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Scared of early screening

12 Aug 2019 21:02

Well, I went to see my mums consultant last week to talk about mums treatment etc and asked him what mums prognosis would have been had she asked when she was diagnosed. Some of the answers I got from him helped a little, I found out mum lived longer than they predicted she would, go mum!!

But then it was suggested that I be screened early for bowel cancer at age 40, in 2 years time.! This really scares me. I was told mum could have had cancer 10 years before diagnosis. That's 10 years of living her life without cancer treatment, without the hell of going through what she did.

My question is who thinks going for screening early is a good thing or should I just let life's journey take me wherever it may lead.

Mum and I had many discussions about this...

Thank you

Scared of early screening

13 Aug 2019 01:17 in response to Bobs

Definitely go for the early screening.

Bowel cancer generally starts as a small growth (polyp) which can often be removed during the colonoscopy - that's it, treatment done and dusted.  Wouldn't you prefer that? 

Even if it can't be removed in this way, the treatment for early cancer is far less trying than the treatment for advanced cancer.