Together we will beat cancer


Scared of losing everyone

17 Jul 2019 01:43

So i found out 5 weeks ago my mum has terminal pancreatic cancer which has spread. I cant cope!!! I cant be around my mum to help her in the ways my sisters are caring. Today me and my sisters had a massive fight, saying I dont care I'm a **** daughter to my mum cause I cant see her like this. My sisters both have a family and both have a really good relationship with my dad. I dont have that at all the only person I'm close with is my mum. My mum knows I'm there for her. But my sisters and family make me feel the worst person in the world. But I just cant cope with it. Is this all normal 

Scared of losing everyone

17 Jul 2019 02:48 in response to Sarahm92

Hi Sarah, it's surprising how many families fall out when parents get ill for what ever reason try to ignore your sisters and do what you can as long as your mum knows your helping thats all that matters, try not to argue, i know it can be hard and the words hurt but arguments only make it worse, your mum is first priority, best wishes,.