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Severe health anxiety and cancer worries

11 Nov 2019 22:43 in response to thepinkgirl

Mine is similar to AKW1. I will become fixated on something that I think is wrong with my body (headaches, sore muscles, convincing myself of lumps etc) and then obsessively focus on it, google symptoms, even google leading questions, for example 'could back ache be cancer' - almost to try and justify my worries. I can spend hours doing this and then get myself so stressed that I cannot sleep/focus/deal with day to day life. I feel weak, anxious, dizzy and knackered. These periods used to happen every now and then for a few days or so. Over the last year it's become more and more regular and literally takes over my life. 

I've booked an appt to speak with a doctor about CBT and medication so I'm hoping this might be the start of taking control of it. I've been thinking about it for some time and have been putting it off. Having spoken with others experiencing a similar thing, I think this is the best way forward. 

I hope the rest of you on this thread are doing okay. Thinking of you all

Severe health anxiety and cancer worries

18 Nov 2019 21:00 in response to Chan

I Swear the headache thing is me right now. It like burns and I'm convinced I have a serious illness. It's horrible, I had blood tests today and now have to play the waiting game, which as you can imagine is wonderful. Plain

Severe health anxiety and cancer worries

29 Nov 2019 21:49 in response to vpfrends

Hi there I fully understand what it's like I've had health anxiety for most of my life but this last month it's been intolerable I'm 56 year old female and I'm convinced I have Fallopian tube cancer !! I've been so anxious for so long I don't know how to be normal anymore. I've spent thousands on scans and it makes me worse because then I analyse everything I don't believe the doctors I think they are lying to me because they think I couldn't handle the truth that I'm dying does anyone else feel like this. If I don't stop worrying I think I will be dead in a months time I can't stand the anxiety it's causing me.

Severe health anxiety and cancer worries

29 Nov 2019 22:49 in response to Lylee

One thing I've learnt from this whole emotional rollercoaster of events, is that you know yourself better then anybody else. Never give up hope and always remember that! I hope your bloods came back all clear? 
I hope you're well too!! 

Severe health anxiety and cancer worries

2 Dec 2019 23:14 in response to Kc20

I feel exactly the same as you. I think mine was triggered by the death of my son, who was born prematurely a month ago. Since then I have convinced myself I have breast cancer. I found a lump in my breast a week after I gave birth. I went to the drs who stated it was my glands/milk ducts and it was normal. Anyway, a week later I kept thinking ‘what if the dr is incorrect, what if they’ve missed something?’ so I made another appointment and saw the most experienced dr at my local surgery who checked me over and stated the same as the first dr. I should feel relieved but I keep overthinking everything. I guess when something awful & unexpected happens to you, you just assume something bad is going to happen again and I’ve now convinced myself that I will be next. It’s an awful feeling and although these feelings are new to me, is all consuming. I will be starting counselling soon so hopefully that will help as I don’t want to keep going to the drs, even though they told me they would send me for a scan just for peace of mind but the lump (and other little lumps) are normal after birth. I know that if I have the scan, I will just start to obsess over something else. I really hope the feelings pass and that they are related to the grief I am currently experiencing as I can’t stick feeling like this. I want to be able to enjoy my life and my family and not sit around wasting it by worrying over things that a month ago didn’t bother me. I know deep down that I’m being irrational but the stomach turns, panicking and fabricated stories I make up are so hard to stop. 


Thank you to everyone for all sharing your experiences, I wish you didn’t have to feel like this but it helps to know that I’m not the only one going through it. Sending positive thoughts to you all - we can get through this x

Severe health anxiety and cancer worries

3 Dec 2019 12:18 in response to lake123

I'm so sorry to hear about what you have been through. It's really tough reading everyone's experiences here and knowing the difficulties that people are facing with this. One thing the doctor has said to me is that with this sort of health anxiety, there's usually a root cause, whether that be recent or dating back many years. For me I believe it was my friend being diagnosed with cancer a few years back. When you say about something awful happening, you become convinced about something happening again, that really resonated with me. My logical brain tells me that the chances are slim and that I'm wasting my life worrying about what could happen but my illogical brain completely takes over and, similarly to what some others have put on this forum, I worry that if I let it slide for a few months, something will happen to me so I constantly need to be 'on it' - if that makes sense. I don't know the answer but I'm starting CBT in 2 weeks so I'm hoping I will have a positive outcome from that which I will be able to share and hopefully help others in that way.  I hope you (and others on here) are doing okay - sending lots of positive thoughts your way x