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Songs that speak to you

7 Oct 2018 12:07

As with, no doubt, many people, I find that some songs seem to speak to us as individuals and are thus particularly appealing.

Here's a bit of a John Denver song with a slight adjustment to the first line. What songs would you add to a list.


'When you asked how I've been since last I saw you
I'd like to say I've been fine and I do
But we both know the truth is hard to come by
And if I told the truth that's not quite true

Some days are diamonds, some days are stones
Sometimes the hard times won't leave me alone
Sometimes a cold wind blows a chill in my bones
Some days are diamonds, some days are stones'


With apologies to John Denver for the slight change.

Songs that speak to you

7 Oct 2018 15:03 in response to Taff


For me, KT Tunstall's Heal Over rings bells. I won't write all the lyrics, Youtube does that better than I do. As a sample

Everybody sails alone although you can travel side by side

Even if you fail you know that no-one really minds

Come over here lady, let me wipe your tears away

Come a little nearer baby cos you'll heal over, heal over some day

Songs that speak to you

7 Oct 2018 16:07 in response to Taff

For is like being in love, relationship. Own life, Shouldn't be guilty of having to ones self n you..but you.


Songs that speak to you

7 Oct 2018 20:20 in response to Taff

Hi there taff ... love these threads ..

Mine needs no introduction ... I think ...


When your weary, feeling small ... When tears are in your eyes ... I will dry them all off ..  

I'm on your side when times get rough ... and friends just cant be found ...

When evening falls so hard, I will comfort you .... I'll take your part ....

When darkness comes and pain is all around ... like a bridge over troubled water I will lay me down ..

When you need a friend .. I'm sailing right behind ... 

Chrissie ❤

Songs that speak to you

21 Oct 2018 03:52 in response to Chriss

Hi There!

My song is REM- Everybody Hurts

>> When the day is long and the night , the night is yours alone

When you're sure you've had enough of this life