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Stem cell transplant

17 Apr 2018 00:13


After being diagnosed in 2016 with Hodgkin Lymphoma I’m now waiting for a stem cell transplant. 

After being so positive throughout this journey I had a major meltdown today as I’m so worried about this next step. I think it’s the thought of being in hospital for a month and not being home for my children even though they are in their teens and the realisation that if this doesn’t work I’m running out of options. Never one to be down for long, tomorrow is another day. 

Re: Stem cell transplant

19 Apr 2018 08:12 in response to Fight4life

Welcome to Cancer Chat, Fight4life although I'm sorry for the reason that brings you here.

I think feeling up and down when you are facing a situation like yours is something that will resonate with our many of our members and hopefully, some of them will be along shortly to share their experiences with you but in the meantime feel free to post as much as you want, even if all you need is a good vent. There is always someone where to listen.

Stay strong, Fight4life.

Best wishes,

Renata, Cancer Chat Moderator