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So Far so Good

4 Dec 2017 16:57

Well I had my first colour scan since the lobectomy and all was looking good, I know it’s very early days yet I feel so much happier knowing that the cancer has not returned ,apart from a messed up shoulder blade life is good at the moment /slowly getting back into work and building my stamina with very lite excersize normality feels like it is returning,and after everything I know who my real friends are and who I can quite happily cut out of my life , cancer is one hell of a learning tool


happy man

Re: So Far so Good

6 Dec 2017 18:09 in response to edward1

Hi Edward1, 

Great to hear some good news from your scan results and that you're feeling so positive about life returning to normal. 

I know that many of the members here will agree with you about cancer being a learning tool! 

Best wishes
Cancer Chat moderator

Re: So Far so Good

6 Dec 2017 21:23 in response to Moderator Jenn

Thanks Jenn