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Should I go private ?

25 Nov 2021 08:14

Hi all i am one week in following a breast lump being found by GP . I have appointment at NHS breast clinic next Thursday- I have tried to book a private appointment as the waiting is making me physically ill with anxiety. Earliest I could get is Monday and I would have to travel quite a distance . I notice if biopsies are taken at nhs it's another two week wait and private clinic says 5 days ? I think if it wasn't for that I would go nhs but I'm leaning more to private now ? I'm 56 and everything I read about benign lumps seem to apply more to younger women as says cysts are very rare in post menopause women unless you have HRT which I don't ??? 

Should I go private ?

25 Nov 2021 12:07 in response to Daisymeg

Hello Daisymeg and thanks for posting, 

I am sorry to learn that you have been referred to the Breast Clinic and can appreciate that waiting to be seen is very challenging.  

Presuming that you need to have a biopsy, I don't know how quickly the NHS in your area would be able to get the results back to you.  If this is what is driving your thinking about going private it might be best to call the clinic and see what they can tell you about this.

I'm afraid I can't tell you what to do, but when we are asked about private care very often it is because people are struggling with waiting. If you can afford it, I think probably only you can say if it is worth getting seen a little bit sooner, but be sure to get an accurate estimate of the likely costs involved.  

Breast lumps don't have to be cancer at any age, I would try not to spend too much time on line trying to figure out what the cause is. Only the clinic will be able to tell you for sure and time spent online looking usually makes people more anxious and seldom provide an answers. Do what you can to manage the inevitable stress. 

Please feel free to give us a call if you want to talk anything over. We are here weekdays, 9-5 and the number to call is Freephone 0808 800 4040. 

Best wishes,