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scared to get checked

21 Nov 2017 21:28

Hi, I have found a lump at the top of my vulva and am really worried about it and i am scared to go get checked. i know googling things is the worst thing you can do but i have and from what i’ve seen the lump i have is normally where cancer forms. It doesnt look like anything when i’ve looked its not a different colour or anything its just a lump. will i have to show the doctor when i go get checked? and could i go to the walk in instead? really nervous about getting my private area out infront of someone.

any advice would be helpful thank you.

Re: scared to get checked

22 Nov 2017 00:10 in response to walton4231

Hi there ... soonest looked at, the sooner you'll know ... could just be o. K... you can always ask for a lady Dr... and they have seen so many (down stairs) so they won't think nothing of it ... so get on your phone and make an appointment... please try not to Google symptoms as the information on there is more then often wrong ... don't know how old you are or if you've had little ones ... but it's the same with that, getting out our bits ... so try not to panic ... fingers crossed you'll be fine ... chrisie x 

Re: scared to get checked

22 Nov 2017 18:47 in response to Chriss

Make an appointment I may be nothing get a female doctor or nurse 

not getting checked will make u worry yourself sick 

Take care 

Re: scared to get checked

23 Nov 2017 01:25 in response to walton4231


Yes, go get checked! Knowing is so much better than worrying.  I know it's so uncomfortable to have strangers looking at your privates but they are used to it.  Your health is too important to put things off.

Good Luck!  You can do it!

Laura x