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Scraped away potential asbestos in artex

29 Jul 2020 17:24


I live in a Victorian house and the hallway and landing are covered in what looks like artex which was definitely done before 1985. Without realising the asbestos risk, I scraped away at an area of the artex so that the walls were smooth and ready for plastering. I wore one of those blue flimsy covid masks that everyone now has and no other protection. My kids were running round and im now terrified we could be in danger of breathing in potentially lethal asbestos fibres. Ive sent of a sample for testing but im sure it will contain asbestos. 

Scraped away potential asbestos in artex

5 Oct 2020 19:52 in response to Hc2020

Does anybody know the cancer risk for people who removed artex from their homes without realising the asbestos content? And what age group would be most at risk - children or older people?

Scraped away potential asbestos in artex

5 Oct 2020 21:53 in response to Zeeee

Hi Zeeee.


This question crops up from time to time on this forum, often when someone has been accidentally exposed to asbestos, and only later realises the possible risk.


The risk is small.  The amount of asbestos in Artex (when it was legal) was small, and it used White Asbestos (Chrysotile), which was the least dangerous form.  Scraping off any unknown textured coating is not a  good idea, but as long as you don't make a habit of it, the risk is minimal. It is most definitely NOT the case that a single breath of fibres is sufficient to doom you.


Normally, it requires many repeated exposures over tens of years to induce asbestos related diseases.  The risk is also increased by smoking.