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Second lumpectomy

18 Aug 2019 23:02

Hi  fellow warriors, i was diagnosed with breast invasive ductal carcinoma grade 2 i had a lumpectomy 23mm lump two weeks ago still sore and swollen. Results came back with precancerous cells found on margin. Im back in next week for second lumpectomy to remove extra margin. Im scared and worried that the precancerous cells are more than just the margin. Im back to being stressed and worried yet again .Has anyone else gone through same as me . How do i know they will get it all in a  second margin. Thank you for the chat, Wishing you all well xxx


Second lumpectomy

20 Aug 2019 11:20 in response to Laurashirley

Hi and thanks for posting

I'm sorry you've had a rough time recently and it's not surprising you are stressed and worried.

Unfortunately, it does sometimes happen where the margins are not clear or the area is larger than initially thought. This information is found only when the pathology results from surgery are reviewed and the margins are closely looked at.

You won't really know that they have achieved clear margins until after the surgery. This means that very occasionally, a small group of people will still not have clear margins, even after the second surgery.

It's not unusual for your breast to be still tender and swollen , as it is still early days after your surgery. The surgeon will examine you and make sure that there is no sign of infection and that the surgery next week can go ahead.

Hopefully, all will be well next week with the margins 

Wishing you all the best