look at my breasts and the right breast has a dimple just underneath my areola which seems to be fading a little and seems to have a soft raises lump, well it looks lumpy but is very soft to touch. My lymph nodes have also come up on the right side now to which is causing me more discomfort then pain and I also have lymph nodes up in both of my elbows. Usually when I go to the breast clinic they scan me on the day but this time I've been informed I will only be seeing a consultant and if a scan is needed it will be on a other day. I've been suffering with left flank pain LUQ and have had lots of tests to rule out all the simple things, I know it's a process of elimination but as they have all been ok except they found out I have chrons/colitis I'm getting to that stage where I just don't seem to be feeling any better.


I'm always tired 

I've lost 3 stone 11lbs in like 4 months with out trying 

Waking up with headaches everyday 

Swollen lymph

under both armpits

in both side of chest wall and lumps in both breast

In both Elbows

In my stomach just underneath both ribs

Shoulder pain

Involentry spasms in my hand,lip,bum cheek and leg


Severe constipation and diarrhoea 

Sever bloating

Lower back pain

And despite all my medical problems I have I'm always able to crack on but this just seems to have wiped me out 

My current medical problems are 

Partial Prolapse disc in spine

Vertebrae slipped forward 

Spinal Timor (benign)

Chrons colitis

Joint hypomobility (swollen and popping joints)




Partial vaginal prolapse

And had an colonoscopy today wish showed a rectal prolapse and they did 5 biopsy to test for anything nasty but they didn't see anything untoward so that's good.


I have an endoscopy coming up  eacuae of persistent reflux despite being on 3 any acids a day 

U have a gastro appointment next week regarding my chrons as it's a recent diagnosis


I just feel mentally and physically exhausted and I'm just not sure how to process it all. I'm worried it's cancer either breast or lymphoma. I find it hard to show people my pain as I feel embarrassed about it I don't know why so I've always been one of those people who just get up and cracks on with things regardless of I'll health. 

I don't want to voice my concerns to my gp as every time I go they think it's because I'm anxious and I told the gp after my diagnosis of chrons colitis that it wasn't anxiety it was bloody chrons.


So I'm worried there just going to look at me like a hypercondricate when actually I know my own body and just can feel that something not right and so can you please advise me how I should bring this up in conversation or maybe should I speak to the breast surgeon about my concerns. I know I shouldn't Google but two of my friends did and they diagnosed them selfs with cancer and they were right and are alive today because of it. Lymphoma and breast cancer are the only 2 things that fit all my symptoms. I find it so hard when I go into a consultation as I downplay everything no natter how hard it try I find it so hard to show other my pain it's sounds strange I know any idea gown should approach my concerns I will be truley greatful 

Swollen lymph node under both armpits and lumps in breasts

20 Feb 2018 08:32 in response to nikita.s

Hello Nikita,

As I noticed this is your first post with us I just wanted to stop by and welcome you to our forum.

I'm sorry to hear you are feeling so poorly, it sounds like you're having a really rough time at the moment and I'm sure that not knowing what's behind them is not making things easier.

I'm glad to hear that the colonoscopy came out clear and that you will have an endoscopy coming up. Do you have a date for it yet?

It is perfectly normal to feel anxious when you are experiencing a situation like yours but try to focus on other things for the time being, if possible. If you find yourself unable to cope, however, and feel like speaking to someone medically trained might help, our cancer nurses can take your call. Their phone number is 0808 800 4040 and they are available Monday - Friday from 9 a.m – 5 p.m.

I hope you feel better and find some answers soon, Nikita. Once you know more, come back if you find a minute and let us know how you're getting on.

Wishing you the very best,

Renata, Cancer Chat Moderator



Swollen lymph node under both armpits and lumps in breasts

20 Feb 2018 09:52 in response to nikita.s

Dear Nikita, when I first read  your post I felt at a bit of a loss how to respond as I knew so little of many of the things that you are going through.  So I hope you will accept a bit of reaching out from one woman to another just to say you don't sound at all hypochondriacal and I am sorry you are feeling so unwell.  I haven't had much experience of breast cancer but I think that google is generally accepted by the people here with experience to have proved totally unrealiable.  Of course sometimes people do turn out to have cancer but most of the time not. 

I would suggest that before going to your  consultations you write down, clearly and factually, what you want to say and what you want to know.  Then stick to the script!   It helps to take someone along with you who can write down what has been said also and thenafterwrds you are quite clear as to what has been said.

Sorry I cannot comment more on your symptoms but I just wanted to say "hello" and wish you well. Annie


Swollen lymph node under both armpits and lumps in breasts

31 Aug 2018 02:14 in response to Annieliz

Thank you ladies sorry for the late response just a quick update, so the consultant said that they could feel how lumpy it was under my left armpit and on the side of my breast, she felt a big lump under my armpit which I never knew was there and I was sent for an ultrasound scan which showed swollen lympnodes and fatty tissue and was told I have nothing to worry about and I was discharged, 8 months down the line the swelling has become worse and is causing me a very uncomfortable ache under my left armpit and the swollen lympnodes seem to have got bigger. I jade a small node on my left collar bone aswell which I now have them all the way along my collar bone underneath and over the collarbone  I feel richness when I turn my head in my neck and chest. I went back to the gp and asked to have them biopsied as, I know from working in plastic surgery outpatients for 4 years that lypomas are slow growing, I worked in skin cancer clinics also and watched many student Drs be taught how to check for lympnodes so I have a pretty good idea what I'm looking for, thr gp requested an ultra sound scan  which is in 4 weeks and I'm just not confident with this as this didn't seem to resolve the problem I had then and still have now, I'm going to back to my gp tomorroe and ask to have them biopsied as the nodes on my collarbone, under arm and breast are so obvious and its starting to get get very uncomfortable in my shoulder aswell as the back on my neck, everything crossed it's benign and that they will listen.  I think I have good grounds to request a biopsy or maybe even a 2nd opinion I'll let you know how I get on X

Swollen lymph node under both armpits and lumps in breasts

3 Sep 2018 13:42 in response to nikita.s

Hi there nikita; have been away for a few days.  Do let us know how you are doing.    I hope your GP is helpful and give you the help you need to resolve your discomfort and worries.  Annie

Swollen lymph node under both armpits and lumps in breasts

17 Jan 2019 22:01 in response to nikita.s

How did you get on please? xxx

Swollen lymph node under both armpits and lumps in breasts

17 Jan 2019 22:24 in response to little_claire

Hi ladies hi Claire 

Well I'm I went to a symptomatic breast clinic and the consultant was useless he felt under rmy arm and couldn't feel it then said he would get me an ultrasound scan which I didn't want as I already had one the previous year which showed swollen lymph nodes and was told it's nothing to worry about, he very strange kept, all he kept saying it's nothing to worry about it's not cancer and I told him I wasn't there beacuse I thought I had cancer I was there beacuse the pain 8 months later was getting worst and even when I went to my GP originally I went about the ache under my left arm not my breast but he found them lump which they said was cystic breath tissue and I was happy with that, so that frustrated me, I told him I didn't want an unltra sound scan beacuse it will be the same as last time all clear and then discharged and then I would be back to square one again and he his reply was well if there any further problems your to will refer you back and I told him that's why I was there beacuse I'm having further problems and to see me back in clinic with the result and he actually got his finger and wagged it at me and hit it on my arm in gest gest and said I was a naughty one whatever that means and I had another ultrasound scan which was clear but did confirm again that I had swollen lymph nodes in my armpit. The day after I went anand had an ultrasound scan on my collarbone and I have swollen lymnodes there as well, but this time I recorded it on my phone everything that was said in the room as I tend to find what they say in the room isn't what they out in a letter and I'm glad I did, as soon as he out the Doppler on he said you have swollen lymnodes there small nothing to worry about and then wrote to my GP and said it was all clear no mention of the lymnodes he confirmed he found, at this point I was so disheartened and fed up I just gave up, but then I found another 2 lymnodes at the back of my neck one near my hair line which is the size of a gobstopper maybe bigger and a small superficial on at the back of my neck, I went my GP and she felt them and said it's not cancer beacuse your blood tests are fine, I think there more paranoid about it being cancer then me as I'm going beacuse I'm in pain on a daily basis with these bless the ache so bad, I explained that I used to work in a hospital and understood how it all worked and told her I know there isnt a blood test in the world that can test for cancer it can only be suggestive in helping to get a diagnosis not to make one, I told her I wanted a biopsy of the big one in my hairline and she's reffered me to ENT which I'll be seeing at the end of this month, so I'll keep you posted to this day the pain has got significantly worse my whole shoulder my neck, down my arm to my elbow and hands, it got that bad I've had x-ray and now waiting for an MRI as go thinks I've slipped a disc in my neck and it's my left side shoulder and arm that playing up so who knows I'm my on strong pain killers everyday which has only happens in the last 2 weeks,my left breast is also swollen, my lymnodes under my arm and neck have just got bigger and are still there today, I'm very tiered and low on energy, feeling quite sicky sicky hopfully they will figure out what it is soon X

Swollen lymph node under both armpits and lumps in breasts

17 Jan 2019 22:25 in response to nikita.s

I'll keep you posted about my entire appointment end of the month X

Swollen lymph node under both armpits and lumps in breasts

20 Jan 2019 11:05 in response to nikita.s

Hello again nikita; I have just caught up with this correspondence.  Your experiences sound pretty awful considering the pain you have been suffering.  It's like you are talking one language and them another!  I do hope you will have something positive to tell us before long.  Annie

Swollen lymph node under both armpits and lumps in breasts

26 Feb 2019 23:52 in response to nikita.s

Hello Nikita I have exactly the same symptoms as you exactly the same. I have night sweats around my chest area I’m in pain of my chest my back my lower back and my breasts they enlarged as crazy and they hurt !! I’ve been bleeding in my urine for quite long time now and the gp is telling me not to worry! I’m fed up with the neglected way that this country operates! I’m not fine and I’m not a psycho I know that something wrong with my body ! Could you please tell me what was your final answer if u did scan for mri? I’m anxiously waiting for your answer thank you hope you get better 

Swollen lymph node under both armpits and lumps in breasts

27 Feb 2019 01:43 in response to matilda8713

Hi Matilda I'm so sorry to hear you are going through something similar and please believe me I understand your frustration and the strangest thing is today I was going to write an update as so much has happened since my last post, please just remember be persistent you and not a psycho your right you do know your own body and you should deddefinit keep fighting until your Heard.  So in the summer of last year one morning I was spinning out bad it calmed down so I felt confident to drive Later in the day whisky driving I had a very strange feeling in my left ear with some sharp thudding nosises and tingling skipping down my arm, the ringing stopped and my face went numb and the corner of my lipped dropped, I went to my GP and they said I had an ear infection and gave me antibiotics, the go acknowledged the droop in my lip and said it may be a bit of cerebral palsy, the left side of my cheek and inside of mouth and around and behinde my ear was numb, I went to see an ENT surgeon this month and he he felt the lympnode  behinde my neck and asked about the numbness in my face he asked if the admitted me or did a head MRI I told him no and he shook his head in disgust and said I need an a head MRI and an FNA Ultra Sound Biopsy in my neck, he was awesome and I have them in a few weeks mean while while randomly speak to a neighbor about the feeling in my arm and ear and numbness in my face and he told me he had a stroke 2 months ago at 42 and said that was what exactly happen to him, I've been avoiding going to the doctor's with it as I have a head MRI booked and I'm guessing it would show up if I had, Then going in January this year I was poorly again but with my shoulder I was in so much pain that I was in tears, I couldn't sleep, They ordered me an MRI which I thought was for my shoulder but when I got there it was for my neck which my GP ordered for me, i avoided phoning for my MRI results for like 2 weeks as I was just worried they would find something. I called Friday last week and they told me my results showed an abnormality but couldn't see me until yesterday. So yesterday a GP told me that my spinal structures are fine which is fab no slipped disc or vertabrae but I had DIFFUSE MARROW SIGNAL ABNORMALITY, which I didn't understand what it meant then he told me that I have to have a special blood test called a film blood test to rule out any blood cancer, I'm going to Portugal this Friday so I said fine I get the bloods done when I'm back and he told me NO I had to have them done today, I asked what the urgency was and if this is the case why didn't anyone ring me and apparently beacuse it wasn't marked down as urgent, so I had the blood test yesterday and they were back the next day and I had to see the Advance Nurse Practitioner, I told reception I should be seeing a GP but thire response was they can discuss results, well turned out he couldn't and had to go and speak to the GP, when he came back In The room he told me that I need to be reffered to a hematologist and I said ok well what about my bloods and his response was they are porbably OK my friend literally shouted Probably as I did and I said nah mate not probably that's why I'm here for my blood results so what's the result he then said if I saw him yesterday he wouldn't have sent me for a film blood test but straight to a heamatolagist as he can't Interpretate those kind of bloods, He Told be that there were abnormalities with the film bloods my WBC is 8.1 within normal range just higher end and these were abnormal RBC 5.25 MCV 77 and MCH 24.4, so now have to wait to see the heamatolagist I'm mixed race and am a thalesemia trait carrier I'm hoping it's something to do with that but I guess I will find out and the MRI didn't show any abnormalities that's fitted my symptoms of pain in my shoulder, my mind is fried and I've not really got a lot of reassuring from the nurse as asked him if there were signs of malignantcies and he said No then followed the convo about the GP shouldn't have ordered these a heamatolagist should have beacuse they cant interpretate them so not sure what to think I'm just glad there finally paying attention and hopefully this 2 year battels will pay off who knwos all I can do is wait and I'll let you know the results, push to see a heamatolagist don't be shoved from pillar to post like me, it's been a hard journey but I'm still going good luck Matilda I hope this helps in some way X. 


PS I have blood in my urine all the time to and constant water infections the put a camera in my bladder and said all was good so have no clue why there blood always in my urine it's annoying Xx

Swollen lymph node under both armpits and lumps in breasts

27 Feb 2019 02:04 in response to Annieliz

I know annieliz it has been very frustrating and I've had so much other things going on, but I've had enough of feeling like this so I'll keep going until I get an answer if I'm to young to suffer like this like the doctors say then I'm to young to live with it, so I refuse to do that until I understand or get some sort of answer and finally the battel is easing off they found abnormalities and now there reffering me to the right people I got there in there end just need to have the test and results next X

Swollen lymph node under both armpits and lumps in breasts

26 Jul 2019 20:52 in response to nikita.s

How did everything go Nikita? I have had some similar issues too. Xx

Swollen lymph node under both armpits and lumps in breasts

27 Jul 2019 00:23 in response to nikita.s

You poor girl, you have had such a rough time. I hope you have finally got answers by now x

Swollen lymph node under both armpits and lumps in breasts

23 Oct 2019 00:21 in response to Smoore921

Hey guys just an update so had the film blood test and was abnormal, was refferred to a heamatologist February this year because if the diffuse bone marrow signal on my spine and the abnormal film blood test, I didn't even get an appointment, just a letter of advice to my GP, I called the heamaroligist medical secretary to ask if they were aware that I was under investigation for swollen lympanodes with ent and said they would call me back but never did, I knew any were going to do an ultrasound biopsy so I was annoyed but thought well at least I'm getting it biopsied, went for the biopsy and I couldn't have it apparently they could feel it but not see it on the scan so was discharged march this year, skip forward to this summer I've had awful pain and problems with my kidneys, bone pain is very intense and sore, 8 weeks ago I ended up in hospital with high blood pressure 196/155 and heart rate 198 they never discovered what was wrong or why, but told me I needed to be refferred to an oncologist I asked why and I was told by lympanodes have been there two years two long and I need a biopsy and found a mass the size of a small apple on the back of my neck on the right side, strange I wentcan feel fluid dripping down my arms and spine. This I feel every day now. My GP  did another refferal and my GP was sent a letter of advice AGAIN twice in one year AGAIN I phoned the medical secretary and explained how I could feel fluid moving around my body and the this mass on my right hand side has doubled in size and is causing me herendous pain, she told me I needed an urgent refferal to see the heamaroligist, This is the Medical secretary telling me I need to see them urgently , I explained if they did there job properly we wouldn't even be having this conversation, I'm now finally living my dream by going to music college at 32 after a 15 n half year relationship I'm actually happy for the first time ever and now this. I phoned my GP the next day and the rereferred me for the 3rd time this year which was in a Friday and I had an appointment the following Wednesday, explained everything ultrasound biopsy and to be seen back in clinic 20tg November. I worked in the NHS for 7 years running clinics so I know this is 6 weeks so routine appointment, I had a blood test the day I went. I got a phone call the following day after seeing the heamaroligist asking if I could go in the following week, I asked if my biopsy would be done before then, They called me back data later I have my biopsies this Thursday and I'm seeing the heamaroligist back in clinic with the results on the 6th November, I felt relaxed when I thought it was within the 6 week routine, now I'm scared as even though this is all I've wanted is for someone to listen and do a biopsy, why the rush, why has it changed I'm so scared as I know something is wrong, it's strange I w gone down hill since the summer but I'm not I'll I just feel so tiered, hot all the time, feel sick all the time, lost 4 n half stone this year, bone pain is so sore. I had a meeting with the manager and tutor at college and if it's the big C I can't carry on I'm fuming, this is why I got all this sorted the beginning of this year Because I knew I was starting college September and now I'm living my dream all this is happening because they didn't listen in February this year honestly fuming is an understatement Xx