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Stage IV Cancer Survival Without Chemo

28 Feb 2018 11:24

Hi All,

My mother has been diagnosed with Stage IV Gall Bladder Cancer metastatized into Liver and few lymph nodes. Oncologists told me that Palliative Chemo is the only option available which can only improve the quality of life to some extent. The diagnose happened on 17 Oct and dr mentioned 6-8 months with Chemotherapy and around 3-6 months without it. Hence as every other care taker or patient who was shown the ugle face of Cancer, I chose to go ahead with Chemo for my mother. She is 66 years old and not very strong. 

It has been 4.5 months and completed 8 Chemo cycles using GEMOX (Gemicitibine and Oxaliplatin). Response has been average as the primary tumor at the wall of gall bladder decreased by 20 mm since the start of the treatment. 

Now after the 8th chemo, my mother is having serious troubles like continuous loose motions, high fever and extreme weekness. As per doctor, it is expected and now the response will also not be great as cells becomes resistant to chemo drugs. 

So considering the above, I am planning to discontinue Chemo and just take care of my mother for whatever time she has. 
Please let me know if you have any information on cancer survival in Stage 4 without Chemo. Are there any ways in which I can prolong her life?


Re: Stage IV Cancer Survival Without Chemo

2 Mar 2018 13:57 in response to Avitiwari

Hello Avitiwari. 

I'm sorry to hear that your Mother's health has deteriorated. Understandably this is a difficult time for you both. 

If you'd like to post in our Ask the Nurses topic area they may be able to give you some more information. 

Sending our best wishes. 
Cancer Chat moderator

Re: Stage IV Cancer Survival Without Chemo

2 Mar 2018 20:15 in response to Avitiwari

Hi Avitiwari,

I'm not a doctor or anything, just another cancer patient, but it would be worth asking your mother's oncologist for advice. I was on a similar chemo regime (EOX in my case), but there was a debate at the time about how many cycles were most effective. In the end I had four cycles - traditionally six to eight had been recommended but research showed that four had better outcomes as it didn't completely wreck the immune system.

Everyone is different and you may find that the oncologist agrees with your suggestion of reducing the number of cycles. This is NOT an exact science Wink

Good luck



Re: Stage IV Cancer Survival Without Chemo

4 Mar 2018 10:27 in response to Avitiwari

I can’t help with chemo or medicinal information but my dad chose to not have chemo (after trying oral chemo which had very little side effects). He wanted to enjoy the time he had left without being ill and weak. My dad played football his grandkids at the end of May and he passed away on 6th September. 

I don’t know if you can prolong your mum’s life but I think by discontinuing chemo, you will certainly improve the quality.

Bee x