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Stage 3b life expectancy without treatment

19 Oct 2019 17:33

My 89 year old Mum has stage 3b squamous cancer of the oesophagus with 2 lymph nodes affected, palliative care only. She lives very close by and lives alone. She was diagnosed end of July and is very weak I find it so frustrating I don't know how long we have left with her. Do we being Christmas forward? Should family further away visit? I can see her weakening and I know she is thoroughly fed up with it all.

Stage 3b life expectancy without treatment

20 Oct 2019 02:16 in response to Gley

Hi Gley

My dad was diagnosed in July this year squamous cell stage 4 with secondary in the lungs. We are just waiting now and have been told that it will be days and not weeks. The waiting and the day by day deterioration is the worst. 

I think family should visit as my dad does not want any visitors and does not want to talk to anyone.

take care Gley

Stage 3b life expectancy without treatment

20 Oct 2019 06:48 in response to Janesdad

Thank you for your reply and advice. Awful disease isn't it? The waiting is horrible and it's a horrible way to end your life. I feel for you, your Dad and your family. You take care too