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squamous cell carcinoma (hole in the intestine )

6 Dec 2017 17:18

Anyone here if you have information. It would really help. 

My mother is diagnosed with Cancer and we got to know that she has a hole in the intestine. Because of that fecal matter(poop) comes from urination which is really scary for us. 

Doctor said she needs to be operated and put separate bags for the intestines to collect fecal matter and urination. they said its 14hour operation and its not guranty that she will be better or they can stop spreading the cancer. So my mother was not happy and decided not to go with the operation. 

From past couple of days she has no control for nature call(she keeps urinating without her knowledge). We have no clue what to do? Anyone here faced similar problem or have any kind of informatin please reply. Thanks.

Re: squamous cell carcinoma (hole in the intestine )

7 Dec 2017 01:50 in response to sanresume22

Hi there, so sorry your mum's going through such a hard time, and it must be heartbreaking for you ... if you phone the help line on here or mcmillan have one too, you will be able to get to talk to their nurses, and they will be able to give you more info ...  and hopefully there maybe someone who knows more then me on here and reply too ... sending you a big hug ... chrisie x 

Re: squamous cell carcinoma (hole in the intestine )

7 Dec 2017 09:41 in response to sanresume22

Hi sanresume, 

I'm sorry to hear about your mum's situation and for the reason you are posting.

As Chriss has mentioned you can chat to our cancer nurses about this for free on 0808 800 4040, Monday - Friday between 9a.m - 5p.m so do give them a call when you can as they will be able to help with this.

Do get in touch with her medical team if you haven't done so already as they will be able to advise on how to manage this situation as well.

Kind regards, 

Steph, Cancer Chat Moderator