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Secondary BC/lesion on vertebrae

21 Nov 2020 17:11

Hi all,


Just looking for some good news stories really - I was diagnosed with IDC in left breast in March 2029 at the age of 34. Had a mastectomy & full lymph node clearance, 2 nodes out of 15 had cancer cells. Had 6 rounds of FEC-T chemo,15 sessions of  radiotherapy and been on tamoxifen since October 2019. I never had any CT scans or any other imaging scans done during treatment (my hospitals policy apparently)


anyway, I had a chest CT scan done this week at hospital for something unrelated and they could see a small "lesion" on 1 of my vertebrae......the scans have been passed to oncology to look at etc but I'm now obviously terrified that it's secondary BC etc and I guess I'm just wondering if anyone has had similar that turned out to be not cancer?? I'm absolutely terrified- I have a 3 year old and the thought of this being terminal cancer is almost too much to comprehend. I'm flailing between thinking it's going to be something  non cancer and all ok and then convincing myself it's definitely stage 4 and planning my funeral. 

Secondary BC/lesion on vertebrae

21 Nov 2020 21:20 in response to Kerry2386

March 2029 ??

Secondary BC/lesion on vertebrae

21 Nov 2020 21:36 in response to lulu00



dunno why it came up as 2029?!!!

Secondary BC/lesion on vertebrae

21 Nov 2020 23:20 in response to Kerry2386

ahh  k hi I hope your ok  , I wanted to ask what symptoms did you have back in march before being diagnosed  . did you have any symptoms ?