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Stoma Reversal

4 Sep 2018 10:36

Good morning

I have had a storma for nearly 3 years now and i am due to have the reversal in December this year. I am worried about what happens when it is reversed with regards to going to the toilet and getting back to normal.

if anyone can shed any light on this

Stoma Reversal

4 Sep 2018 19:54 in response to Darren73

Hi Darren

I had the reversal on the 9th of may with something extra (hot chemo). I had my stoma from november 2016 right up to the 9th of may 2018, how I hated it no words can describe it, in my case because of the hot chemo the operation lasted almost ten hours.

Now that I have my ******* back everything is fine it took a couple of weeks

Did you do your retention exercise ? VERY Important !

Stoma Reversal

5 Sep 2018 07:33 in response to Merino

Thank you for your reply. I hope all is going well with you

Stoma Reversal

15 Mar 2019 17:21 in response to Merino

Just the same really. I was diagnosed with bowel cancer in 2012 (after a postal poo test) and had an ileostomy. Fortunately I was able to have a reversal in July 2013. I’ve always had to keep loperamide close by and used it quite a lot in the first 2 years. Now after 6 years I only occasionally have loose BMs and these are effectively controlled with loperamide.  I eat and drink what I like really and use loperamide perhaps once every 3 months now. This is all vastly better for me than the bags etc. So not everyone has a horror story here.  All the best

Stoma Reversal

20 Mar 2019 23:48 in response to frankRC

Stoma Reversal

In response to Merino

Hi I'm new to this site. 

I had an operation and ileostomy, August 2018 after being diagnosed with bowel cancer. Completed 3 months of chemo in January 2019 and was told I can have the ileostomy reversed later this year. I'm 65 and not retired, I was very active before the op (not back to normal as yet).  I'm looking for information from anyone who has had their ileostomy reversed.  Hear lots of horror stories. Don't know if I should go ahead, but being the person I am feel compelled to give it my best shot. Anyone got any positive stories?  

Stoma Reversal

21 Mar 2019 07:37 in response to Darren73

glad its ok pal, I had lump not so long ago

Stoma Reversal

5 Mar 2020 01:09 in response to frankRC

It's nice to hear a positive story. I'm due a reversal op in 2 months, my bowel surgery was November 2019. I only seem to read about problems people are having and it's beginning to worry me. Having said that, I don't like the bag and want it gone due to leaks and a hernia. Any more positive stories would be nice 

Stoma Reversal

5 Mar 2020 11:49 in response to Mikey132

Best of luck with this. Since my last comment a year ago I can't remember now when I last used Loperamide.  The trouble is I think that not many people with positive stories look at the site; they're all getting on with their lives. so just be positive about it. The healing process takes a few weeks and needed lots of dressing changes initially, but once that was over it was good all the way. As I said before it takes a while for the guts to settle down but that was vastly better than the bags!

So all the best to you. 

Stoma Reversal

5 Mar 2020 12:33 in response to frankRC

Thanks for that, it's reassuring. You are quite right, people with no problems are unlikely to be on here

thanks again Mike

Stoma Reversal

25 Mar 2020 23:13 in response to Mikey132

Hi Mikey, im a month into having bowel surgery and am looking forard to a reversal asap. end of the year hopefully. id be very interested to know how your reversal goes. How long after your op did you have your hernia? id like to avoid that if possible. I'm still trying to get over the effects of the op and rebuild my muscle wastage due to not eating for 15 days pre op and then infections post op which saps energy and the want for food. That said i feel I'm making reasonable progress despite having no bench mark to follow.i hate the bags also, so will do whatever it takes to ensure a successful reversal. Any advise very welcome.




Stoma Reversal

26 Mar 2020 05:10 in response to mick40s

Hi Mick

I also had problems post op. Meant to be in hospital for 10 days but developed sepsis and spent 3 weeks in there! All good now 4 months on and putting weight (too much) back on. The hernia developed within 4 weeks of coming out. I should have been advised to wear a support belt as soon as my wound had healed, I think this could have prevented it. Sounds like you're doing fine. Just make sure no lifting, pulling, pushing..that's really important to avoid the hernia. Unfortunately the stat is 70% of patients do develop them. Support belts imperative. Im due to get my reversal June time but I guess with this virus it'll be delayed. 
I more used to the stoma and bags now but still want it gone. Always careful what I eat as I have had previous blockages...they cleared themselves but uncomfortable for a while. 
Just finished my last chemo so onwards and upwards from here.

Take care of yourself, feel free to ask me anything you want


Stoma Reversal

26 Mar 2020 05:35 in response to Mikey132

Hi Mike


Thanks for the reply. BTW my cause was diverticulitis rather than cancer, at least they dont believe at this stage that that was an issue. Covid 19 will delay everything but as long as its done at some point sucessfully. You are right about only those with issues write on here as I have heard of some great success stories on reversal with close to zero issues once all is healed. Anyway would love to stay in touch as things develop for comparrison. My fitness is my biggest concern so have just ordered a new bike to get the leg muscles going. I will also look at the belt right now.


Best wishes 



Stoma Reversal

26 Mar 2020 07:43 in response to mick40s

Hi Mick

Yep, feel free to stay in touch. I'll let you how my op goes when I've had it. Hopefully I'll be one of the many success stories. Fitness is something I've been a bit remiss on. Walking the dog is not enough...and my motorcycle riding (which is strenuous) has with the stoma been curtailed.

Re the belts, Supportx was recommended by my stoma nurse and I also have belts from Comfizz....both of which come on prescription. Good luck looking 

Speak soon


Stoma Reversal

26 Mar 2020 09:56 in response to Mikey132

Hello Mikey132,

                       if you are lumping a jota about l can well believe you when you say its strenouus,l remember having a 1200 aniversary model on a long weekend test from my then local dealer,slater bros at bromyard.Struggled to make my mind up about it ,good in places,hard in others.On the nadgery stuff my LC would have it for breakfast,but on open flowing roads with sweeping curves l wore the biggest grin.Around towns a build like rambo would have been useful--lol

                                                                                       hope  the reversal goes well,l wear the badge for having been there,and losing that bag was well worth the price for doing so,l hated it with such a vengeance l did not believe was possible,and looking back 5 years on getting back to near normal was worth every bit of grief along the way.Maybe you should switch to a 500 Pantah during your recovery and avoid the mainstand hernia situation ,

                                                             go well, David




Stoma Reversal

26 Mar 2020 10:11 in response to gruntifen

Haha...yes, it was a beast!...officially the first 'superbike' sadly now sold but good days. I know Slater Bros well. 
Now busy with Triumphs, currently getting a 1968 Bonneville ready for after my reversal!! Luckily I have a 900 Sport with a side stand and more importantly electric start!! 

Good to hear positive news re your reversal, some 'accidents' I've had have made me start counting down the days to the op!

Great to talk