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Skin cancer

25 Nov 2022 08:21

Referred urgently as GP thinks I have Squadamous Cell Carcinoma and terrified

Skin cancer

25 Nov 2022 18:13 in response to sallysb

Sorry to hear this Sallysb.

Me too! Referred to dermatology by GP on a fast track on Monday. My doc told me it's not as scary as it sounds. Melanoma a worse diagnosis. I'm focusing on the fact that most SCCs can be treated successfully at an early stage. Will see consultant (hopefully) on 3 December. Here's to both of us getting sorted out soon. Thank goodness for the NHS, even though it is on its knees. Maybe you could phone one of the nurses listed on this site if you are worried, although it's a Mon-Friday advice line. Good luck x

Nurse Helpline
0808 800 4040

Skin cancer

25 Nov 2022 20:58 in response to nic-nic

Hi i was sent by my gp on the 2 week pathway to which i had my mole on my hand removed to find out 4 weeks later i had Grade 2 melenoma cancer and was being reffered to a Hospital in Manchester. Went to see the consultant on the 19th September 22 who explained everything what scan i needed and an operation which i had on the 21st October to have more skin taken off my hand a skin graft and my lymph nodes taken under my arm anfd on my elbow. Last Thursday 17th November i was given the all clear that my cancer had gone and it had not spread any where else. I have been offered to have Pemrolizumab treatment every 6 weeks for year or more to help keep the Cancer away. I must admit I dont know what to do? 

All I can say that all the staff i have seen have been fantastic i wish you all the best of luck


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Skin cancer

25 Nov 2022 21:04 in response to Tinyfeet


I'm a Stage 3 melanoma patient and I may be able to help. I've sent you a friend request - if you accept it we can chat by private message.

Good luck with your treatment,

Angie (Stage 3 melanoma patient since 2009)

Skin cancer

1 Dec 2022 08:32 in response to sallysb

My mum had this, literally got it cut off and that was that. Very straightforward. Melanoma is the one that's more worrying. Stay positive you've got this Happy