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13 Jul 2019 16:48 in response to AusSue

Hi Carol and Sue and everyone. Had a busy few weeks. Saw my oncologist and bloods were good and he was pleased but I was worried because of almost constant stomach and back ache so he said to put my mind at rest he would arrange an Ultra sound scan. Had to wait over two weeks for result but thank goodness all clear. Probably my IBS which I’ve had for years. Haven’t got to see him now until 24 th September. Really pleased and my energy is slowly coming back. I can do bits of housework and the garden again. My hair is growing like mad but it’s thick curls. Dident have curls before. But I’m grateful just to have thick hair again. My middle daughter Catherine and me went up to Llandudno for a few days. Paid a bit extra and had a luxury room with our own balcony. It was lovely and did us both good. Catherine lost her husband suddenly two years ago from a heart attack so we go to the cinema or shopping or a meal out together and help each other. My other two daughters are good to me too. Don’t know how I’d have coped without them. Family mean everything don’t they. Think I told you about my three great grandsons born 18 months ago . Well there will be another two later this month and in November. We used to be able to sit at the same table together at Christmas but think it will have to be two sittings or a buffet. Its lovely though and we are all very close. Perhaps the two this year will be girls but as long as they are all ok it really doesn’t matter. Sending you lots of love. Gloria xxx

Stay Strong

13 Jul 2019 17:21 in response to gloden

Dear Gloria, what marvellous news, I am so glad you are on the mend.  It must be difficult to get it out of your head but you've been so good by coping I'm sure you will find peace of mind later on.  You're right, family means everything, I try to see mine when I can and they're very good at coming all this way.  So many babies, you will have your hands full but in a nice way.  We're having our ups and downs, but that's our life now, we have to live each day the best we can.. It's fuuny you have curls, my sister in law had a new kidney and her hair went very thin but grew back wavy on one side only, she wasn't best pleased but like you at least she had hair!  So well done, don't go missing I love hearing from you.  Love Carol x

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14 Jul 2019 19:55 in response to Dor06

We've had a pretty good day, hubby has got his sense of humour back as his neck has eased off, he's watched the Grand prix and is happy Lewis Hamilton won!  I popped to get some odds and ends and Next had a sale on so I bought Ella a dress and a pretty sun suit for her holidays.  All she needs now is some sun, even when it's a nice day here by 8pm its cold, no sitting out without a fur throw!  I've no plans this week apart from the gardener coming to to help me tidy up, the wind and rain have made a mess of my roses, I could collect the petals and start my own perfumery.  Teas eaten, we've both had a drink and alls well, let's hope it continues, I may yet get to Lisa's House!!  Love to you all.  Xx

Stay Strong

15 Jul 2019 07:06 in response to gloden

Dear Gloria and Carol.
Really pleased to hear your results were all good.  I've heard so often that after treatment when your hair grows back it is totally different to what it was pre-treatment.  Your few days away sound lovely with your daughter.  Family is so important to us all.  How loucky are you with another two great grandbabies on the way.  Girls would be nice after 3 boys but as long as they are healthy, thats the main thing.

Carol, Good to hear Norman has his sense of humour back.  How do you cope with the Grand Prix?  Neil was a fan of motor racing also but with he hearing loss, he'd have the tv so loud and the noise really drove me to distraction.  We have a supercar event here the Bathurst 1000, over 3 days in October, I'd just about go insane, loud revving cars for 3 days.  I'd try and go out that weekend if I could.  

I've go a fairly busy week, aqua balance tonight, Rotary tomorrow night, Staying at Deana;s tonight and tomorrow night, she is doing a flower run in the morning and then Wednesday I've got Eli all day so staying over.  Thursday or Friday I'm going to Melbourne, Saturday even I'm going to a trivia night and Sunday have the market so I'm on the bbq stand again.  Just one of those weeks, I'll be looking forward to a quieter week next week.  Today I've neem fairly productive also, done ironing, a little weeding, with all the rain they've sprouted, at least they are easy to get out at the moment.

Will see how I go as to posting, unless I'm home for more than a few minutes I probably won't get on the computer till Wednesday evening.

Take care and love to all Sue xx

Stay Strong

15 Jul 2019 19:17 in response to AusSue

Dear girls, I am officially exhausted!  I arranged for the gardener to come but they never arrived so I set too myself as I'd moved everything, they came an hour late, then Kelly said I looked stressed, really I said?  So we made hubby move his car as the block paving was being de weeded, so he went to check his buggy.  I'd just sat down when he came home, not looking well at all, the heat is not helping and he's stopped taking the antihistamines because he read the information leaflet and it said could cause wheezing, so once again he's made himself worse, it's a pity he didn't take notice of the packaging of cigarettes saying May Cause Cancer!!  Then Norman next door comes round and says he's going to cut our hedge so another job for me to pick it all up!!  Then hubby starts saying, oh I'm not much use am I, I can't help you like I did, I just looked at him and said it's been ten years since you lost your leg, I'm used to it.  He shut up but looks sorry for himself.  I asked him to clean the toaster out, guess what he does it today, in the kitchen on the worktop, what a bloody mess!!  Sue you're busier than me this week, I've got it next week for two days but we love it really, don't we?  When I worked for the family business we did rally car driving and went all over to Belfast, Southern Ireland and all round Great Britain so I enjoy watching it, but I watch it on my TV, much more civilised.  So I will hear from you when you're back, Annie has dropped off the radar again, maybe she's moved!!  Love Carol x 

Stay Strong

16 Jul 2019 18:47 in response to Dor06

I got out of bed this morning and had to walk on my heels as my legs ache so much, but I dragged myself to my dance class, hubby had bloods again and has decided to go back on his antihistamines, commonsense prevailed.  Dorothy has another appointment with her GP as her memory is getting worse, we're all noticing it more and more so she needs help now, not when it gets too bad to deal with.  We're going out for a meal on Thursday as its then summer holidays and we all have family commitments so our last night out for a few weeks,  hubby is driving us so we can drink, hooray!!  Mary and I went to Dunelm Mill for coffee and cake and I bought a screen for the conservatory door to stop the blinking flies, my spare Norman came and put it up, mine was quite impressed with my purchase, that makes a change.  It's scorching here today and I hope it keeps nice for Fayes holiday.  See you tomorrow, love Carol x 

Stay Strong

17 Jul 2019 20:29 in response to Dor06

Dear Carol,
It annoys me when tradespeople/deliveries are late.  Had a delivery of shelving a couple of weeks ago firstly it was supposed to be delivered on the Tuesday, that was cancelled 5.00 on the Tuesday 2 hours after delivery time,  Then changed to the Thursday at 3.00, that changed to 4.00, rang them at 4.30, they then said 5.30 and they finally arrived at 7.10pm, as we were eating dinner..\  Had things I wanted to do on Tuesday and had to put it off.  I was so annoyed.  Men only follow instructions when it suits them, that my experience anyway.  It has been a busy week, but I don't mind.  Watching Eli is generally a joy, although I did my sleep Tuesday morning.  He woke up just before Deana left so I was giving him a cuddle thinking he woujld go back to sleep but no luck, he just snuggled in and was very comfy, but by 5.30am he'd decided it was playtime.  He was happy though, although ready for a nap by the time he'd had breakfast and I'd got him ready for daycare.  Deana got caught up in traffic and was late so I took him to daycare as well.  Hone at nearly 10am so went to bed then.  Then I was at Deana's yesterday as well, he was good though. I was exhausted.  At this stage still hoping to go to Melbourne tomorrow.  Waiting for notification that a steamer has arrived in store, It shoujld have been in by now so hoping it arrives today and I'll still go tomorrow and catch up with Bree.  My clothes steamer stopped working over the weekend so I ordered one on Sunday, it was only supposed to take 1/2 days to arrive in store.  The car rallies would have been good to do.  Been a while since we;v e heard from Annie.  Would be nice if she has found a house and finally moved,

I'm not surprised you were so sore when you got up today after all you did in the garden.  Will be interesting to hear what the GP has to say this visit re Dorothy.    Enjoy your meal out today.  Your spare is so good to do so much.  IT's nice when husbands are impressed with a purchase we've made.  I so wish we had warm weather, it is still so cold here at least we won't have rain for a couple of days.  Hop[e it stays nice for Fayes holiday.

Going to catch up on some sleep.  Take care, love to all.  Sue xx

Stay Strong

17 Jul 2019 22:57 in response to AusSue

Dear Sue, thank you for the chatty letter.  When Ella is here it's a 6am start and I'm worn out by lunchtime!  It's lovely having them but sleep would be good too.  I bet you're tired but hope you make it out to Melbourne.  Just did my dance class today then popped into our local town and bought a few things to brighten the conservatory up, some little plants set in stone in a grey pot, I bought three to line on the window ledge but I am going to stain the wood first, some new cushions and a couple of new photo frames, it should look nice when it's done.  Dorothy's had blood tests I hope and pray it's not too bad, she's such a lovely lady.  Norman has been home all day, he looks tired but isn't wheezing as much.  Harry rang me as he'd got his school report, he's done so well and excelled at everything and his teacher wrote a glowing report about him, he was so proud of himself.  So it's late now and a bit cooler so sleep may come easier tonight.  Speak soon, love Carol x 

Stay Strong

19 Jul 2019 15:53 in response to Dor06

Dear Carol,
I was tired but it's such a pleasure to watch him.. just wish the hours were more normal.  I haven't been to Melbourne.  My steamer has arrived at the store but they missed sending me an email to advice it had will be going early next week to pick it up.  By the time I get it I'll have finished my pile of ironing.  I've been very good and more than halved it. There was nothing on TV so I started watching a series on Netflix, it was so good I kept watching more episodes and continued ironing.  Sounds like Harry has done really well at school.  I had a ball of wool arrive today that I had ordered so have started to crochet a shawl.  It will take me ages but it's handy to have something to do when I watch Eli especially the times when I'm waiting for him to wake.  Your conservatory should look lovely by the time you stain the wood then add the cushios, photo frames and plants. 
Good to hear Norman isn't wheezing as much.  Has it cooled a little there so you are able to sleep better.   We had sunshine today but it's still quite cold.  I was so proud of myself tonight, discovered a huntsmen on the cornice last night just before I went to bed.  First thing I did when I got up was look for him, (I hate spiders), he was in a different spot but still around, I've been checking his whereabouts all day, then this evening he moved to the middle of the kitchen ceiling.  Can't bear the though of him falling down on top of me so I gently swept him off the ceiling, then while he was still on the broom, I took him outside.  Hoping he doesn't come back in. 
Not much else today, it's been a quiet lazy day.

Have a great day, take care and lots of love.  Sue zzz

Stay Strong

19 Jul 2019 17:13 in response to AusSue

Dear Sue, I've just written Al ong reply to you and it disappeared!!  So mad but I will write again tomorrow, argghh xx

Stay Strong

20 Jul 2019 19:03 in response to Dor06

Dear Carol,

That has happened to all of us at some stage.  Not a lot today except the Trivia night.  Had a great time.  We didn't win but didn't come last either.  Ended up in the middle. it was a lot of fun.  Way better than the last one I'd gone to many years ago.  Venue was great also, and one I'd not been to before.
Heading to bed somewhat earlier tonight as at the market on the BBQ stand in the morning.

Take care and love to all.  Sue xx

Stay Strong

20 Jul 2019 19:35 in response to AusSue

Dear Sue, sorry to write so late but we've just had tea.  Had a busy couple of days and Norman hasn't been too well, he may have a slight chest infection but yesterday's mood was not good.  Had a great night out Thursday apart from Joe doing wheelies in his big four by four as there had been an accident on the road we needed to be on, poor Dorothy was hanging onto me for grim death, he was rude to me as well which annoyed me and Mary said nothing, she is certainly cowed by him at times.  So when we got back she told me the man who was going to rent their shop had pulled out, fine but no reason to be cross with me!!  Sounds like you had a good night, who are you knitting for, or is it so you can wrap your bones in it on a winters night!!  Margaret and I went shopping yesterday and we had such a laugh, sat drinking coffee in the M and S store when a load of fluff floated down from the ceiling, yuk we said looking up to the dusty lights overhead when a bird flew over our heads missing us by inches, it then proceeded to fly at the men's department, so we gave up and left.  Anyway a couple of bargains. Two vest tops in their sale for two pounds each, had to have them.  So he went to the club this afternoon but just as he left Don rang to say Bob's wife died this morning, so sad but I knew she would not last long, he will be lost, Norman said she did everything for him, just like you do for me he added, we will attend this funeral as Bob is a long standing friend.  My new conservatory goods have just arrived so that's my job for tomorrow.  Take care, love Carol xx

Stay Strong

21 Jul 2019 20:39 in response to Dor06

My hubby is so tired after having a bath he needs a nap!  Do you want to go anywhere he asks, no I'm happy pottering here I say, he breathes a sigh of relief.  The golf Open is on and he's sat glued to the TV.  My new cushions have arrived and my Amaryllis looks beautiful on the new stained ledge so I have my Sunday pan au raison, American coffee and read the paper.  Lisa calls and she's having a restful weekend trying to rest her foot that she's sprained again.  It's Fayes birthday tomorrow she's 46 years old, how did that happen?  I'm watching Escape to the château I've decided a visit is on my bucket list, the glamping experience looks fabulous.  Had a call from Lner today, I'm getting my fare back, so I may get Al ong weekend at Lisa's, its been over two years since I went, I just need to make sure my spare Norman is around when I'm gone!!  Hope you are well everyone.  Love Carol x 

Stay Strong

21 Jul 2019 20:40 in response to Dor06

Dear Carol,

Had the market today, was quieter than usual, we had terrible weather predicted, although it wasn't quite as bad as prediction but still a very bitterly cold wind, no rain at least.  It was actually quite nice if you were sheltered from the wind.  Sorry to hear Norman hasn't been too well.  Poor Deana has had a throat and chest infection and is on antibiotics for it, but she did venture out today and came for a visit, she is on the mend now and sounded a lot better today.  I would have been terrified and hanging on also if I had been in the 4x4 Joe.  Can't say I blame Dorothy handing on for grim death.  No need to be rude because the sale of Joe and Mary's shop had fallen through.
The shawl is for me, but it's more for Spring and cooler Summer nights, it;s in a 4 ply cotton, which has a lovely drape in pinks/blues.  I have a lot of summer clothes in blues and the colours in the yarn go really well with so many of them.  It's looking nice so far but a long way to go.  Sounds like your vests were a great bargain, a good shopping day with good company.  Such a shame Bob's wife has passed, he will miss her terribly I imagine.  Studies here show men generally find it harder when their partner has passed than women do.
Sounds like you will have a busy day in the conservatory tomorrow.  I'll have a busy day in Melbourne.  I'm going to pick up the title documents for my house, pick up my steamer, look for a pair of shoes to go with dresses for summer, catch up with Bree and then call in at my girlfriends, so will miss aqua balance as I won't be back in time.  At least the weather in Melbourne is supposed to be better than here.  Sunny and a little warmer than our cold, wet, windy day.

Take care, love to all.  Sue xx

Stay Strong

22 Jul 2019 13:03 in response to AusSue

Hi Sue, just posted my post when yours arrived!!  I hope Deanna is getting better, Harry has shingles, he's only eight but maybe school and all the busy activities have caught up with him.  4ply is slow to knit, when I did baby clothes it never seemed to get longer!!  Norman and I have been pumping up the blow up mattress for Ella, he got a right sweat on, I think that's him done for the day after all that unusual exercise.  It's muggy and windy here today so my lawn needs mowing, another job.  Spoke to Faye, they're all going out for lunch for her birthday and she sounded happy, it was Alfies leaving do Friday, apparently everyone was in tears including the parents, how times have changed, when we left school no one made a fuss you just left and started Big school after the summer holidays, that was it.  Faye is going to Keilder forest in Northumberland for her holiday its a gorgeous place, beautiful scenery and very near the border to Scotland, they also have a hot tub.  We were laughing as her neighbours have one and keep trying to get her in it, but she's like me doesn't fancy sharing a hot tub with mens dangly bits and other bodies but her own family. She's running out of excuses she says to not go in.  Well we've had cheese and tomato on toast, a five minute break and here I come lawnmower!!  Love Carol x