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Swollen Lymph Node in neck for 6 months

13 Sep 2020 21:41

I've had a swollen lymph node in my neck for at least 6 months. Last month, I went to my GP regarding it and was sent for an ultrasound scan. After the scan I was told that it was just a swollen lymph node and nothing to worry about, however, I'm not sure why it is swollen and if it will ever go down. I have taken to google to try and figure out why I have this swollen lymph node and as you can imagine all that comes up is "cancer, cancer, cancer". Since the lymph node has been swollen, I have lost quite a bit of weight and experience migraines on a daily basis. I am always extremely tired and have lots of episodes of dizziness. I'm curious to know if anyone else has ever had an experience in the past where they've had a swollen lymph node scanned and was told it wasn't anything but then later down the line found out it was cancerous?

Swollen Lymph Node in neck for 6 months

13 Sep 2020 23:27 in response to 123lole123

Hi i have this on the right side of my neck just appeared one day sore and swollen went to docs to be told it was a lymph node pain and swelling went away never had any problems with it still there 7 years later x

Swollen Lymph Node in neck for 6 months

14 Sep 2020 13:20 in response to shorty84

Thank you! That’s very reassuring to know! X

Swollen Lymph Node in neck for 6 months

16 Sep 2020 20:18 in response to 123lole123

Hi, I also have a lymph node on the right side of my neck for 6 months now. I had no symptoms at all, I wasn't ill or have any type of throat infection. I was terrified when I first discovered it and went to see my GP, I had a blood test which was clear from infections and I had a scan too, they said it was nothing to worry about just an lymph node that came up. It's still there, I can feel it when I touch it still but I've had no problems or any symptoms x

Swollen Lymph Node in neck for 6 months

12 Oct 2020 15:09 in response to k11x



I've also had an enlarged lymph node on the right side of my neck since the end of March. It's not actually been seen by a doctor because of covid but have had several telephone consultations. Initially had antibiotics prescribed which had no effect, had a blood test which came back clear and got referred for an ultrasound in April. I'm still waiting for my ultrasound and the swelling is still there, it hasn't grown and I've had several blood tests for other reasons since which have also all been fine. But the waiting is horrible and I'm finding it hard not to worry. It's about the size of a grape and is clearly visible which makes me quite self-conscious.


I have the option to go private with work but having waited this long already I don't know whether to sit it out or pay the excess to speed up the ultrasound.


Swollen Lymph Node in neck for 6 months

16 Oct 2020 21:47 in response to CB511


I have also has a swollen lymph node below my ear on my

neck since Feb. I saw a Dr at the time who wasn't worried but sent me for a blood test which was fine. Then Covid happened and I haven't seen a Dr since but it is still there now. I have had multiple telephone consultants and again the Dr doesn't seem worried as it's still small and not growing. They also did a chest X-ray to check for more lymph nodes in the chest which was clear. i recently went to the dentist and told him and he put me through for an urgent referal as he said it had been there a long time. Last week I saw the Oral Surgery (as I had surgery on my jaw last year) and he said not to worry too much but he will refer me for an ultra sound next week. I couldn't go this week as I have been poorly so I will hopefully go next week. 

Then last week I have developed an unusual ache at the base of my neck and into my collar bone and shoulder. It feels uncomfortably when I squeeze my shoulders up to my ears.

like it's squeezing something in my neck. It's also makes me feel a bit nauseous. Now this new ache has worried me again.

has anyone else had this ache? Was it linked to the lymph node? 


Swollen Lymph Node in neck for 6 months

17 Oct 2020 21:42 in response to 123lole123

Hi, I was interested to read your post as have had similar symptoms: enlarged pea-sized lymph node in neck since around February, vertigo/migraines, dizziness, brain fog, lost a fair bit of weight, and have had some hearing issues on the same side as the swollen lymph node. I was referred to ENT and had an ultrasound on the lymph node about 3 months ago and was told it's just a reactive node and nothing to be concerned about. Also had an MRI to check ear, with nothing found. However, a couple of weeks ago I noticed another swollen node on the same side which also still hasn't gone down, so now thinking I'll need to tell the doctor about that one too. It's all a bit disconcerting and the symptoms have caused a lot of distress. I hope you get some answers, please post on here if you do. Good luck with it all!