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Spot lump thing

14 Nov 2019 23:33

Hi basically I have found a spot near the lower Lynth nodes near the thigh but, confident it isn't that as it sticks out and I can feel the lynth node near it. But basically I had a spot there which kept hurting when it got caught then the pain and spot went but now it's back and bigger but doesn't hurt. Any tips?

Spot lump thing

15 Nov 2019 14:48 in response to Jack.....

Hello and thanks for your post

I was sorry to read that about your situation.I'm afraid it's not possible to say what could be causing your spot. Only a doctor can make a medical assessment so the best thing to do is to ring the surgery to make an appointment.

I think a lot of people with new or ongoing symptoms worry about cancer. But for most symptoms there are a lot of other potential explanations and usually it is more likely that something else is the matter. You might have an infection there. 

Lumps or enlarged lymph nodes can be caused for various reasons, such as a local skin infection, or a blocked or inflamed lymph gland (lymph node). Sometimes lymph nodes come up in response to a recent bacterial or viral infection elsewhere in the body even if you feel well with no other symptoms. Sometimes they can take some time to go down again.

I hope you know more about it soon.

Kind regards,