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25 Oct 2021 20:36

Hi, had lumpectomy 22nd September, thought swelling was seroma went Friday t but drained blood from haematoma. Over last 2 days it's gone rock hard and swollen again but it really red and warm is this normal?


26 Oct 2021 00:40 in response to Nixx21


I had lumpectomy and sentinal nodes removed 15th sept -ive got big boobs and a rather large scoop was taken out. Leaving quite a big hollow

day 10ish this large grapefruit sized mass appeared me hard deep inside with a soft outer layer just unde skin. I've been told I've been doing to much by my breast care nurse as on day 10ish I painted my front door. 

ive been back twice for review. They said it's a heamatoma with a seroma on top. They offered to drain mine but more risk of infection so it was left alone. 
mid yours is red and warm they may need to give you some antibiotics.
My grapefruit is now More like a satsuma size and it's  hard with soft too layer. My boob skin appears slightly mottled and swollen too. I now try sleeping on my back to help the body drain naturally. 

*** if you are concerned then phone the breast care nurses and ask for a wound review.***

Heamatomas and seroma do go down with time but takes a while but put your mind at ease and go get checked

Rest-still do exericses but don't over do it 


Efffie x



26 Oct 2021 08:32 in response to Efffie

Thanks for telling me your experience, I've got to go back on the 11th for further surgery didn't get clear margins from DCIS, but hidden amongst it was a grade 2 invasive tumour, which I found out about on Thursday, I was totally floored by it I'd not mentally prepared myself because everyone including my consultant was so reassuring that it would be ok. So got to have lymph nodes out too now. Having already been through it once the fear of going back under anaesthetic is overwhelming me



27 Oct 2021 23:39 in response to Nixx21

Hi again. 
You've had a proper rotten time eh. But looks like they've caught things early.

But you've been through surgery already without problems which in itself is a bonus. - I have then impending doom feeling too before surgery. 

My cancer was originally grade 2invasive Ductal breast cancer at 3.1cm. I had lumpectomy (wide local incision and sentinal nodes removed ) I had radioactive seed implanted and radiation given day before surgery near nipple to trace to sentinal nodes -the injection in the nipple was worse (more painful ) than the scar / healing process. 
Depends on the grade -depends ont the treatment plan. 

Did you ask them. How this was missed ?? I presume you have had a mammogram /ultrasound to get a dcis diagnosis.?? 

You've been knocked off your feet (for now) given the new news , but you'll bounce back just takes time to get your head round things. 
I found the waiting for results the hardest.

people say keep strong -but it's ok to get upset and angry. Dust your self off and keep your chin up. 
keep us posted

Efffie x