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Scared of stomach cancer

25 Aug 2019 06:04

Hi all, thank you for welcoming me to this forum. I am just so scared right now. I am currently waiting results from endoscopy biopsy, CT scan and ultrasound. I am convinced I have advanced stomach cancer Just to give you a bit of my history, I was diagnosed with IBS 12 years ago. Since that time my symptoms changed to more diarreah. Was referred to gastrologist at one stage as had lots of wind, stomach churning etc , they did scans on both intestines and they were fine so assumed IBS. Then about 4 years ago, I felt food stick in my throat. Endoscopy showed severe oesophagitis with no cause but it cleared by with omeprazole which I have been on ever since. Fast forward a bit and I have since had my gallbladder out due to large gallstone and then last year pancreatitis with no cause. My symptoms got better after then worse, back and forth to GP. loads of blood tests , ovarian cancer, pancreatitis all clear. 

Then I had worse urgent direaher and random horrible stomach pains. My endoscopy shoes bile gastritis no obvious cause ( awaiting biopsies). Last few days I have felt awful. My whole stomach is swollen, I have severe nausea on and off in my upper

Abdomen , stomach pains, diarrhea, sometime yellow sometimes very dark, churning no appetite and fullness. My last blood tests done 2 weeks ago were fine apart from anemia. I am scared that these  latest symptoms  have come on so  quickly that it is something advanced. 

My question is prior to these latest tests , I last had an MRI in January to check on my pancreas, would this have looked at my stomach as well. Also, I know anemia can be a sign but apart from that all other blood tests have been fine. I am aware that all this points to stomach cancer but I wondered how likely it is that this is advanced? 

Thank you

Scared of stomach cancer

25 Aug 2019 14:04 in response to Anon278

Hi ime not a dr or anything but my partner had cronic pancreatitis so i i know how painful that can be realy with that its all down to cutting out fats etc do you take creons with food they dont tell you this but cutting out fats is so important .back to me i have crohns disease i got all that stuff are your b12 levels ok  i think the minute a biopsie is mentioned it comes straight into our heads cancer we are so bombarded by it in the media .years ago we wouldnt wven think about it the thing is ive learned that our bowle and digestive systym is the thermometer of our emotions so if we get stressed or worried and bang diarea constipation you name it bloating everything  happens if i get stressed badly i had no end of trouble so for the time being try to relax as much as you can breathing excercises are a real help or just music like rain forest sound etc thats what i do and many othere and coming and chatting to us it can realy make a big diffrenc .paul

Scared of stomach cancer

26 Aug 2019 09:01 in response to Paulus

Hi Paulus, thank you so much for your reply, it really has helped. I am still scared out of my mind as the reason my GP referred me urgently was suspected stomach cancer and bile gastritis and also low iron levels can be  linked to stomach cancer. Also when I saw the sonographer for my ultrasound, he asked me what I was there for, I told him and he just said I see. I asked him if he could see anything on the ultrasound and he wouldn't tell me anything, no words of reassurance or anything, he was very serious. 

Anyway physically I was a bit better yesterday and even managed to go out for a few hours to a friend's engagement party which did take my mind off things for a bit. I also slept well last night which is a first so I am definitely trying to not think about tomorrow but live for the moment. Thank you for reminding me about music, I love music and I do think listening to something calming will help so I will try this. 

Finally I hope you are keeping well. My sister has Crohn's so  I   know a bit about it but I also know it is different  for everyone. She was very ill before diagnosis but is doing well now. 

Can I just ask, in my limited knowledge of Crohn's , I didn't think the stomach and bile gastritis played a part in it but I may well be wrong.

Thank you so much once again for responding to me , it is so comforting to know that I can literally put all my thoughts down and that there is someone kind enough to take the time to offer advice, comfort and to just chat without judging me at all. 

Take care and thankyou again

Scared of stomach cancer

26 Aug 2019 09:11 in response to Anon278


 how long do you have to wait for your results? In my case a CT or ultrasound is usually 2 weeks ish.

The waiting is the worst isn't it, you read into everything wrongly too and expect the worst outcome. I've been there believe me many times.

Please try not to look things up on the internet though, I am the worst for this but although there are many reasons for a symptom, almost everything you search for has a cancer answer and then we hold onto that and can't even remember all the other possibilities for the symptom.

Hope you get sorted soon and it's good news.



Scared of stomach cancer

26 Aug 2019 09:21 in response to Anon278

Hi i think crohns can effect any part of your digestive systym definatly aneimia i had b12 def def years in the end started to take b12 supplements wow did that make a difference it causes depression nerve probs you name it if you have aneimia just that will make you feel awfull tired etc ive iust had a eye infection they suspected thats caused by crohns .they dont know what causes crohns but stress and worry realy sets it off . I know crohns can run in familys if your anemic i would suspect doctors put you in for 2 week referal to see the cause as they cant realy treat you till the find something to treat but and stress is our tums worst enemy .so just try a bit of relaxavueing thats french for relax lol those relaxation dvds are good two plenty on u tube see how you go let us know how your doing . Paul .ps the sonografer will not tell you anything there not allowed to plus that test is just a rough one they may do a few mri  poo tests it dosnt mean cancer just they have find out guessings no good as ive said years ago something like this a cancer wouldnt woun come into our heads but with all the hype on tv now we are pretty much brainwashed to think anything is cancer 

Scared of stomach cancer

26 Aug 2019 09:51 in response to Paulus

Hi Paulus,

Thank you for your reply and I will definitely try relaxation techniques and DVDs. 

I am sorry for what you are going through. My sister's Crohn's when at it's worst, affected her whole body. She literally did not leave the house for 3 months as she had lots of fistulas and it was so painful for her. She also lost so much weight very quickly and had a mouth full of ulcers and she had bad eye infections which temporarily affected her vision and joint pain all caused by Crohn's. She is doing so much better now, she has to have regular blood tests and also regular injections of himura which has helped her so much. She is like a different person to before she had the treatment. I am aware this is a chronic condition though so it's something you have to live with. I hope you are receiving good treatment to help you through.

Thank you very much for chatting, we all have our own battles to face but it's good that we are not doing it alone. X

Scared of stomach cancer

26 Aug 2019 10:05 in response to Ineedabreak

Hi there,

Thank you so much for taking the time to reply. I should get at least the Ultrasound and CT scan results by Thursday of this week. I'm not sure on the biopsies from the endoscopy. I know it's not long to wait but it seems like forever when you are having awful symptoms and are imagining all sorts!

You have mentioned you have been there and have had lots of scans etc I do hope whatever you are going through you are doing ok.

Unfortunately I have already googled everything . In my head I am convinced I already have the worst outcome so I thought i would prepare myself for the diagnosis but  now I realise firstly that nothing can prepare you and I am wasting my time and energy when I should be making the most of each moment so I really am just trying to take each day and not think about tomorrow and today compared to how I have been feeling I do feel quite a bit better so I will try to concentrate on that.

Thank you once again for taking the time to reply, it really does help to chat on here and as I say I do hope whatever is is you are going through you are doing ok. X

Scared of stomach cancer

26 Aug 2019 13:49 in response to Anon278

I had a colonoscopy almost 3 weeks ago, a routine one after having bowel cancer twice in the last 5 years. They took a biopsy and I still haven't got the result although I was told everything looked ok. I'm thinking by now if there was anything they would have contacted me.

My anxiety is awful since my first diagnosis, I calm down and then get a mystery ache or pain and I am as bad as ever again.

Both my specialist nurses and my GP both have said don't look things up on the internet, everyone is different and reading things just make you worse.

Scared of stomach cancer

26 Aug 2019 14:06 in response to Anon278

Just a point maybe dicuse ezomeprozol with gp and have a review with gp its supposed to be better than omeprozol but it can have some nasty side effects on your tum did with my partner you may not need it now sometimes gps gust put it on repeat and we keep on taking it ive had that a few times but of caurse gp will know they just cant keep track of thousnds of patiants its nit there fault thats why they have reviews sometimes the cure can end up wirse that what they give you it for daft as it sounds 

Scared of stomach cancer

26 Aug 2019 17:00 in response to Ineedabreak

Hi ,

I am so sorry for what you have been through and can completely understand your anxiety. I have had a lot of unexplained symptoms over the years and convinced myself each time that that I've got a brain tumour or am having a heart attack or something else. 

I too, would have thought if there was anything found on your biopsy you would have been contacted by now, and it does sound as though they are monitoring you closely. 

You are right, everyone is different and I'm not going to look anything else up on the internet. Far better to get comfort by chatting to lovely people on this forum!

Thank you once again for chatting to me , it really has helped and I hope you manage to get to relax and have your mind put to rest soon x

Scared of stomach cancer

26 Aug 2019 17:03 in response to Paulus

Hi Paulus thank you I will do. Omeprazole which I'm on is supposed to be good for acid reflux but not do much for bile reflux so maybe I do need something else.

Thank you for your advice x

Scared of stomach cancer

26 Aug 2019 17:21 in response to Anon278

Just have a word with dr about it its to stop your stomach making to much stomach acid sometimes we get acid reflux and it can be caused by not enough acid i take rannitadine but thats just me definatly worth a review methinks anyway let us know how you get on eh try not to worry  .paul