Together we will beat cancer


Stay Strong

12 Aug 2017 14:29

Well its raining again but I am still escaping for my meet up with best friend.   Hubby  drives me into town but I wish he would let me go on my own.   He is not concentrating enough but doesn't realise this.  He wants to feel useful and I understand that.  He is now complaining about his real leg saying it's not feeling right.   I think deep down we are both scared that the chemo has done some damage but we  daren't voice our concerns.   When I attempt to do this I get shouted down, I think it's a case of once you voice your fear to someone else it doesn't seem so bad, great but it them leaves me worrying even more!! I seem to have picked up a cold from somewhere and my hair is falling out to such an extent that people keep picking it off me like fleas off a dog! !   We have a quiet afternoon and our nephew who is a PGA golfer calls to ask him out but he's not up to it.  This cancer has a lot to answer for and definitely limits your life .  Keep strong all of you out there,  we have a fight on our hands. 


Stay Strong

13 Aug 2017 10:14 in response to Dor06
Hi Caz. Don't think I have spoken to you before but just a thought I had reading your post. I have stage 4 stomach cancer and am on chemotherapy EOX and my wife has vulval cancer so we are a pair of cancer sufferers. I find it easy to talk about it but June my wife does not. Mine is terminal but I did not ask for prognosis and the way I am approaching it is that I want to live as long as June is here so I am being positive about mine. June's is operable and she is going in 2 weeks to have operation and I will need to look after her till she recovers. I have fought against the chemo with success as I still work full time and I manage to get to the gym a few times in the chemo period (3weeks between). My doctor says because I am fitter than the average 70 year old I am able to do this. I believe that but also believe it's because I want to look after June who is 80 . I would suggest talking to other friends and family when you can as some of them may help with the situation and try to be as positive in your own mind as you can because it works for us. Hope this helps in some way. Eddie

Stay Strong

13 Aug 2017 17:12 in response to Thebarbell

Hi Eddie thanks for the lovely thoughts and advice.   I have stayed positive right from the beginning but some days are more difficult than others.  If you have read my chats I would say 90%are upbeat.   Hubby is 71 too and apart from being an amputee was fit like you.  The anger comes in spurts from him and can be triggered by something so silly that it leaves you reeling! Take care of you and your wife,  my prayers are with you both. Carol