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small lump under/below nipple, advice please :)

13 Jan 2020 11:51

Hi I’m really not sure what to do & i’m too scared to speak to my mum or any of my friends about this but on friday night i found a small pea/bean sized hard lump kind of below my nipple on my left breast. it’s not painful but since 29th december i have been getting small painful blister like things on my left nipple some of which have pus in & they’re all extremely tender (like if anything touches it eg a top it sends shooting pains into my breast & it’s extremely painful).


I just need some advice on what to do next as i don’t know if im being over dramatic & panicking over nothing. i tried to get a GP appointment but there was none available on their automated system & i’m too scared to call & ask the receptionist for an emergency one as i’m not sure if this would warrant an emergency appointment.


Thankyou so much in advance  



small lump under/below nipple, advice please :)

14 Jan 2020 16:09 in response to daisy99

Hello and thanks for posting,

It is not likely to be breast cancer so try to not over worry about this. But you might have an infection there, and may need antibiotic cream or antibiotic tablets.

So, although it is not an emergency as such, you do need to go and see your GP or nurse practitioner at the GP surgery, as soon as you can, and get assessed.

I hope that this reply helps,

Best wishes,