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Subungual Melanoma referral

25 Apr 2019 22:47 in response to louiseandfin

Hi Louise,

My wife is waiting for results, so your post chimed with me. It is heartbreaking for anyone, but with a young child, it must be devestating. How have you been?

Subungual Melanoma referral

25 Apr 2019 23:21 in response to Worried_Hubby

Sorry to hear your wife is waiting for results, is hers Acral/subungual also?

I'm doing really good considering, having treatment etc but feeling positive 

Subungual Melanoma referral

27 Apr 2019 22:59 in response to louiseandfin

Thanks for replying, Louise. She has to visit a specialist next Friday, and Subungal is suspected, but I think she has convinced herself it is bad news, so everything is a little fraught at the moment. Do you expect the specialist to take a biopsy, if they see fit, on the first appointment, or is there yet another wait.?



Subungual Melanoma referral

27 Apr 2019 23:28 in response to Worried_Hubby

Hi worried hubby

I have sent you a friend request so you can private message me if you wish to do so?

Is this appointment the 2 week fast track appointment to see the dermatologist or has she seen the dermatologist and is now seeing a plastic surgeon? If she is seeing the plastic surgeon for the first time, at this stage they will discuss the next steps re biopsy and what they will do.

How long has she had the mark and is it also on her thumb?

The odds are good re acral/subungual in the fact it is extremely rare, however, I was an unlucky one and I am stage 3B at present but I'm happy to talk things through and share my experience or answer questions based on my experience if you want, again, you can message me privately or here its whatever suits you best.

Hope to speak soon and stay off Google, its extremely outdated and the stats are very old and do not include all the amazing treatments now

Subungual Melanoma referral

11 Jul 2019 23:50 in response to louiseandfin

Hi Louiseandfinn

How has your treatment been for you? I hope you are as well as you can be. 

Iv a biopsy on Saturday on my thumb, I have a similar timeline to you except my appointments have been delayed due to having a baby. 

 Could I trouble you to ask how your biopsy and recovery was. But concerned about nappy changes and holding my 4 month old. (Daft, I know)

It was impossible to ask my consultant questions as my autistic 4yo wouldn’t leave my side and was getting into everything. How long did you wait to recieve your results, were they over the phone or face to face? How much of an amputation did you have? 


Warm regards 


Subungual Melanoma referral

12 Jul 2019 23:00 in response to Gryffindormum

Hi there

I have sent a friend request if you want to PM me xx

Subungual Melanoma referral

17 Jul 2019 13:07 in response to louiseandfin

I too would like to know how you managed after biopsy.

i am currently waiting for the 2week referal. 

I noticed the line on my thumb at the weekend but have no idea how long its been there.

i gave birth to premature twins 3weeks ago so been abit busy with hospital visits etc to bother taking care of myself. So when i noticed it and googled(stupid i know) i then pooped myself and got to the dr asap!

i cant stop looking at the line. Im so worried about it as google gives all the great results

with the stress from the twins and then this on top im really not coping well.


Subungual Melanoma referral

17 Jul 2019 14:01 in response to Gyerb11

Hi Gyerb11,

Wow, you really do have your hands full - I'm sorry you now have this worry on top of everything else.

Subungal melanoma (Acral Lentiginous melanoma) is not common so there is every chance that yours will be found to be something like a fungal infection or trauma. If you can't remember having seen it until very recently, there is every chance that it's nothing serious - if it does transpire it's melanoma then you have caught it quickly so that's in your favour. 

Please don't google - it's way out of date and gives only worse case scenarios. If you want to learn more about melanoma the best websites are this one (CRUK), Macmillan, NHS and the Primary Care Dermatology Society. 

I hope you aren't waiting too long for an appointment. Good luck and please let us know how you get on,

Angie (melanoma patient)

Subungual Melanoma referral

17 Jul 2019 14:24 in response to Gyerb11

Hi lovely

Have you has the assessment already?

If not they may not do the biopsy there and then, when I was referred to dermatology in the 2ww he had a good look at it, then referred me to plastics for the biopsy which was 4 days later?

It depends on the biopsy they do, with mine they removed my nail and some of my nail bed but they also do a punch biopsy which I never had so can't advise

Let me know if you need any more info xxx

Subungual Melanoma referral

15 Aug 2019 11:59 in response to louiseandfin

Hi there,

im not sure why I’m on here or what to feel I have just been referred to dermatology for the urgent 2week care with suspected subungual melanoma behind my little finger nail.  The mark has been there for months but I never thought much of it until thin lines appeared above it very recently. I  in absolute shock, I have 3 year old twins and just can’t bear the thought of what the future might hold

Subungual Melanoma referral

15 Aug 2019 12:07 in response to bekkigraham

hi bekkigraham

i completely understand how you feel right now.

i felt the same a few weeks ago.

i noticed a line on my thumb nail after giving brith to my twins.

i was sent for the 2week urgent referal and they were not concerned at all. I am have a review in 2months but they had a good look at it and said it is benign.

i was more worried as my dad had a melanoma last year so any changes i know i meed to have them checked.

its hard not to worry and think the worst. X

Subungual Melanoma referral

15 Aug 2019 15:40 in response to Gyerb11

that is amazing news!!! Being a Mammy makes you see everything so differently, I am praying for good news don’t know how I could cope with anything other to be honest.  I really hope you are now settling into motherhood with gorgeous twins it really is the best thing in the world xx

Subungual Melanoma referral

15 Aug 2019 19:21 in response to bekkigraham

Hi ladies

Please remember subungual melanoma affects around 1% of all diagnosed melanomas so is extremely rare. It mainly affects the great toe or thumb so its even rarer to affect your pinky but can happen by all means. It's good they are rushing it through, please bare in mind if you dont have a biopsy and they tell you it is benign then this may not be the case. I was told mine was fungal/benign for 18 months, when I had the biopsy and it was sent to the lab where melanoma cells were found, because it was left so long untreated it broke away and was found in my lymph node. So while it's good a specialist seems to think it is benign without a biopsy, their eyes are not microscopes and they cannot see cells. If you are concerned they dont take it seriously then go back to your gp expressing your concerns. Remember, a biopsy is to rule out melanoma and early detection is key in the world of melanoma

Subungual Melanoma referral

15 Aug 2019 20:31 in response to louiseandfin

thank you so much for the support and kind words! I know I’m thinking the worst but it’s pretty hard not too.  I’m thinking I will insist on a biopsy to know 100% that it is benign, praying to every god that that is the news I recieve! I’m so sorry to hear that you did not get your happy ending, I really sincerely hope that you are getting the best treatment available now xx

Subungual Melanoma referral

15 Aug 2019 20:35 in response to bekkigraham

Remeber, IF it is mm treatments have come such a long way recently, I'm technically NED (no evidence of disease) but I'm having treatment every 3 weeks for a year to be sure theres nothing lurking. Theres no need for you to think about that though, that's way ahead and not for you to worry about, just concentrate on your next appointment, sending lots of positive vibes and keep telling yourself it's extremely rare so the odds are massively in your favour ok, keep me posted and good luck, now enjoy them beautiful children xxxxx