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7 Jan 2020 15:39 in response to Dor06

Dear Carol,  Not at all surprised you aren't feeling festive.with all that is happening.  It is so hard in this situation.  Norman  is probably better off at home if they can't find a bed for him.  The fire in NSW, Sydney are terrible, the smoke has travelled far and wide and definitely isn't ideal for anyone, let alone someone pregnant.  We also have fires in Eastern Victoria and the far West of Victoria, even here we have had a couple of days with smoke haze if the wind is blowing in the right direction,  
I hope the results of Norman's CT are not as bad as you are thinking.  

Anthea, So sorry to hear that your hubbies cancer has spread.  I know how hard it is to stay positive with all the set backs and results not being what we hoped.  It's ok to vent on here, we can listen and might even be able to offer a suggestion or two, We  have all had days that are really difficult to deal with or accept.

It's hard to pur into words how sorry I am to hear how both Stephen and Norman are at present.  Sending you both hugs

Love to all.  Sue xx

PS: Sorry about your shoulder Billy, be more careful.

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9 Jan 2020 19:02 in response to Dor06

Dear Carol and anthea  so sorry about your husbands problems. We're all hoping things improve i know your not really interested in the forum just now but you have a lot of friends rooting for things to improve, and wishing you ladies well also. Thinking of you all.. Love Billy xxxxxxx 

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11 Jan 2020 14:12 in response to Billygoatt

Thanks Billy, our appointment was cancelled as our own oncologist wants to see us Monday, so another two days of worry.  I'll post when we get home.  Love Carol x 

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11 Jan 2020 20:12 in response to Dor06

Fingers and everything else crossed for Monday that the news isn't as bad as you fear. My poor hubby has really gone downhill since our appointment last Monday. I don't think I can cope with work much longer.  one vile woman came in on Friday, was extremely rude and then sat with her friend saying how miserable my face is and she's surprised I got a job! Talk about judgmental! My brother-in-law took hubby to watch some local football today but it's really taken it out of him. He can't walk 10 paces without getting really breathless. A nice warm bath has sorted him out now. Have a good evening everyone xxx

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13 Jan 2020 06:23 in response to spananf

Hi Carol thinking of you and hubby, I'm surprised you didn't say something rather rude to that woman, well done, we're thinking of you and Norman remember you've got plenty of friends rooting for Billy xxx 

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13 Jan 2020 15:52 in response to Billygoatt

Hi my lovely friends we're  back home and have a long road ahead of us.  There are five nodules on hubbys liver, the lung cancer has grown back to stage four, he has an inflated left lung, But we have been offered immunotherapy treatment and radiotherapy.  He's signed the forms today and after a Pet scan to confirm the nodules are cancer we can go ahead with the treatment and try and shrink them.  This is good news but I am not jumping for joy at what is to come, though Norman is very upbeat about it all.  The side effects can be severe in some cases and I hope we are not in that percentage, onwards and upwards we fight on.  Our girls are happy that Dad is going to be with us a lot longer than we thought, but I am a little tired at the moment and hope by the time treatment begins that I have got my act together once more.  So, bad news tempered with good news.  Thank you all for your support through this horrible few weeks, I think when you are not well yourself it's harder to cope and because throughout I have been fit I'm now struggling.  I've just had a phone call in the middle of this post to say the scan has been booked, so now awaiting an appointment.  I've had the week from Hell with my tooth and am on antibiotics again and painkillers, because I've been so stressed I've bruised my jaw thus setting off another tooth in sympathy, an urgent private referral is 6 to 8 weeks, so only 7 weeks left to suffer!!  Our GP gave us the worst case scenario last Monday, so sorry he said, its spread, its not looking very good, take care of yourself Carol, with a maudlin face, I need optimistic thoughts not negative ones.  So I'll post each day again as its another chapter in the world of fighting cancer and hopefully it will help others going through the same trauma.  A special thanks to Sue who has messaged me privately, Anthea who is going through a terrible time with unkind people commenting on her attitude when they have no idea what others are suffering and to think of me at such a hard time shows your strength of love and understanding, so sod them all Anthea, it's about you, not them.  Another friend who I met on this forum has kept my spirits up and her prayers have been answered.  I do believe in God but we tend to lose a little faith when at our lowest, its natural but you can only see the darkness ahead, not the light.  So once again, love to you all, Carol xx 

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13 Jan 2020 18:19 in response to Dor06

This is good news for you carol. My hubby had immunotherapy and hardly suffered at all with any side effects. It was while he was having this treatment that he felt well enough for us to go to Norway! The only side effect that he did get really was a nasty rash on the top half of his body. When I first saw it I thought he had been sitting out in a blazing hot sunshine! I bought him Epimax oatmeal cream and he used it to wash with instead of shower gel or soap. It really kept it under control. Today I have been to the doctors and got myself signed off from work for a few weeks. I feel like a weight has been lifted that I don't have to worry about work for a while. So with my new found freedom I have been sitting at my kitchen table making little fondant figures for different celebration cakes I'm making for family members! I have found it very therapeutic. I do hope you get some relief from your tooth soon. No pain worse than toothache as far as I'm concerned! All the very best to you all , Anthea xxx

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13 Jan 2020 18:38 in response to Dor06

Hi Carol and co ...

Not been on much lately as like everyone here, lots of family / personal probs ... to where it's so hard trying to help others ... but I do pop on every so often and pop on to see how some are doing ... like you ..

So sorry I missed what a hard time your having right now too ... just wanted to say, I'm thinking of you and just to hold on , like you do so well ... but we all need a shoulder to lean on , and hope you've got support right now ...  and sue too, my heart goes out to you, watching your homeland is heart breaking.. 

I was so hoping 2020 would be kinder, but sadly it's not given any of us a break so far .. so not holding out for much improvement ... so just want you to know I'm thinking of you all ... big vertual hug Chrissie ❤ x 

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13 Jan 2020 20:32 in response to Dor06

Hi Carol, I have been trying to stay away from this forum for the past few months, just checking in now and again. I was sorry to read of your recent setbacks but it us good that Norman is going to be able to have immunotherapy and radiotherapy to keep those nasties at bay. It is 4 years ago today after Alan's scan and biopsy results that we were told he indeed had lung cancer and nothing could be done and given a prognosis of 9 to 12 months of which we only managed 6. 

It must be so hard for you both but your positive attitude will hopefully help you on the road ahead.

Love to all the ladies who write on this thread and Billy of course. 


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14 Jan 2020 01:17 in response to littleone58

Dear Carol,
While the scan results didn't give you the news you hoped for, there are still treatment options for Norman and while there can be side effects everything I've read say most people usually only have minor problems, if any at all, hopefully Norman is one of those.  Norman feeling positive is great and I really feel that helps so much. You will cope as you always have, and give all the support he needs.  Hopefully your tooth will be dealt with and then you won't feel like your struggling.  Take it easy in the meantime and get well.

Chriss, Thank you, it is very hard watching the devastation these fires are causing. 

Anthea, Good to hear you have some time off work.  

Billy, How are both Bren and yourself?

Take care and love to all.  Sue xx


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14 Jan 2020 07:22 in response to AusSue

Hi sue we are as good as can be, we've just found out that bren could have Alzheimers, it's got to be confirmed yet see specialist in couple of weeks then hopefully something to slow it down??. Its not being a very good year so far for a lot of people can wish that things improve as the year goes on. Hope you're managing OK, haven't heard anything about the fires lately on the news hopefully there getting sorted. Think I'm mumbling a bit not a good night wishing you well     love.... Billy xxx 

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14 Jan 2020 12:15 in response to Billygoatt

Hi lovely people, such support and love on this thread, there is good in the world!  A better night for us both, only up twice and no rushing around this morning as we had no appointments.  Sarah is here making my home presentable so lovely clean beds and bathrooms when she leaves, I'd be lost without her as bending down at the moment is agony, can you remember those old black and white photos of Laurel and Hardy, one had a white handkerchief under his chin and knotted on his head because he had toothache, now I know why but the Look doesn't suit me!! Lynne it is nice to hear from you again, we've struggled but have kept going, you weren't given that choice.  It's funny you're saying you haven't been on the forum for a while and I understand why, but I've noticed others are coming on worrying about getting cancer when there is nothing wrong with them, I find it hard to understand how when cancer is not in your life for real that you would be so concerned that you might get it.  It's hard enough dealing with it for real and using this lovely helpful forum to have the support and knowledge of how to cope day to day but to waste each healthy day scrolling through cancer stories is such a waste of a life, I wish we had.  Billy, I am so, so sorry about Bren, its a hard diagnosis to deal with, my Father in law had it and I cared for him, then Mum got dementia and I cared for her so my heart goes out to you both, if you need help on how to deal with it I can help in some way.  Sue, I haven't replied yet as it's been a roller-coaster week but to see Australia in such a mess is heartbreaking for us all, the loss of life, homes and animals is devastating for you all.  So take care all of you, see you tomorrow.  Love Carol x 

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15 Jan 2020 04:22 in response to Billygoatt

Dear Billy,  So sorry to hear Bren could have Alzheimers, it's an awful disease.  I too, hope things improve. for so many.  Our fires aren't sorted as yet.  The fires in NSW have been going since September, and no sign yet of them easing.  Just in the last 1/2 hour we've had a few small fires start locally from lightning, hopefully they get them under control shortly.  Hope things improve for you.

Carol I had a gigle picturing you wearing a white hankerchief under your chin. 

Take care and love to all.  Sue xx

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15 Jan 2020 14:34 in response to AusSue

So last night we had just sat down to tea and the phone rang, a nurse from the unit where hubby had originally had chemo.  Could we go in for a pre chemo chat please?  I was a little confused as he's not having chemo and I told her so, but we have a form here from your oncologist asking us to go ahead with this, I asked if she'd read the whole form, No she replied, well it says immunotherapy not chemotherapy and he hasn't sevn had the Pet scan confirming the liver cancer, so we're not even down for treatment yet!  After a lot of apologies and confusion she said she'd talk to our oncologist.  This is so scary, can you imagine if I'd not known what was going on or had the gumption to question a nurse we'd have ended up with a wasted journey, car parking charges, me finding a wheelchair due to where the unit is and then being told it was a mistake.  Anyway, it's bitterly cold and sunny, I only went out to hang my washing out and had to put my parka with its fur hood on, hubby said I looked like Nanook of the North, all right for him sat in a cosy warm room doing the crossword!  So it's my little granddaughter's 7th birthday today, we're face timing after school to see her presents, Faye showed us how many she had and she'd said, is that it?!  That's what comes of having a birthday just after Christmas.  Hope you're all surviving January, last day of antibiotics, I've not had a drink for ten days, gin bottle here I come!!  Love Carol x 

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16 Jan 2020 09:59 in response to Dor06

Dear Carol,  
They don't always get everything right, so you have to be aware of where your at.  There's a good chance it was the person that saw the Oncologist before or after your appointment.  It would have been a wasted visit if you hadn't questioned the nurse. 
Woohoo last day of antibiotics, enjoy your gin.
Fairly quiet day here, I didn't get to the ironing, changed bedding, vacced and washed the floor.  Then a phone call from Deana, as Nick was going to be later this evening, could I come and mind the shop for 1/2 hour while she picked up her car from the mechanics.
I've booked my car in for a service next Tuesday and enquired about tyres as well, as they need replacing.  Dread to find out what they will cost.
Tomorrow Rotary has an evening BBQ at Bunnings so I am rostered on from 5pm.  Our weather has cooled today and it only reached 20, with 19 predicted for tomorrow.  It sounds as though it's cold in England if you need a coat on to hang the washing.

I hope Ella had a wonderful birthday and got lots of presents, and that you enjoyed your face time with Ella and Faye.

Lots of love, Sue xx