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Skin Cancer Query

9 Oct 2019 12:39

Hi, I’m not sure what I’m doing here right now, I’m looking for some advice as I’m at a loss with GP. 

I have a blemish to my face which I am extremely concerned about, however the GP seems to think I’m over reacting (not their words but my general impression)

As a bit of history, it has been a discolouration under the skin for around a year, but never really noticed it too much just sometimes. But around 2 weeks ago it has become a raised lesion which itches and sometimes feels very warm and is clearly a lot more visible.

The GP said it looks like it could be the herpes virus and has given me Lipsore cream for it for a week. I’m not happy as I’m convinced it’s not this. I was wondering if anybody could please give me any advice?

thanks in advance and hope I’m not wasting anybody’s time x



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Skin Cancer Query

9 Oct 2019 15:01 in response to Mort83

Hi I'm going through exact same thing here. Small blemish on face that has turned suddenly into a raised red pimple. Gp gave me an antibiotic cream that is doing nothing but I can't get another appointment for 3 weeks! Have convinced myself it's something serious

Skin Cancer Query

9 Oct 2019 16:12 in response to Mort83

Hello Mort83 and thanks for posting, 

I'm afraid no one on this or any forum can ever diagnose someone's symtpoms (decide what is the matter).

GPs do see a lot of skin conditions and can refer patients to the hospital if they suspect skin cancer, so it does sound reassuring that your GP wasn't concerned.  Perhaps it would be an idea to try the Lipsore for a week, see how things go and if there is no sign of improvement, go back and see the GP again.

I hope you get this sorted out. 

Take care,


Skin Cancer Query

10 Oct 2019 09:16 in response to Star28

Hello Star28 and thanks for posting, 

Blemishes and pimples are common and might not have anything to do with skin cancer, so hopefully there won't be anything serious going on. Try not to worry while you are waiting to see the GP again. 

A lot of people with a health concern turn to the internet to look for answers, but it doesn't always help and can make you more worried. While you are waiting for this appointment you may cope better by trying to keep your mind on something else and not looking things up too much online. These sorts of things can be unsettling but a lot of the time there is another explanation for what is going on.  

Take care, 


Skin Cancer Query

10 Oct 2019 11:12 in response to CRUK Nurse Julia

Thanks Julia. I've got my mind in overdrive with constant googling to the point I can't sleep and hardly eating. Will have to get a grip before I really make myself ill. It's just a horrible feeling. 

Skin Cancer Query

10 Oct 2019 11:19 in response to CRUK Nurse Julia

Hi Julia

thanks for responding and apologies about the photo I had no idea. I totally understand that nobody can diagnose and understand the sites reasons for not allowing photos.

im 99.9% convinced it is not herpes virus related, and felt really let down by the GP almost as though I was wasting her time. I am using the cream and will wait the week, but all I can’t help but wish I had been examined properly and feel like the week is wasted

fingers crossed the GP is right but I’m not so sure

thanks again for replying

thanks again

Skin Cancer Query

10 Oct 2019 11:21 in response to Star28

Hi Star28

reading your comment sounds like it’s me writing it, definately in a similar situation. 

Would be good to stay in touch on here and see how we both get on!

fingers crossed for you! 3 weeks is an awfully long time, does your GP surgery not allow you to call on the day for an appointment?


Skin Cancer Query

10 Oct 2019 14:49 in response to Mort83

Hi mort83 thanks for replying. Yes I can call on the day but there is never anything left or its only at a time when I'm at work and can't get away! I felt the same as you after the first gp visit, she barely looked at the spot and sent me away with cream that's not working. Mine is warm feeling sometimes but it's definitely not a normal pimple I'm sure