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Small lump on lower leg male

25 Aug 2019 17:43

hello everyone, today while in the garden i noticed a small lump on my lower right leg just above my sock line on my foot, so the bump is ibetween my knee cap and my ankle just in the middle, the lump is not HARD or really vissablle unless i put weight onto that leg then the lump enlargens.

my leg doesnt have any pain, the lump itself feels wateryish to me, but my granmother said to her it feels somewhat jelly like. it only becomes a little bigger if im standing on that leg or bending down. no swolleness 


im really scared and am willing to link some photos, i really hope i am fine as i just turned 20 years old.


if anyone knows anything, or any suggestions, maybe images of confirmed cancer lumps in that area so i know what to look for?


Yes im going to go to the doctors, making an appointment tomorrow.

Small lump on lower leg male

27 Aug 2019 15:23 in response to somonehelp1213

Hello and thank you for your posting.  I am sorry to hear that you are worried. 

Unfortunately, nobody on this forum can tell you what the matter is.

Many people with lumps and bumps worry that they may have cancer.  There can be many reasons for different lumps and most of them that GPs see are not cancer and easily explained.  

There may well be a simple reason why you have the lump.

There is NHS information here on lumps generally,

Do go and see your GP who can assess you and advise you further.

I hope that this helps.

Best Wishes,