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Still difficulties with eating

23 Jan 2018 18:53

Hi. I am a laryngectomy having had the life saving surgery last June 2017. It was life changing and I have to say challenging. I am still struggling with learning to talk again but more so struggles with eating food is almost daily. I tend to dread when it’s time to eat dinner. I mainly eat soft foods . Yoghurt, soup, ice cream, smoothies, anything that will slide down . It strange how one day I can eat scrambled egg and then on another day, it gets stuck and I can’t swallow or get it down me! Crazy ! Does anyone else have this problem??  My consultant has said ages ago , my eating would never be ‘normal’ but I find it so frustrating. Going out for a meal, which I really miss , is still a no no. Yesterday I managed a little bit of chicken casserole , fabulous went down fine. And now today, scrambled egg, nope . I feel I go two steps forward and five steps back ....

Help !!


Re: Still difficulties with eating

23 Jan 2018 23:02 in response to Warriorswin
Hi I’ve now had 16 years trying to keep cancer at bay. About 6 years ago throat then metastatic growth in my lungs and plural lining and now beyond. Incurable but still here after three years since original prognosis. Part of the key is my relationship with food. In the early days after throat surgery Ned then radiation therapy all food became like eating dog poo! But I new I had to persist. Food became medicine. I had to get it down. Before the treatment I was a food junkie, I was lucky to have recently purchased a brilliant German blending machine that is just awesome and will blend anything into a fine soup. That meant I could take any food, and I mean any food and turn into a soup. So whatever I cook for the family I take the same size portion of everything that others are having. Add some hot stock and blend a Sunday roast including roast spuds, steamed veg, Yorkshire pud, roast chicken or beef or lamb. Chuck em into the Thermomix and two minutes later. Soup. And the same meal as the rest of my family. It works so well that I have even asked chefs in restaurants if they would mind taking one of their menu dishes and doing the same. Never had a refusal, only ever a request as to whether they could add anything else. This way of eating has not only kept me alive, it’s has also enabled me to stabilise my weight and feel more comfortable about eating anything I choose.

Re: Still difficulties with eating

24 Jan 2018 08:00 in response to jamesgeorge

well done you for keeping positive,  i like to read thred and the other side of me, dont as itg can be quite daunting i think we have all ahead of us, my ma has been just been diagnosed, with voice box cancer, and due for surgery 1st week of feb, if everything goes to plan,  its not something im looking forward to but she 76, and hasnt spread  so really needs to have it done,  my mother is a fussy eater at the best of times,  so  this is going to be a challenge,


wishing you  all  the very best and a speedy recovery 

Re: Still difficulties with eating

24 Jan 2018 08:01 in response to Warriorswin

hi maybe its the texture of the scrambled egg sticks to the sides,  does it happen with any other foods or just egg