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Sigmoid tumour

28 Nov 2021 20:44

Hi all

My husband diagnosed with colon tumour last Friday. Had 3 CTs over last 6 month but this only showed on latest one. He was told colon too inflamed on previous 2 to spot tumour. Wondering did this happen anyone else?

Also meeting surgeon Friday. Surgery followed by chemo. Any particular questions to ask? 

Thank you in advance 

Sigmoid tumour

29 Nov 2021 15:33 in response to Virgogal

I've not had any issues with colon cancer -but the cancer process is similar.

Questions regarding surgery

Lentgh of surgery (hours sedated) 

scar size ? Keyhole or open?

recovery time ? 

when can you drive again? Back to work again ?  

Treatment plan? 
chemo ?  Then anything else ? medication ? 
What type of chemo drugs -lots of different types -side effects similar 

any other option ? 
declining treatment ? 
survival rates ? Recurrence

Ask why wasn't the inflammation flagged up. Or is that why he's had three scans?? 

Hope I haven't bamboozelled You. 

write down any questions you need to ask and maybe take some notes to remind you.

information overload

Go with him for his appoitments -often hearing first hand is better than him going in alone.

keep us posted with his journey

best of luck

Efffie x