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Some advice please

3 Jan 2018 09:05

I've been having a few strange symptoms in the vaginal/cervix region for a few months. I started off with some stopping that lasted 5 days and then happened again 10 days later. Went to Drs who said was probably spotting due to implant (have had an implant for 9 years with no spotting prior to this) Dr also referred me for early smear as I have had to have lletz in past. During smear it was painful and I bled quite a bit after. Returned to Drs 2 days after smear Dr had a look and said everything looked fine and said that the nurse who did smear may have just been a little rough. Smear results came back fine and had no spotting for about 6 weeks. Then had spotting again returned to Drs and they did internal exam she said she could see lots of discharge and that the cervix looked ok but the inside of my vagina looked red and inflamed. She suggested it could possibly be thrush or an infection so took swabs. Swabs all came back fine. It still felt inflamed down and sore down there so returned to Drs who said there was nothing more that they could do as swabs had come back fine and I had no more spotting. At this point I asked for my implant to be removed to ensure that the spotting was only a result of nexplanon. Dr agreed had removed beginning of Nov and went on pill. Since then I have had no spotting but it still feels sore down there and there is a heavy feeling in my cervix (Well I think it's my cervix) a bit like a feeling of pressure slightly pushing or resting against something. I have also had lots of normal looking discharge, but excessive amounts. I have self treated for bv and thrush which has alleviated symptoms slightly. However it stills feel sore and I still have the heavy feeling in my cervix and a fair bit of discharge. Then last time 2 times we had sex it was slightly uncomfortable, but I have had a dull pelvic pain ever since (3days ago). Then today I went back to Drs explained the above and then diagnosed IBS and gave me some tablets for it, however since getting home and looking at IBS I have no actual IBS symptoms. Sorry for the epic post it's just all getting me a bit down and not sure what it could be? Worried as some of the symptons are simikar to before when I had CIN and needed lletz. Any one have any suggestions or had any similar symptons? 

Re: Some advice please

3 Jan 2018 16:24 in response to Kbb30

Hello Kbb30 and thank you for your post.

As you have had a recent normal smear it is very unlikely that the symptoms you describe are linked to cervical abnormalities. Unfortunately it is not possible for me to say for certain what is causing your symptoms. They are common from time to time in women who are still having periods. It is unlikely that they are related to cervical or any other cancer.

I am not sure if the red and inflamed area that your doctor described was just on the cervix and not the whole of the vagina. There is a common condition called a cervical ectropion that may explain your symptoms.

An ectropion (also called a cervical erosion) is quiet a common but harmless condition and most women will not even know they have it. When you look at the cervix, an ectropian looks like a raw area on the cervix and it bleeds easily when touched. It occasionally causes bleeding (particularly after sexual intercourse), pain during or after sex, vaginal discharge or infection. In many cases it goes away on its own. It is usually only treated if it persists or causes problems. The cancer charity Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust has some information about the causes, symptoms and treatment of cervical ectropion on the link here

We would always advise that people keep their GP undated on ongoing symptoms. If your symptoms continue or get worse if would certainly be advisable to discuss this with your GP.

I am sorry that we cannot be more specific but hope that some of this information is helpful.

With kind regards,