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Skin cancer

15 Apr 2019 10:46

Hi, I’m looking for a little advice, I’m been recently diagnosed with scc skin cancer, I’m a carer for my husband with ms, money is always tight my husband gets pip and in a support group with esa, we have no family and was wondering if there’s any help out there for ppl going through the treatment (surgery and possible radiotherapy) to help with extra cost as in a benefit....

many thanxs 

Skin cancer

15 Apr 2019 11:51 in response to Whitewolf

Hi there ..

If you give McMillan a ring , they have an adviser that will help you ... they can send relivent forms to you as well .. good luck ... Chrissie x

Skin cancer

15 Apr 2019 12:58 in response to Whitewolf

Hi are you an official carer for your hubby if you are under 65 you can get carers money you should be able to get money off the council tax as well (I think you have to be a carer first though. Good luck best wishes