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Shadow on Lung

12 Oct 2017 22:19

Hello, I had a Barium Swallow test and throught the CT images they found a shadow on my Lung and I was wondering if it is always cancer or could it be something else. I have been going to my GP for the past year as I was feeling breathless, but I had to pay for a Consultant appointment at Harley Street myself in the end as nothing was being done. I get my results on Wednesday and I am been so worried but I suppose it is best to know either way. 

Re: Shadow on Lung

13 Oct 2017 05:20 in response to Walter76

I am scared some days too. If I have time to reflect and gather my thoughts I do move forward in a constructive way and find out what is in store for me health wise. do the same, perhaps talk with sensible friends and family members and let your doctor know how you feel too. what u are feeling is normal. 

I felt 100% well and fit and full of boundless energy until The end of May 2017. In the gym I go to almost daily I began to notice that  I didn't want to run any more on the treadmill but was quite happy to do everything else in the gym and also to participate very regularly in Pilates and yoga classes. I didn't want to pick my feet off the ground on the treadmill and if I did

, I wanted to hold onto the front of the  equipment as I jogged along.   overtime I noticed that I had less energy generally when out walking and had a slight cough but with no signs of infection so I decided to go to the doctors - perhaps my cardiovascular system was compromised in some way? The doctor found  that my chest was completely fine with good lung capacity . Next the nurse tested my heart which again was the A1 fit. next they checked my blood and found that I had anaemia. They believed that all my symptoms were due to this problem. at the same time I got News I had failed a Poo test twice and that indeed I was suffering from anaemia. A  Colonoscopy was recommended to investigate the cause. So gradually i lesrnt more and more. there was blood in my faeces. In August a tumour was found and it was bleeding the colonoscopy found.  A scan a week later was done and a biopsy taken and examined. The doctors and. nurses prepare u for each procedure and meeting. Meeting my surgeon and after the hospital team had discussed all the results I met to hear the outcome. At this stage i was still feeling positive as my GP blood test had shown good levels of white blood cells however the surgeon said that I  had Stage 4 cancer - a large tumour in my Cecum, with the cancef enlarging/spreading to my lymph nodes, and was widespread in my liver. no surgery likely due to the spread for me. Chemo for me to hopefully reduce the size of the tumours and prolong life beyond the 6 months they gave me. Couldn't have been much worse news BUT each person is unique and You may have nothing to worry about. AND at worse its still OK...believe me. 

I had Quite a lot to take on board with my partner but we still left the meeting feeling upbeat. 

chemo has been largely a good experience for me. the hospital marvellous and the nurses real angels. I am philosophical and not scared of dying or being denied a longer life ( I am in my mid sixties) I have been given life expectancy of 3 years and thats fine. each day is good. new priorities to plan for and I am enjoying them to the full. I have seen my parents age and pass on. this helps and to see everyone so amazingly cheerful on the chemo ward. You are obviously NOT ME and may be young with dreams still to fulfil, possibly alone and frightened. There are groups out there to help. AND YOU may not be ill at all. 

be brave. its going to be OK. GO FIND Out.

Good luck! brother


Re: Shadow on Lung

13 Oct 2017 22:31 in response to stillfullofsmiles
Thank you for your reply as it was very much appreciated. I am feeling positive now about my appointment with my consultant on Wednesday and I think it is because I haven't mentioned it to anyone before and it felt better expressing my feelings. I think you have a wonderful attitude and a great outlook which has given me hope and and the feeling that I can do this. Wishing you the very best for the future, and thank you for getting in touch as it has been a great help. All the best.