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Subungual Melanoma

6 Sep 2019 09:08 in response to Emmand

I'm glad you have an appointment through but sorry you have to wait so long. Try to distract yourself whilst waiting - keep busy and fill your time with hobbies, walks in the fresh air, pamper yourself with a massage. If you get anxious, try some breathing techniques or meditation, yoga or tai chi - all can be found on You Tube. 

Good luck and please let us know how you get on,


Subungual Melanoma

10 Sep 2019 21:15 in response to Emmand


All these things vary but to put some timeline on my treatment. After 8 months of noticing a dark mark on my thumb nail I it was dismissed as a nail infection. At twenty months when the nail had mainly fallen off I returned and got a referral that took 5 months.

There was another appointment and another month went by.

On the day the nail and a lesion was removed as well as surrounding tissue. (Don't drive to the appointment!)

Even when there is a lesion it is not always going to be a Melanoma it has to be analysed.

I saw the lesion removed and then researched what it would mean if it was the size I saw on the desk and panicked. The actual thickness was much les,s so you have to wait for that analysis it is very hard not knowing. So what was in my case apparently a very active tumor which had been there for over two years was 2mm thick. Once the lesion is removed and analysed the surrounding tissue is checked for safe margins to ensure all the cells are clear. In my case it took another 2 operations to clear all the cells.

I hope that helps in some way and wish you the best with the treatment.

The presription for pain killers was a little messed up in my case. I made the mistake of thinking I could get the prescription from a local store pharmacy but because the strength of the drug was set with a 0 instead of a 5 at the end there was no such strength and they wouldn't give it to me. Two pharmacists refused to do it and eventually when we found out why we sorted it out and took it to another place who supplied it. Best advice use the hospital pharmacy in case of such a mistake as it can be sorted out then and there. 


Subungual Melanoma

11 Sep 2019 07:34 in response to RickyB

Thanks for your reply RickyB

How are you keeping now?

I'm trying to stay busy until my app on 3 Oct and not to Google stuff as, like you, all research is leading to panic. It's my toe nail that is affected - a black and red thick band under the nail which has been there for at least five months following a years fungal infection.

Once I know exactly what I am dealing with I'll likely have a lot more questions. Thanks for taking the time to share your experience.


Subungual Melanoma

17 Sep 2019 23:45 in response to RickyB

Just got a call today, that there has been a cancellation and I have an appointment for my op next Monday. Fingers crossed it will finally give me a diagnosis either way.

Feeling relieved .

Subungual Melanoma

28 Sep 2019 22:22 in response to Mossy7000

Hi Mossy7000

How did your op go? I do hope you get a positive outcome.

I have my dermatologist app on Thursday.


Subungual Melanoma

29 Sep 2019 12:44 in response to Emmand

It was a bigger op than I thought it would be. There was definitely a cyst there and they have send off samples to make sure there is nothing else. Waiting for the results, just so pleased I will finally get some answers.

Good luck with your appointment. I will keep fingers crossed for you.

Subungual Melanoma

23 Nov 2020 12:20 in response to Mossy7000


I had big toe that had what I thought was a big bruise for 4months went gp because it was now throbbing n tingling..I had telephone from hospital within 3 hours :0  and an appointment  in 4 days  I'm so scared I go tomorrow hoping it's just a subungal heamatoma..but what brilliant nhs yorkshire

Subungual Melanoma

23 Nov 2020 14:31 in response to Owcha

Hi Owcha,

Welcome to Cancer Chat. I just wanted to send a quick reply to say that it has been quite a while since Mossy7000 posted - hopefully you will receive a reply but if not you may wish to create your own new thread on the forum.

Wishing you all the best,

Cancer Chat Moderator

Subungual Melanoma

2 Dec 2020 20:30 in response to Moderator Ben


I've had a purple/black toenail for almost two months now, I've not bumped it or dropped anything on it. So I finally went to see my Dr today, he completely ruled out any infections (which I thought it was) and said he is going to refer me to a dermatologist and will have a biopsy to test for cancerous cells, within an hour i recieved a text for my first hospital appointment on 16th December.. anyone who has been through similar what happens at the first appointment and how is the biopsy usually carried out? I refuse to use Google for the answer! 

Sammie from UK

Subungual Melanoma

3 Dec 2020 12:28 in response to Sammiebee

Hi, my first appointment was to basically have a look at the nail and to see which way the line was running, second appointment was to remove the whole nail and take a sample from the nail bed

Subungual Melanoma

10 Dec 2020 19:59 in response to kuga

Hi Kuga

i saw a dermatology consultant today (for psoriasis) and she noticed what I thought was a bruise on my big toe nail. She is very concerned about it and is referring me for a biopsy within the next 2 weeks under the cancer guidelines. It's come as a bit of a shock as I had ni concerns about the toe. It's not painful and seemed to appear overnight about 6 weeks ago.

Can you let me know anymore about the biopsy procedure? Was it very painful after?

Many thanks & hope all is ok with you.


Subungual Melanoma

3 Feb 2021 21:56 in response to kat_86

Hi my big toenails are both brown the rest use to be a normal colour they turned brown one day and I got a fungal nail infection treatment I’ve tried it for the amount of weeks it says on the box but two weeks later I looked at my nails again it’s now affecting all of my nails I thought it was athletes foot or something because the treatment isn’t working took antibiotics they also didn’t seem to work not been to the doctors because of the pandemic and I’m worried of the outcome 

Subungual Melanoma

4 May 2021 12:25 in response to fighter2001

Hello All,

This forum has been a good source of information for myself so i wanted to update with my experience in the hope it will give more information on the whole process. 

I found a greyish 3mm wide line on my large toenail in November 2020. I am of mixed race heritage, early 30's and my mother has had melanoma so i knew i could be of increased risk of Subungual Melanoma. I went to the GP and he suggested it could be a Subungual Haematoma and to wait 4-6 weeks to see if it had grown out. I wasn't happy to do this so paid to see a private dermatologist. He reviewed it and said it was a benign longitudinal melanonychia and to get it reviewed again in 3 months. 

I moved areas and went to see another dermatologist 3.5 months later. This dermatologist was concerned as i only had the line on my one toe nail and due to my family history, so i was reffered back to the NHS under the TWW scheme. 

I was seen 1 week later, that dermatologist was also sure it was benign but having read the experience of people on these forums i pressed for a biopsy to be completed as i know this is the only 100% way to confirm this so he agreed.

I had my operation pencilled in the week after. This was then cancelled on the morning of the op because they couldn't find the correct equipment. It was then rescheduled for 2 weeks later and went ahead. Operation took about 45 minutes and was uncomfortable and quite a bit of bleeding. I recommend getting some strong painkillers as i was in quite a lot of pain for 4-5 days. I've only been able to properly start walking on my feet again 4 weeks later so it takes a long time to recover.  

I had to wait 4.5 weeks for results and they had to be sent off for supplimentary testing due to this being a toe nail biopsy which doesn't seem to be a common occurance at my hospital. My results have come back all fine. 

Hoping this provides a bit of insight on my experience and helps others know what to expect. Thanks Angie on this forum for helping to comfort people when needed!

Subungual Melanoma

10 Jun 2021 21:51 in response to AngieT

Hi Angie,


Please may you post the link? 

I went to the GP regarding a sudden black mark on my big toenail and already have an appointment to see the dermatologist and she mentioned they may need a biospy and I would like to know what it entails  



Subungual Melanoma

11 Jun 2021 10:11 in response to 23Fab05

Hi 23Fab05

Thank you and I'm so glad that you pushed for a biopsy and it all came back clear. Thanks also for sharing your experience so those going through the same worries can see that not all nail problems are malignant. It's great when we get balanced posts to help new members. Take care,